Authentic social profile verification services

Learn and understand about your contacts by analyzing your potential targets online activity through socially validated data.
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What is social profile verification?

Social media verification is the process of verifying and validating the social profile URLs from your prospect and customer database. The process aims to provide businesses with accurate social insights for successful social media campaigns. The data quality of the database is maintained through stringent verification checks to promote B2B networking around the world. Generate marketing and sales qualified leads to enhance outreach and expand business potential.

Types of social profile verification

Facebook verification, Instagram verification, LinkedIn verification, twitter verification, Pinterest verification, YouTube verification, Reddit verification, Tumblr verification, and other platforms. Social handles of B2B professionals are verified and updated in the client’s database.

How do we verify social data and insights?


Upload client’s dataset

check data

Match client’s social data with our master database

opt out missing data

Run stringently automated and manual verification checks

Append email addresses

Identify and remove invalid social profiles, links, bot accounts and data

AI verification

Update relevant social insights with social profile appending services

Deliver email list

Send verified social profile data list in .xls or.csv format

Determine accurate social insights with profile verification services

Verified social profiles help businesses establish a direct connection with prospects by eliminating any inaccurate data fields from your database. The verification process ensures that the contacts in your database are the recipient of your personalized messages and targeted campaigns, thus improving interaction towards social buying. Our master database comprises 73+ million valid and verified social contacts from 50+ leading global industries. Build a robust social media presence with actionable information and increased individual interactions.

One-stop solution for social profile verification services:

  • Develop social media strategies with accurate and verified social profiles
  • Enhance social buying with actionable insights into your prospect
  • Run LinkedIn Ads such as Sponsored In Mail and text ads for high visibility
  • Sponsor content or build display and dynamic ads to drive quality traffic
  • Retarget and re-engage with verified social data to generate qualified leads
  • Shorten the sales cycle with a customer-oriented interaction
  • Acquire and retain target buyer persona with multi-channel marketing
  • Retrieve the social profiles and other insights in convenient excel format

Actionable data enrichment services

Businesses with an active database perform more efficiently and succeed with high yielding results. A decayed database not only affects your business’s functioning but also exhausts marketing funds and resources. Therefore, it becomes vital for businesses to ensure that their database consists of active, verified, and real contacts. DataCaptive™’s enrichment services help maintain the quality of data and improve its shelf life. We guarantee 100% data security and are legally responsible for the data we provide as we abide by international data policies such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ANTI CAN-SPAM. Turn an email address, phone number or social media handle into a complete and valid profile of your prospect today.

B2B Phone verification

Strengthen telemarketing campaigns with active and accurate phone numbers of your audience.

B2B Email Verification

Improve deliverability and drive sales through valid and verified email addresses of your target persona

Web URL verification

Verify the website URL of target companies and engage with the right B2B organizations.

Build a business network with social data enrichment solutions

B2B social data enrichment solutions help businesses maintain a full and accurate social profile of a person or a target company. It ensures that you connect with the right one and make informed decisions about your customers and prospects. Businesses access the potential client base and aid in exploring new markets globally. Get more actionable information about your potential prospects to shorten your sales cycle and improve scalability on a global level. With a large professional network that relies on social media to prospect, engage, and convert, businesses can study verified industry insights and consumer behavior to improve their marketing efforts.


We verify the social profile links and URLs of B2B professionals and social pages of organizations that exist in your database, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and more. Your database can also be customized based on your unique requirement by informing our executives about your industry-specific need.
Our master database is the result of our experienced data scientists and AI tools that mine responsible data from trusted sources, both online and offline. We collate our data from public records, websites, business directories, online journals and magazines, government records, and trade shows, to name a few. Our database is also updated every 45 days to maintain data accuracy.
We take data security seriously and abide by international data policies such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM.
The deliverability of the database depends on the size of the client file; however, we usually deliver the verified database within 3-5 business days.
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