Responsive B2B contacts with our Social Profile Appending

74% of consumers rely on social profile data to make their purchasing decisions.

Considering how busy people can be nowadays, social media is a much more efficient and direct way to reach out to prospects than through traditional marketing channels.

Elevate targeted marketing by accessing accurate social profiles through Social Profile Appending.

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Support DOC, PDF, CSV, XLS formats

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Gain Competitive Social Insights with Social Profile Appending

Append Social Media Profiles of your prospects and improve social interactions by executing personalized marketing campaigns.

Utilize social insights to build brand awareness, promote products and offers, expand the client base, personalize campaigns across channels.

Types of social appending

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Facebook profile append

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Twitter profile append

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Instagram profile append

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Pinterest profile append

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LinkedIn profile append

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YouTube profile append

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Reddit profile append

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Tumbler profile append

How do we append social media profiles?

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Upload client
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Match with our up-to-
date master database
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Remove inactive or incorrect social insights
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Add and update missing fields with accurate data
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Manually verify the information before delivery
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Send the appended list in .xls or .csv format

Did you know companies that promote their services on social media get 119% better ROI compared to traditional sales tactics?

We comply with International Data Policies for 100% data security.

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Accurate Social Profiles Empower Businesses to Achieve Success

DataCaptive™’s updated Social Profiles and contact data provide access to accurate Social Media Account information, enabling you to find out more about your prospect’s interest and actions.

Our master database of 73+ million social contacts from 50+ global industries is updated regularly with a response rate of 95%. Utilize the power of Social Media to build a global presence for your brand today! Uplift engagement and response by retargeting ads and smoothen your sales funnel now.

Utilize Social Media Profile Appending Services to

Identify, amend and enhance incorrect database


Track, reach and convert marketing potentials globally


Explore new opportunities & convert leads


Retarget ads to social media profiles of specific client base


Retarget sales pitch to prospective audience


Reduce marketing costs, improve conversions and boost ROI

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Data enrichment services for business growth

Research says Bad Data costs businesses $600 billion annually in the USA alone.

Utilize our Social Profile Data Service to leverage high-quality database and acquire customers globally. Our Social Profile Enrich Services will not only give you access to untapped prospects but also help you analyze trends for effective marketing campaigns. We abide by data guidelines to ensure that your marketing campaigns succeed with high yielding results.

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Identify, target, and convert prospects with engaging campaigns by Appending your Full Contact Data!

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Maximize Sales with Global Social Media Append

There are over 3.5 billion Social Media Users around the world, and a person on an average spends 3 hours scrolling through it.

With a large population available on social media, marketing campaigns can be targeted through multiple channels to reach a global audience. It not only reduces marketing costs but also makes it easy to track marketing insights. Our master database is updated every 45 days to deliver a response rate of 95% and more. Append Social Media Profiles of your existing dataset to connect with the right audience and build a global brand presence with improved scalability.

  • What is included in Social Profile Appending?

    We append the social media contacts of 10+ major social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Google+, and more. You can also customize your dataset by informing our executive about your requirements.

  • What type of files/extensions can I upload in DataCaptive™’s for appending?

    We are here to make your task easy, hence support the most flexible formats of .csv and .xls files. If you have any queries, you can reach out to our executives at [email protected]

  • How do you source your data?

    Our data experts compile our master database by referring to a variety of online and offline sources, like Government Records and Listings, Public Record Information, Yellow and White Pages, Business and Telephone Directories, Business events and Trade shows, Conferences and Summits, Websites, Job Postings, to name a few.

  • How can I be certain that my data is secure?

    We strictly abide by data policies and guidelines like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ACMA, CCPA; be assured that data with us is secure. For more details, read the Privacy Policy.

  • How long do you take to process my file?

    Though our deliverability primarily depends upon the size of the file, we usually deliver the appended data within 3-5 business days.

  • How often do you update your database?

    Our data scientists update and verify data at a regular interval of 45 days.

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If you don't have a business email, click here

If you don't have a business email, click here

Support DOC, PDF, CSV, XLS formats