Lead management solutions for 3X business growth

Lead management is a system essential for businesses to capture, track, score, qualify, manage, nurture, and distribute leads to the sales funnel.

With lead management, establishments turn every contact initiation from a lead into a sales opportunity and reap profits. Acquire, engage, manage, and convert leads with an effective lead management system from DataCaptive.

3X business growth

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lead flow

Here’s how to increase lead flow whilst managing lead volume!

Sign up with DataCaptive’s lead management service and achieve both!

Go from acquisition to advocacy

The process of effective lead management at DataCaptive™!

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Lead Tracking
Lead Scoring
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Lead Qualification
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Businesses can improve lead quality and scale campaign execution with an effective lead management system. Lead management drives activities by attracting buyers, nurturing them, and enabling in faster sales conversions. A customized lead management plan can provide consistent lead volume, engagement, and conversions for organizations to achieve more growth by building brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy.

Empower your sales team with a powerful lead management system to achieve higher revenues!

Did U Know

80% of leads generated by the marketing team is never pursued. The leads either get lost, ignored, or discarded!

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Lead management – why does your business need it?

Without lead management

tick Poor lead capture
tick Unidentified qualified & unqualified leads
tick Results in poor lead engagement
tick Constant lead leakage
tick Missed follow-ups
tick Significantly low lead conversions
tick Reduced ROI
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Learn the 5 essential steps to lead management!

With lead management

tick Accurate lead capture
tick Identified and segmented qualified and unqualified leads
tick Heightened lead engagement and nurturing
tick No lead leakage
tick Effective follow-ups
tick Faster closed-won leads
tick High profitability
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Implement lead magnet ideas to propel conversion rates!

DataCaptive™'s 360-degree business solutions!

DataCaptive™’s lead management plan for improved efficiency and business growth.
  • Create a single customer journey
  • Define marketing qualified leads
  • Build a quality lead pipeline
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Consistent customer engagement
  • Encourage brand loyalty
  • Generate new customer accounts
  • Define sales qualified leads
  • Improve the number of closed deals
  • Create a single customer journey
  • Retain and renew lost customers
  • Build brand advocacy

Real-time benefit from lead management

Lead leakage
Increase in sales opportunity
Target social accounts of a single user

How many sales opportunities have you lost due to the lack of effective lead management?

Businesses that function efficiently drive sales opportunities with every lead that they generate. If you’ve lost even a handful of sales due to poor lead management, it’s time you step up and invest in a result-oriented lead management plan today!


How to calculate a basic lead score for your business?

  • Calculate the number of the lead-to-customers conversion rate (customer acquired ÷ total number of leads= lead-to-customer conversion rate)
  • Choose attributes (deal value, demand, industry, revenue, and employee size) based on customers you believe were higher quality leads.
  • Determine the individual close rates of each of those attributes.
  • Compare the close rates of each attribute with your overall close rate and cast lead values accordingly.


  • Why is lead management important?

    Lead management enable businesses to identify, track, and allow leads enter the sales process. It qualifies the leads based on sales standards and pass it to the sales executive for successful conversions. Lead management aligns your sales and marketing efforts to bring productivity and efficiency.

  • How does lead scoring help sales teams?

    Prioritize and segment your prospect list. This method will help your sales team differentiate between hot, warm, and cold leads (qualified or unqualified). Lead scoring ensures that potential leads receive due attention and priority, ensuring no wastage of marketing efforts.

  • Who should invest in a lead management service?

    Businesses must invest in a lead management plan, whether they are start-ups, small-scale businesses, or even a Fortune 500 company. Our lead management system is flexible with your unique sales requirement. It molds itself to assist your marketing and sales efforts through custom plans that can be strategized with our expert business executives.

  • What results can lead management bring in to my business?

    Our lead management service includes lead scoring to effectively nurture warm leads and send hot leads directly to the sales team. It keeps them organized, ensuring the captured leads are not lost or go off-sight. Lead management help businesses look at every lead as a business opportunity to close deals and make more conversions. It employs a process that efficiently manages your leads as they progress through the sales pipeline.

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