Equip your sales team with smart
B2B contact data to prospect smarter

Increase your sales team’s productivity with the b2b contact data to ensure you connect with the right prospects and build a genuine connection with your potential leads. With access to 53M+ B2B Contact Database , your target audience is only a click away.

Contact segmentation

Segmenting your b2b contact list is the best marketing practice. A well-segmented contact list enables you to send more targeted and personalized emails, especially if your audience is broad. We help you identify the potential b2b contacts that suit your business objectives.

Takes data segmentation
to a new level

More, myriad
& fresh information

Takes data segmentation
to a new level

More, myriad
& fresh information

Company segmentation

We realize the importance of segmented b2b data insights and how it aids smooth functioning. Thus, making it our priority, the list is segmented to guide your prospect search and marketing campaigns.

B2B Contact data and benefits

Qualified sources- 40m records

We collect and collate information from various offline and online sources to maintain the credibility of our data. We aim to make connecting with prospects completely hassle-free.

Create targeted lists- 20 million

Connect to the right set of audiences by obtaining access to 20 million business contacts across the globe. Your search filter can be based on Industry, Job title, Location, Company size, and more.

Timely verified B2B contact data

We conduct real-time multiple email verifications to ensure you receive responsive data. Verified data leads to higher conversion rates and more sales. Also, the data is easily downloadable in .xls or .csv formats.

Enrich your database- 96% accuracy

We enrich your data by verifying and appending the data fields such as Contact Name, Email address, job title, website, company name, phone number, Industry name, size of employees, and more.

B2B contacts that you can benefit from

3.6 million


18 million


2.9 million


15 million

Decision makers
direct dials

20 million

Decision makers
email addresses

What we guarantee

100% verified and authentic data

The data that reaches you is thoroughly verified by human intelligence and undergoes frequent checks to ensure that only the best data reaches you.

100+ location

Reach out to 100+ locations globally and prospect effortlessly. With our set of Global b2b contact insights, we want to ensure that nothing stops your brand to establish a global presence.

5+ marketing channels

easy with one b2b contacts list. Reach out to your customers on multiple platforms directly without any hassle.

1500+ satisfied customers

We have served more than 1500+ satisfied clients with our data and services. Our priority is to deliver excellent customer support and ensure that our customers have the best experience.

3x ROI

Our database guarantees a drastic increase in your ROI. This leads to the expansion of your business across the globe within no time by creating brand awareness.

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