SAP HANA Users Email List

SAP HANA is a high-performance analytic appliance, an innovative technology created by developers to provide column-based management. It is a multi-model database that stores data in memory rather than a disk, providing lightning-fast processing and advanced analytics capabilities. With SAP HANA, you’ll experience unparalleled performance and efficiency in managing your data.

Large enterprises, handling enormous volumes of data, use this because it instantly simplifies their work. The SAP HANA users email list compiles email addresses and contact information for all SAP HANA users globally. 

  • 30,000+ users in the United States have utilized SAP HANA for its ability to handle large amounts of data and provide real-time insights.

  • SAP HANA is the leading solution compared to all other major relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and more. 

Based on these stats, the dominance and significance of SAP HANA is evident. Businesses aiming to promote their products with similar characteristics can make the best use of our list. This includes IT decision makers, data analysts and data scientists, technology consultants, solution providers and more. 



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How many companies use SAP HANA?

The effectiveness of this relational database management system is evident in its extensive userbase. Using SAP HANA provides a significant advantage for information technology and services, with a usage rate of 22.96%.

The United States leads in SAP HANA adoption, accounting for 36.90% of users. Across businesses of various sizes, utilization is evenly distributed. Companies employing 50–200 staff members lead with 18.41%, followed closely by those with 1000–5000 employees at 16.50%

The top 10 big companies that use SAP HANA

Our database consists of the most essential details of the top list of companies that use SAP HANA, helping you improve your business outreach. It is now your turn to make your business better by approaching the key decision makers of top companies that use products related to your services.  

sap hana users email list

SAP HANA Business Metrics

Current Customer(s)


Market Share
Most Used In
United States of America
Most Used By
IT & Communication Industry

SAP HANA users by Revenue Size

You can determine which areas require this solution more by looking at the product’s revenue size. This allows you to identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and take the necessary action to establish contact with those businesses in order to win them over as clients. Notably, SAP HANA finds near-universal use across companies of various sizes, given its beneficial features. 

SAP HANA Users By Revenue

No Data Found

Country and industry-wise Sap HANA Users

Due to its features, SAP HANA places its mark in diverse industries. Both large corporations and small enterprises place their trust in these technological solutions to simplify their work.  

The information technology and services sector lead the way, with 22.96% of companies in this industry utilizing SAP HANA. And country-wise, the United States has the leading SAP HANA users with 36.90%. 

SAP HANA Users By Country

No Data Found

SAP HANA Users By Country

No Data Found

SAP HANA Users by Industry

No Data Found

SAP HANA Users by Industry

No Data Found

Explore Our Popular SAP Product Databases

SAP Products Global (Including USA) USA
SAP ERP 95,496 32,061
SAP HANA 80,325 29,706
SAP FICO 70,668 17,442
SAP SCM 62,298 14,277
SAP Apparel and Footwear Solution 36,567 4,767
SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 32,157 9,666
SAP CRM 30,504 11,895
SAP SuccessFactors 29,616 8,073
SAP Business One 17,502 6,045
SAP BPC 15,054 5,370
SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer 12,096 5,301
SAP GRC 11,421 5,016
SAP Advanced Data Migration 11,100 4,608
SAP Extended Warehouse Management 7,869 3,117
SAP SRM 8,811 2,619
SAP PLM 5,106 2,163
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 5,409 1,911
SAP BW/4HANA 3,822 879
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 3,114 1,557
SAP Business ByDesign 3,741 1,386
SAP Cloud for Customer 2,172 648
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud 429 114
SAP Enterprise Learning 93 33

Get a Step Closer to your Audience with SAP HANA Users Email List

ln order to reach your target audience, you need a HANA users email list that aligns with your Ideal Customer Profile. You can custom-build such a list that fits perfectly with your business objectives. All you need to do is choose a segmented list of SAP HANA users based on your required criteria.  
Further, you can customize the list using various data attributes to pinpoint the contact information of your ideal prospects. Customization allows for personalized outreach campaigns, enabling you to reap benefits such as a higher volume of business leads, an improved conversion rate, and a boosted ROI. 

10+ Segmentation Available in the Email List of SAP HANA Users

Users of SAP Hana are widespread across diverse industries. Hence, you need to promote your offerings to recipients who require your products for a prolonged business relationship. This is precisely why we segment our email lists to facilitate your search for customer contact information, ultimately enhancing your organization’s status. 

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

Customize 40+ Data Attributes for SAP HANA Customers Database

Customize the email list using data attributes to initiate targeted marketing campaigns. This includes ‘Company Name’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘Email ID’, ‘Mailing Address’, and many more. These are valuable tools to tailor the users list as per your requirements for precision marketing strategies that speak directly to your audience’s needs and preferences.
  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

A Sample List of Companies Currently Using SAP HANA

Company Name Employee Size Revenue (USD) Contact Name Job Title Company Location Phone Number
$554.02 billion
CJ Moses
Exxon Mobil
$346.17 billion
Darren Woods
Johnson & Johnson
$91.32 billion
Joaquin Duato
New Jersey
$148.3 billion
Rodney McMullen

We have an extensive compilation of SAP HANA users list from which we have brought you a sample list to show you our caliber and to build confidence. Take a brief look at our database. 

Give your sample list a little more enhancement by incorporating more data attributes such as ‘Industry,’ ‘Official Email ID,’ ‘NAICS code,’ ‘SIC code,’ ‘Website URL,’ ‘Fax Number,’ ‘Social Media Info,’ and more upon request. Gain a customized SAP HANA users list to meet your marketing needs. 

Make your simple sample list by just clicking on ‘Request a Sample’ before purchasing our comprehensive list. This allows you to preview the data and ensure it aligns with your requirements. 

Marketing Campaigns Made Easy with the SAP HANA Customers Database

Reaching your target audience is significant in improving your business growth. How are you able to accomplish that? Explore a range of methods to connect with your customer. For a higher engagement rate, use our SAP HANA customers list and select the marketing channels that the customers prefer.

Snail Mail Marketing

Profit from snail mail marketing’s direct approach, which boasts a high open rate and low competition. By utilizing our SAP HANA users mailing list, you can access the postal addresses of your ideal customers, that allows you to send promotional materials such as postcards and brochures. This approach increases the likelihood of capturing your customers’ attention, enhancing brand recognition, trust, and credibility.

Email Marketing

Choose this effective and efficient marketing tactic to automate processes and save time. Create personalized content that appeals to your target market to obtain immediate responses and results. Make use of the email list of SAP HANA users to top this marketing method.

Cold Calling

This gives you a chance to learn more about your customers. In comparison to other marketing strategies, the likelihood of connecting with your prospects is relatively high. Customers can provide you with quick feedback, which aids in the improvement of your products and services. You can reach them from anywhere, as you only need SAP HANA users contact details for your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a vital role in the promotion and advertisement of products. Make use of these platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and more, to upload your SAP HANA clients database to the custom audience feature for promoting your products or services. This helps you reach a wider audience that you target as well as relevant users.

What are the Benefits of Using the SAP HANA Marketing List?

Technology users need a competitive edge, and we give you our extensive list to build it using the list of companies that use SAP HANA. Let’s go through the benefits of purchasing our SAP HANA marketing list.
  • Cost-effective marketing campaigns are possible.
  • Increased ROI and engagement rate.
  • Can easily reach customers with personalized content.
  • Improves brand loyalty

Who can Benefit from the SAP HANA Customers Database?

Our list of SAP HANA users can be beneficial for various organizations including: 

  • Technology companies and service providers
  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • Research firms and analysts
  • Business development and partnerships
  • Software developers

Best-Selling Technology Users Mailing List

Discover the top technology companies and the products they’re known for, which are in high demand worldwide.

Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Rely on the SAP HANA Users List from DataCaptive?

Relying on data providers requires a significant amount of faith, however, using DataCaptive would be wiser because we go through several steps to keep our contact information credible, including frequent updates.

Our Effectiveness

We adhere to data policy regulations for the SAP HANA mailing list which leads to an effective marketing campaign.
We comply with global and local data protection regimes to provide you with a risk-free investment.
We ensure all the contacts in the database have consented to receive marketing communications.

Our list, meticulously curated, boasts an impressive 85% email delivery rate. 

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee a regularly updated database with an accurate and genuine SAP HANA clients database. 

You don’t have to pay pesky ownership renewal fees to access your contacts, it’s a lifetime purchase from us.
A 45-day overhaul cycle ensures the data you pay for is 95% accurate.
Our rigorous verification process ensures that you get your money’s worth.
Find your ideal buyers from the tech industry with our exclusive technology data card search!

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

SAP HANA users email list is a database that consists of email addresses and other contact information of individuals and organizations that use SAP HANA for the betterment of their business.  

With 22.96% of users, information technology and services is the leading industry using SAP HANA. Other leading industries utilizing SAP HANA include retail, human resources, computer software, and more. 

The United States leads the world in SAP HANA users with 36.90%. The United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, and many more are among the other top countries using SAP HANA. 

There are over 80,000 SAP HANA users around the world operating across diverse industries. 

To obtain an accurate SAP HANA users mailing list, purchase your database from DataCaptive. We gather data from reputable sources and provide you with authentic and accurate data. We also include various processes and checks to make the list more reliable. 

Accurate SAP mailing lists are crucial for lead generation since they allow you to focus on the customers on the list, saving you time and enabling you to engage with them through personalized content. 

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