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B2B email append services

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To help businesses’ sales growth achieve its full potential, DataCaptive™ prioritizes customer reach by delivering appending email services globally. Double your influence with effective marketing automation strategies and drive your sales to funnel for digitized asset development in the long run. Get access to the location-based segmented dataset for consistent market opportunities.

Enrich your database with various types of email appending

We offer various categories of b2b appending services to bridge the gap thoroughly like, business email
appending, customer email appending, and reverse email appending.

How does email appending work?

Upload & identify
check data
Check data with
our master dataset
opt out missing data
Examine incorrect, opt-out and missing data
Append email addresses
Append email
AI verification
Manual and AI verification by the
data experts
Deliver email list
Deliver email list
with appended data

Append, verify and validate your in-house data

We are dedicated to secure your data, and never share or sell this information.

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Benefits of
email append services

Scale your growth with smart and result-driven B2B email appending solutions. Empower your decision-makers by providing accelerated sales drive through our service.

  • Tap end-decider executives with a faster conversion rate
  • Creating brand awareness through effective campaigns
  • Generate quality leads with a higher return on investment
  • Increase task audience delivery by opt-in mails
  • Strengthens business’s bond with operative communication
Benefits of email append services
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Types of Data Appending Services we offer

DataCaptive™ offers more than one type of Appending Services to improve end-user’s data attribution.
These are going to build your company’s goal size with maximum reach.
phone appending


Append business phone numbers to the existing database. It imparts profitable telemarketing campaigns.

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social profile appending

Social Profile

It is an advanced option for businesses to enhance marketing efforts for quick conversions.

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full contact appending

Full Contact

Getting detailed records for appending complete contact lists with demographic and firmographic histories.

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url appending


Adding website URL to target companies, which in turn enhances B2B productivity.

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Build stronger relations with CRM enrichment

Maintain high-quality of your CRM by enriching and appending your in-house data with everything that you need, including human-verified email addresses, telephone numbers, company and employee size, and more.


Establish your brand presence today!

Email append pricing

No of records processed
1 – 25,499
25,500 – 55,499
55,500 – 1,25,999
1,26,000 – 2,53,499
2,53,500 – 5,99,999
Price per match (min order $500)

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  • What is email appending?

    Email list appending is one of the best marketing practices that involves a process of taking customer data and matching it with the data vendors database to obtain appended mailing addresses. Data appending is a cost-effective practice and ideal for generating revenue through email marketing. Hence at DataCaptive™, we offer cost-effective email append services to fill in gaps by modifying incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, or duplicate formatted data.

  • How is the accuracy determined in database appending services?

    We implement various statistical and analytical techniques to check the collected data for any rectification. After a thorough automated and manual quality check our data analysts delivers the updated B2B appended mailing list.

  • Are your data appending solutions in compliance with the data policies?

    Yes. Our data collection process complies with global data policies like CAN-SPAM, ANTI CAN-SPAM, and GDPR.

  • What are the different types of email appending you offer?

    We offer various types of e-mail appending services with a deep cleansing of the database. We understand different business dynamic needs and provide validated data accordingly.

    Business email append- Obtain Appended email lists of business executives, IT, market experts, decision-makers, and more to run successful email marketing campaigns.

    Consumer e-mail append- Compare and synchronize the consumer list with our master database and get opt-in mail through b2b email append.

    Reverse email append- If you already have acquired email lists of your prospects, but it lacks other vital info like company details, postal info that can be acquired through reverse email appending.

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If you don't have a business email, click here

If you don't have a business email, click here

Support DOC, PDF, CSV, XLS formats

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If you don't have a business email, click here

Support DOC, PDF, CSV, XLS formats

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