Who We Are

Database Leader, Account Based Marketer & Marketing Automator


DataCaptive is a data driven marketing solutions organization that extends world class B2B contact and company data services, provides best in the business Data Enrichment Services, takes care of all your lead engagement and conversion needs proficiently and helps boost your marketing productivity with its Digital marketing services. While DataCaptive aims at easing the process of prospecting new customers, our marketing strategies will help you maintain good relationships with the existing ones too. Rendering a wide range of data enrichment services, DataCaptive provides state of the art tools to keep your data clean and error free. With DataCaptive developing an adept CRM and driving a higher ROI will become easy goals to achieve. Designing marketing campaigns based on trending business intelligence data and analytics is one of the most sought after services DataCaptive provides, that will enable you to stay one step ahead in the competitive global market.

For close to two decades, DataCaptive has helped a multitude of companies achieve outstanding marketing growth and success. DataCaptive is armed with the most dependable B2B database that has helped sales and marketing professionals identify and reach the right target audience.

Our Mission

The mission for DataCaptive is simple- to remind businesses that wherever they may be, they can reach the right target customers with the use of our intelligent databases.


73 Million






Account-based Selling

Shorten your sales cycle with effective Account-based Selling.

Account-based Marketing

Target Your Sales & Marketing Campaigns to high-value accounts with Account-based Marketing.

Lead Enrichment for CRM

Render your CRM better and more productive by enriching your leads right.

Marketing Automation

Eliminate repetitive marketing procedures with the best automation software.

What Makes Us Different?

We ensure that all information in our database satisfies our long list of quality requirements

  • We use an AI-based tool to weed out bad data
  • We do that every 60-70 days
  • We believe that the farther you reach, the more you sell
  • All data provided by us is targeted and fetch amazing results
  • We are all up for Data Protection and NEVER share ANY information with third party websites

Happy Clients

I had used sales databases before, but they were riddled with obsolete data. DataCaptive is the only company that provides quality data that improved our sales in real time.”

John Spiliotis

Jonathan Talmer
Sales Manager

Happy Clients

When I first launched my company three years ago, I found it increasingly difficult to get quality leads. I tried a few lists and burnt my fingers. After a discussion with my friend, I availed the services of DataCaptive. Now my prospect pool is full, and my sales cycle is continuously churning.”


Breanna Crowder


3080, Olcott St, Ste B220,
Santa Clara – 95054, CA.

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