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Keep campaign initiative ready up your sleeves with our Qualifacts EHR users email list and engage in generating leads and business. Reach out to the most significant Qualifacts EHR-healthcare sector users and instantly make colossal conversions!

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Why Choose a Qualifacts EHR Customers List by DataCaptive?

Our electronic health records (EHR) user lists are one of the top choices of customers who seek to have a good business year ahead. Get our precise data integrated with your business and witness benefits and profits.

  • Who Can Use Our List of Companies Using Qualifacts EHR?

    Digital marketers on platforms to promote their services to healthcare providers and organizations can purchase our list at economy-friendly prices and get marketing.

  • How Do You Contact Companies Currently Using Qualifacts EHR?

    With easy integration of our database to CRM, begin marketing to healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and others through ABM, drips, telemarketing, email marketing, and others.

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Top Industries That Use Qualifacts EHR

A clear majority of users of Qualifacts EHR are mental healthcare (30%), hospital & healthcare (18%), and individual and family services (11%). They are followed by nonprofit organization management (9%), information technology & services (7%), and computer software (1%).

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Top Countries That Use Qualifacts EHR

A ticket to more leads, the USA leads with 94% of Qualifacts users. The rest of them follow suit, such as the UK, France, Israel, Germany, and Canada, with 1% each into account.

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Companies That Use Qualifacts EHR (By Employee Size)

The front runner to a majority of Qualifacts EHR are medium-sized companies at 64%, shadowed by large companies (>1,000 employees) at 17%, and lastly, small companies (<50 employees) at 14%.

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Companies Currently Using Qualifacts EHR (Revenue Percentage)

Capital flow is an influence on redirecting resources for a company. By broad view of research, the majority of Qualifacts EHR users belong to small companies (<$50M) with 75%, followed by medium-sized companies with 12%, and lastly, large companies (>$1,000M) with 5%.

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Prioritize your target market and prospects by laying hold of our Qualifacts EHR clients’ email addresses. Qualifacts EHR enables outreach to clinical professionals, executives, boardrooms, and decision-makers in just a few clicks and calls. Gain command over the market and divert profits to the business.

The Qualifacts EHR users’ contact information is 95% accurate and 85% deliverable. Our data complies with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and ANTI-SPAM.

Functional Data Insights in Qualifacts EHR Users Contact Lists

Conversions will now be smoother as we provide business ready Qualifacts EHR users’ email and phone number lists to make positive business transactions.

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Explore Unexplored Corners with Qualifacts EHR Users List

Gain perspective to establish contact with profit generating healthcare industry with a list of companies who use Qualifacts EHR. Obtain records of authorized users from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more with 50+ segmentations offered and build a blueprint of where you see your business in a few years!

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Why Choose Qualifacts EHR Users Contact Lists by DataCaptive?

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How Do We Deliver Qualifacts EHR Customers Database?

Our Qualifacts EHR users marketing data sets will be delivered to business email IDs upon order confirmation in 35 business days. The file will be provided in .xls or .csv and is compatible with preferred CRMs or cloud-based applications for integration and marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some influential organizations integrating Qualifacts EHR into their business operations include NITHealth, Albertina Kerr Centers, Inc., FIT Technologies LLC, nova GmbH Internet Agentur, and others.

With Qualifacts EHR being a new product in the market prioritizing the mental health care industry as primary users, approximately 200+ companies and organizations, predominantly present in the US, are functioning in the market.

Of course! We provide various customization options with a wide range of segmentation. Choose among full names, contact details, fax numbers, geographical locations, email addresses, NAICS codes, and others, and personalize the list to meet marketing demands and requirements.

The CRM customers list is created using trustworthy sources, both online and offline. Our data sources include subscriber lists, business websites, meetings, international expos, e-magazines, webinars, public data, and business directories. 

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