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Get your business’s required insights in one place with our B2B custom data.

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Customize Your List Now

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B2B Custom Data
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DataCaptive’s Segmentation for Every Minute Detail

Eliminate the chaos of looking frantically for your ideal target. Our B2B custom-segmented data narrows your path down to the target demographic. 

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b2b custom data

Achieve Your Objective with Our Custom Data Segments

Discover your ideal target audience with our wide range of B2B custom data solutions. Pinpoint your marketing strategy with geographically segmented B2B data.

Our Stringent Verification Process

DataCaptive’s experts gather data from various credible sources like directories, journals, magazines, and many more. We follow a stringent 7-step verification process to ensure we deliver the most responsive and relevant data by the time of each data delivery.

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Benefits of Custom Segmentation

Get all the advantages of incorporating a custom-segmented database into your business strategy with us!

  • Number 1
    Reach your exact audience without much hassle
  • number 2
    Fine-tune your marketing pitch and tailor-fit
  • number 3
    Higher brand visibility and awareness
  • number 4
    Find a broader spectrum of your ideal demographic
  • number 5
    Personalized touch to your needs and demands
  • number 6
    Better interaction with the target profiles

Discover the right audience with the right segmentation

Struggling with low quality leads? No more worries, DataCaptive has got you covered! We are here to help you land your marketing messages in the right inboxes with the least havoc!

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Set Your Brand Apart with B2B Data Custom Segmentation

Utilize one of the most significant options available in the market for databasescustom segmentation! DataCaptive bridges the gap between you and your target market with readily available selections for every category of data youre looking for!

Fine-Tune Your Message

Fine-tune Your Message

Sending personalized messages to your audience aligns with exactly what the recipient is looking for, increasing the chances of converting as your customer.

Increases Your Revenue

Increases Your Revenue

Users are most likely to purchase your service/product when you fine-tune your messages because that is what they are looking for. This increases your profits and boosts revenue.

Increases Brand Awareness

Increases Brand Awareness

Users prefer to receive personalized messages, and they will remember you as a company that sends some of the most relevant and exciting topics/product details

Don’t Miss the Opportunity of Grabbing Custom-segmented Data for Your Business Marketing!

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Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Determine your product’s benefits, examine your existing clientele, conduct competition research, specify your target audience, and conduct performance testing. These steps would help you take a step ahead in identifying your target market.

Segmentation in business-to-business (B2B) marketing refers to dividing a target market into more manageable segments based on shared characteristics. By identifying and focusing on particular groups of prospects and customers, B2B marketers may create marketing strategies that are more likely to result in sales.

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