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Data verification process plays a significant role in data-driven marketing. It allows you to maintain a reliable and Verified B2B contact list of your potential prospects and customers. Strengthen your in-house data and stack your sales pipeline with easy to convert leads.

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Data verification solutions to build global presence

Companies rely heavily on a verified database to ensure optimum outreach to audiences with buyer intent. DataCaptive’s B2B data verification process verifies the data on multiple levels to maximize quality output. The data is verified manually by our data scientists and by AI to ensure the accuracy of phone numbers, email addresses, social insights, and more. Enhance your business outreach by reaching the right demographic on a global scale.

Services that add massive value to your business

DataCaptive™ B2B data verification services include real-time telephonic, B2B mailing database, contact, and company insights, and more. Our real-time verified data help you Plan targeted campaigns based on the customer personas, titles & geography of your choice.

Database verification procedure

B2B data verification is an essential process to improve the value of your marketing and sales database. Verify your lead data and boost your revenue with B2B lead verification services. Our data scientists work efficiently to verify the data along with the intelligence sources and to remove ineffective data.

Input and
inspect database

The size of the database is inspected, and the verification process is then determined. This also helps to segment the data into relevant fields.

Analyze &
de-dupe data

The data is analyzed for inaccuracy and duplicate fields to update them with relevant contact information by our in-house team of data scientists and research experts.


The data undergoes stringent verification tests to ensure authenticity and credibility. This step ensures spam and bounce check, blacklist, junk, and opt-outs removal from your database.

updated database

Once the data is finally updated and verified, it is converted to .xls downloadable format and can be easily integrated into any CRM.

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Why choose data verification?

Functional businesses depend on accurate data to make informed decisions and protect their brand image. Accurate data propels your business and its mission in the right direction. Our data verification complies with the data policies and ensures that you reach your target audience legally.

Benefits of data verification

Data verification not only verifies your database but also authenticates it while ensuring 100% responsiveness of your customer data. Data verification services provides standardized, error and junk-free lead data to enrich your business.

Scale targeted
marketing and sales

Increase marketing
and sales qualified

Re-engage and
improve lead

Minimize customer
acquisition and
retention costs

Optimize your multi-
channel campaign

Multiply sales
opportunities by

Invest in our data verification services

Amplify your global presence and build new business opportunities

Over 75,000+ companies reported the highest revenue escalation by opting for data verification services. With our various data verification solutions, we review deep business and customer insights with purchase intent, thus guaranteeing a high rate of returns.


We verify your customer data and eliminate the inactive and fake email addresses that can crush your email deliverability stats.

Phone and

Our team of data experts identify unreachable users due to stale or incorrect information and update valid, reachable, and accessible data.

Full contact

This service includes verification of contact name, email address, industry code, direct dial numbers, and other relevant information.

Social profile

Involves verifying the social profiles and insights of your ideal customers to help you engage with them through multiple platforms.

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