Highly accurate Email verification services

Curate highly-impactful marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates through B2B email verification services.
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Enhance B2B customer data with email verification solutions

Email address verification is the process of deleting any inaccurate or invalid email addresses from your marketing and sales database with a stringent 7 tier verification processes to ensure high-quality data accuracy! Our verification service gives you access to a thoroughly verified dataset that improves the performance of email campaigns and protects the reputation of your mail server by reducing bounce rates.

Our email verification process includes

Bulk email list verification, syntax check, domain check, catch-all server check, email de-duplication, spam/junk id, disposable email verification, bounce check, and more.

How does email verification process work?


Upload client’s dataset

check data

Match client data with our master database

opt out missing data

The data is verified by human intelligence and AI

Append email addresses

Identify and remove invalid email addresses

AI verification

Update with a responsive email list with email appending services

Deliver email list

Send a verified list of emails in .xls or .csv format

Connecting marketers & decision makers with email verified lists

DataCaptive™‘s data verification service provides real-time accuracy to foster global outreach through protected IP reputation. This builds trust among the target audience and key decision-makers who identify your brand as a credible source and thus build engagement.

One-stop solution for verified email database

  • Determine and approach prospects with accuracy
  • Increase deliverability rate and response rate
  • Optimum use of resources with reduced costs
  • Track and analyze campaigns insights
  • Build an active sales pipeline with potential conversions
  • Maximize customer retention rates & long-lasting customer relationships
  • Minimize customer acquisition costs and improve ROI

Strengthen marketing strategies with data enrichment services

Incorrect data is one of the biggest causes of business failures. Data enrichment is a service that ensures the quality of your database is thus maintained and helps leverage reliable and responsive data to nurture prospects and strategize engaging marketing campaigns. We abide by international data policies like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM to ensure 100% data security.

Phone verification

Strengthen telemarketing campaigns and generate marketing qualified leads to boost conversions and ROI.

Social Profile Verfication

Globalize your brand through multi-channel marketing and improve brand awareness with social profile verification.

Web URL verification

Verify the website URL of target companies and engage with the right B2B organizations.

Secured & reliable email list verification services

Email marketing has been a reliable source for B2B marketers and sales teams to inform, interact, engage, nurture, convert, and create advocacy among the target audience and prospects. Businesses must maintain a clean and valid database to ensure effective campaign performance. A secured and reliable database is vital for companies, and therefore DataCaptive™ prioritizes quality checks and employs a 7-tier verification process to improve global prospecting techniques. Meet global scalability today!


We verify your in-house email list and determine Syntax error, Domain verification, Catch-All, email de-duplication, Spam Check, Bounce check, and also verify email lists in bulk. We understand industry standards and thus create customized email lists based on unique business requirements.
We support the most flexible format of .csv or .xls. For any further query, you can contact our executives at [email protected]
We collate our data from a variety of trusted online and offline sources, including Business Directories, Websites, Job Postings, Journals, Press releases, Trade shows, Job Postings, Subscription Lists, Surveys, Questionnaires, Exhibitions, Government records, and more. We source our data responsibly and through legal sources to provide businesses with actionable data.
We strictly abide by international data policies like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM to maintain 100% data security.
Our deliverability depends upon the size of the database file, but we try our best to process requests within 3-5 business days. The processed files are made accessible in .xls or .csv formats.
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