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With our B2B company insights, increase sales, and establish more valuable business relationships.

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We Maintain the Best Standards of Privacy and Security

Benefit from Company Insights' Diverse Usage Features

business insights database

Email Marketing

Utilize different stages of the sales funnel to create tailored emails that will engage and nurture specific audiences. 


Telephone Marketing

Reach out to your target profiles directly on their phone numbers to run successful campaigns. 


Social Media Marketing

Incorporate the social handles information and involve your audience in trending audience-capturing activities. 


Direct Mail Marketing

Send direct communications to get your prospects’ attention when it’s right!

Highlights of B2B Data Insights

Network with 73M+ professionals

Join the 97+ million professional network

AI & human verified

AI and human-verified

Third-party experts

Third-party experts

Easy to download and integrate

Easy to download and integrate

Optimum use of resources

Optimum use of resources

Steer Your ROI with B2B Company Insights

Utilize the advantages of  B2B Company Insights for all your marketing initiatives of your company and improve the assistance provided to your sales and marketing staff.

  • Competitive analysis
    Specific Metrics to Locate Potential Clients

Have the necessary company insights handy to navigate through your target market and find the right audience base. 

  • Product development
    Analyzes Business Data Points

Company insights help you understand the current market demands and requirements to hand out the required knowledge for your product development.

  • Demand and supply
    Actionable Concrete Insights
Utilize the insights to improve your product and create marketing strategies.
  • Automation
    Increases Value and Helps Produce Creative Products

B2B company insights help you improve the usefulness of your existing marketing tactics and enhance your products.

  • Personalized promotions
    Analyze the Success of Marketing Initiatives and Sales

Analyze the outcomes of your marketing initiatives and continuously improve their periphery.

  • Customer acquisition and retention
    Develop Actionable Understanding

Create a workable equation to simplify and streamline your customer encounters.

Right Fit of B2B Company Insights for Desired Outcomes

Our data has been gathered from more than 170 different nations, making it a vast database. We select the segmented data that best fits your needs from 55M+ corporate profiles and 98M+ business emails. Start your marketing campaigns off right with DataCaptive’s insights on B2B companies! 


Company Profiles
Business Emails


Phone Numbers


C-level Contacts

What can you expect?

  • Speed up your workflow
  • Reach your ideal prospects
  • Discover the practices of the best performing sales teams

B2B Marketing Insights

No more waiting for the right B2B company information. DataCaptive has got you covered! Explain your criteria to us and get yourself the best dataset of B2B company insights. Experience better navigation and better conversions with us!

What Differentiates DataCaptive from Competition?

  • Data collection
    Data is gathered from 100+ trustworthy sources
  • New industry information
    Availability of the most recent industry insights, which are uncommon in the market
  • market insights
    Use the most recent market insights to update your strategic choices and plans for gaining a competitive advantage.
  • reliable data
    Use the most recent market insights to update your strategic choices and plans for gaining a competitive advantage.
  • dedicated team
    B2B business leads are gathered, confirmed, and authenticated by a professional team of 1,000+ data specialists.
  • Strong customer support
    Continually available customer support

B2B Company Insights

We offer a broad range of categories to help you create successful bespoke databases, and avail yourself all the necessary data fields at one place.

Industry wise email list siloIndustry wise mailing list
Technology email list siloTechnology users email list

Improve Your Marketing Performance with B2B Company Insights

For the growth of your company, make use of insight-driven B2B company insights. Utilize data enrichment services to raise the caliber of current databases.

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

B2B company insights are the information of your target companies, such as company name, location, employee size, revenue size, and many more. DataCaptive makes an effort to produce the right company insights for your criteria that can be used to improve productivity, marketing tactics, and sales figures.


The market nowadays is flooded with data providers. For your business needs, DataCaptive has the most complete and specifically set B2B company insights. Through a rigorous 7-step procedure, all of our data is authenticated and verified with 100% opt-in consent. This guarantees that the information is pertinent and useful before it reaches the customer.


Of course! We are aware of the potential importance of sample data to your corporate strategy. We provide a free sample dataset so that you can use it. Avail yourself of sample data absolutely free of cost.

We strive to make our data 100% verified, however like all data, our databases also experience data rot. You can use our appending and enrichment services to increase the usability of data.

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