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With our data verification services, improve the effectiveness of the currently available data and get a greater ROI by identifying targets with verified lists!
Data Verification Services
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Data Verification Services

Customer Data Verification — Re-establishing Contact with Customers

Verified databases are important in maintaining and engaging customers and prospects for business growth. Strengthening the in-house database with customer data verification is the best choice to make a recurring business make sales and profits.

By eradicating irregularities and misleading material from the database, we are here and prepared to support initiatives while lowering expenses. With B2B list verification services, brands can extend their global visibility.

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Steps of Data Verification

Our expert researchers thoroughly verify the data for any defects or irregularities, leading the client to improve the value of services significantly.

Assessing Specimen Dataset Entries

Data input, assessment, and inspection are steps at the outset. A relevant data verification solution is chosen into action. It helps to segment data into appropriate fields.

Analyze and Eliminating Duplicated Data

Inaccuracies in the data are identified through analysis. Data analysts examine redundant data and replace it with current and relevant data.

Verify Data Legitimacy

Authenticity and credibility checks are performed on the data used to create the lists. Bounce rates, spam, blocklists, and opt-outs are eliminated.

Delivery of Updated Database

When the data is prepared, it is converted to a .xls or .csv file to be incorporated into the chosen CRMs.

Customer Data Verification and Validation Services

The Experts at DataCaptive Help to Maintain Accurate and Updated CRM and Automation Data

Why Choose DataCaptive as Lead Verification Providers?

In addition to delivering verified high-quality data, our profile verification services are certified to develop business and uphold the brand reputation. DataCaptive’s updated databases enable us to guarantee a high level of data timeliness.

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Commitment to Providing Accurate Data

The bedrock that preserves data and contacts maintained for business is accuracy. Results will be precise as our data analysts strive to offer ideal targets.


Generate Numerous Leads Every Month

Prospects are key to creating sales and profitability. Businesses may pursue the appropriate leads and turn them into sales with lead verification services.


Multiple Surveys per Month for Authenticity

Data scientists utilize surveys to evaluate and measure plans, strategies, and marketing pitches. Database verification will guarantee that the surveys and information acquired are credible and legitimate from the viewpoint of the prospect and target audiences.

Global Presence

Global Presence of Brand

Methods for regulated data verification processes will improve revenue and marketing, data quality, and economic judgments, enhancing a brand's credibility and integrity in the overseas market.

Benefits of Customer Data Verification and Validation Services

Real-time data validation to improve deliverability

Real-time Verified Data will Enhance Delivery

Make informed business decisions

Data of the Best Quality for Multi-channel Collaboration

Quality data for multi-channel communication

Organization of Workflows Done Easily

Increase engagement and conversions

Create Prudent Marketing Choices

Improve open rates and re-engage customers

Boost Your Retention and Engagement Rates

Easy workflow management

Drive Open Rates and Empower Prospects

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Trust us with personal data validation, as we respect data and customer privacy. We ensure we make every effort known to us to handle information securely and safely.

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Data Verification Services

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Invest in our data verification services

Amplify your global presence and build new business opportunities

Other Services

Invest in DataCaptive for various other services, such as data appending and validation, and enhance output.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a 95% accuracy rate in our data validation processes, which ensures easy lead generation and sales conversions. Get your data verified as soon as possible.

Data verification helps re-establish contact with customers and generate leads to new businesses. Verification also ensures that the data in your existing database stays up-to-date for sales and marketing.

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