#1 Responsive & reliable CCH Tagetik users email list

DataCaptive™’s CCH Tagetik users mailing list is built to support smooth business operations and enhance customer engagement between marketers and ideal CCH Tagetik users.

Access 25K+ global CCH Tagetik consumers and gain a competitive advantage with campaigns that support seamless conversions and enable businesses to achieve high ROI.

Turn insightful CCH Tagetik data into action!

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New York1,123
North Carolina875
Northern Ireland542
AustraliaNew South Wales1,057
Other Countries33,117

Geo-target CCH Tagetik users data with 95% accuracy

We offer an accurate outreach to CCH Tagetik users with in-depth customer insights of technology professionals and companies from countries such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and more.
Align marketing and sales to strategize successful campaigns that establish a global connection with top CCH Tagetik users.


Actionable data insights of CCH Tagetik users

Maximize business potential with deep insights of CCH Tagetik customers to run multichannel campaigns that convert. The customer data is subjected to multiple verifications and validation checks to maintain contacts’ responsiveness and ensure the authenticity of the CCH Tagetik database.

Information that you have access to in the CCH Tagetik client database

Credible data sources include ___________________


Company directory


Software platforms


Technology conferences


Tech fairs and events


Online subscriptions


Tech portals


Product and company websites


Company social media profiles


Survey forms & forums


Yellow pages


Technology users email list:

Prospecting made easy!

Grab a detailed CCH Tagetik users email list collected from various trusted sources.

Information available

  • Full name: Available
  • Website URL: Available
  • Business email ID: Available
  • Fax address: Available
  • Postal address: Available
  • Asset size: Available
  • Employee size: Available
  • Year of establishment: Available
  • SIC, NAICS, OCC codes Available
  • Industry: Available

Job titles you can target

  • ERP users email list
  • Sap users email list
  • Tableau users email list
  • Adaptive insights email list
  • JD edwards users email list
  • Sage users email list
  • CRM users email list
  • Siebel users email list
  • MS office 365 users email list
  • Accounting software users email list

Actionable CCH Tagetik users’ insights to maximize business excellence!

The CCH Tagetik users database is compiled with due assiduity by our data scientists to provide customers with B2B data insights that capture changing industry trends and global market space. Generate high-quality leads and move them through the sales funnel seamlessly for higher conversion rates.

Propel global scalability with the CCH Tagetik users full contact database


Generate MQL and SQL with data insights of segmented global CCH tagetik users


AI verified and human intelligence data to ensure validity, accuracy and responsiveness


Strategize successful campaigns with demography, firmographics, and B2B intent contact data


Run result-oriented and targeted multichannel campaigns to increase closed-won deals


Improve conversion rates & profits with triggered sales campaigns & optimal resources

How is the CCH Tagetik mailing list delivered?


The CCH Tagetik mailing list is delivered in easy to download formats of .xls or .csv within a committed period of 3-5 business days.

What sets our opt-in CCH Tagetik users’ email list apart from the regular email list?

Regular email list
  • Data is collected from spam, unreliable, and illegal sources
  • Customer details may be inactive, fake, and irrelevant
  • Data does not adhere to global data policies and is not secure
  • Prospects have not consented to share contact details
  • Data is not segmented & customized to target industry niches
Opt-in email list
  • Data is collected from reliable, legal, and credible data sources
  • Contact data is active, actionable & responsive due to multiple verifications
  • Compliant to policies like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM
  • Prospects have permitted to receive notifications from third parties
  • Data is segmented & customizable to target industry niches


CCH Tagetik is a performance management solution built to help businesses plan, budget, report, and consolidate. Some of the primary features of CCH Tagetik are – data visualizations, cash flow modeling, performance management, reports, forecasting, profitability, budget planning tools, and analytic dashboards.

The CCH Tagetik users database is compiled and segmented at DataCaptive™ to target specific geographic locations based on customer demands such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, and many other countries. You can also customize the CCH Tagetik users list by job title, location, industry, years of experience, company affiliation, etc.

The customer insights made accessible to you on purchase of the database include – full name, direct dials, email addresses, fax, SIC codes, social profiles, years of experience, and more. The full contact information provided in the database supports various marketing strategies such as multi-channel campaigns, ABM campaigns, drip campaigns, fax marketing, email campaigns, cold-calling, and more!

Our databases have a stringent verification procedure that takes place every quarter, where our QC teams make 2M+ phone calls every day and run opt-in campaigns to maintain a highly accurate and authentic database.

Worry not! We’re available to clear your queries via calls or emails. You can join our community forum and interact with industry professionals too. In case of complaints, you can raise a ticket and track its status also. Just click here to know more and get the support you deserve! We are always happy to help.

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