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Use the power of phone appending services to append thousands of phone numbers and boost your marketing efforts. Maximize your chances of reaching out to valid contacts!

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Phone appending is the process of adding or updating missing phone numbers to the existing customer database. The process includes updating contact details like landline, direct dials, and official phone numbers of decision-makers for a successful telemarketing campaign. Cell phone appending is also one of the widely provided services from DataCaptive.

Businesses can stay connected with their potential customers, and drive engagement that generates revenue through our B2B phone appending.

Types of phone appending

Business phone append

Business phone append

Wireless phone append

Wireless phone append

Residential phone append

Residential phone append

Reverse phone append

Reverse phone append

Landline phone append

Landline phone append

published phone append

Published, and non-published phone append

How does our Phone Appending Service work?

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Upload client’s
data list
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Match it with
master database
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Remove invalid and
inactive data
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Update the missing
data with current data
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Manual Tele-verification for accuracy
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Send phone appended data in .xls or .csv format

Stay connected with your potential and existing customers with our Phone Appending Solutions.

Be assured of 100% security of your data with us!

Stats say telemarketers make 148 million junk calls a day. Don’t be one of them!

No more passing JUNK CALLS! Incorporate our phone appending service and save your precious time and money by contacting the right phone numbers of your business targets. Opt for our service to optimize the use of your existing resources to expand outreach and scale growth.

DataCaptive – One-stop solution for excellent Business Phone Appending services


Identify & amend faulty database


Recognize & magnify marketing potentials


Explore new opportunities to generate leads


Reconnect with lost opportunities and targets

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Increase engagement rates with verified consumer data


Reduce telemarketing costs and efforts


Improve conversions and boost ROI

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Data enrichment services to derive more insights to elevate your competitiveness in market

25-33% of business contact addresses become outdated every year. Incorrect data is a large factor in businesses failing. Our Data Appending Services helps you leverage reliable and responsive data to nurture the right audience and analyze trends to run effective marketing campaigns. We take data protection seriously and abide by data policies such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM.
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Append and verify your email database to increase consumer engagement with Email Appending Service.

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Social profile

Get interactive and improve multi-channel prospect targeting by appending social network contact details.

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Increase customer retention and acquisition rates to send relevant marketing campaigns by appending full contact data!

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Website URL

Add website URL of your target companies to engage with the B2B organizations of any industry directly.

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Strengthen Telemarketing with telephone appending services

DataCaptive™’s phone number append services will increase your outreach to boost your ROI.

With a master database of over 97+ million updated contacts, we ensure that the list delivered to you after cleaning, updating and verifying the phone numbers is highly responsive. Our database has a fast turnaround record, with a response rate of 95%. Use appended phone numbers and direct dials to make personalized communications across countries and build a global brand presence.

  • What is reverse phone appending?

    Reverse phone append is adding names, complete addresses, and accurate emails of the individuals or businesses to an existing phone number list to complete the records in a database.

  • What type of files/extensions does DataCaptive™ accept for upload?

    We support the most common and flexible formats/extensions, including .xls and .csv files. For any query, you can contact our executives at [email protected]

  • How reliable is your data sourcing process?

    We collate our database from a variety of online and offline sources, including Yellow Page, White Pages, Business Directories, Telephone Directories, Trade shows and conferences, Websites, subscription lists, Job Postings, Government records and more. A thorough Customer & Market Research by our Data Scientists ensure you receive actionable data.

  • How is my data kept secure?

    Your data with us is secure, as we strictly abide by data policies. You can refer to our Privacy Policy

  • How long does it take for DataCaptive™ to process my file? How is the processed file delivered?

    Our deliverability depends upon the size of the database, but we try our best to deliver appended files within 3-5 business days. The data is delivered in .xls and .csv formats, which you can download or integrate into your CRM.

  • What do terms Standard phone data, premium phone data, and hard-to-find phone data mean?

    Standard Phone Data are the business telephone numbers that are compiled from white page listings and are updated monthly. It amounts to over 260M+ contacts.

    The contact details compiled from Telco-sourced directory assistance, residential, and business telephone numbers are known as Premium Phone Data. These contacts are updated daily and amount to over 100M+ globally.

    Hard-to-find Phone Data is the 130M+ listings that include wireless, cable, and VoIP residential listings with complete names and current postal address.

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