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Get To Know Your Leads For Better CRM

Knowing your prospective customer can be the stepping stone towards marketing & sales success. Lead enrichment is, basically, the process of collecting actionable intelligence associated with particular leads that will serve as an indispensable tool for the sales team to increase the number of conversions and win revenue. Enriched lead data ensures that the efforts and investments that go into campaigns and sales programs are worth it.

But how exactly do you get such enriched lead data? Understanding buyer purchase behavior and tracking their journey can give key insights into the kind of response that will be generated to a specific product. We, at DataCaptive, proffer lead enrichment services that will not only provide enriched lead information but will also aid you in providing a better customer experience based on the lead intelligence accumulated.

Lead Enrichment For Better CRM
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Why Your CRM Efficiency Depends on Lead Enrichment

Lead Enrichment CRM Efficiency

It has been estimated that over 62% of B2B organizations depend upon marketing and prospect data that is approximately 40% inaccurate. This may lead to failure in achieving business goals and accomplishing marketing objectives. As shocking as these statistics are, they reiterate the significance of enriched lead data for better CRM.

Lead enrichment has a deep impact on the quality and usability of lead data. It goes way beyond job titles or profession details and gives a clear idea of the lead’s position and responsibilities within the organization. Lead enrichment tools provide an in-depth understanding of target accounts along with detailed information of the decision makers and other vital contacts within these accounts. Moreover, with lead enrichment you can rest assured that your lead data is current, accurate and devoid of errors. With enriched lead data, enhance your CRM and watch your sales revenue zoom upwards at top speed!

DataCaptive’s Lead Enrichment Services Help You

Lead Enrichment service

Connect To Power Conversations

DataCaptive provides accurate and complete lead information so that you can connect with your prospects faster and strike business critical conversations.


Utilize Key Insights To Build Your Business

Enrich lead data obtained from our services will provide actionable insights so that you can leverage the right business opportunities at the right time.


Get Integrated Lead Intelligence To Qualify Leads

DataCaptive provides lead intelligence so that you know which leads you can pass on to the sales team right away and which leads still require nurturing for better qualification. Lead scoring and routing will become a cake walk with DataCaptive’s Lead Enrichment Services.

Build A Successful Sales Pipeline With Our Lead Enrichment Services


Working with lead information that is limited and superficial is a cause for great inconvenience for sales teams. At DataCaptive, we help you fill in missing demographics and firmographics to your lead data sets so that you never have to deal with data inaccuracy again. With Our Lead Enrichment Services you can:

Boost lead Volume & Quality

Convert your website visitors into leads by incorporating intelligent forms on your website that help collect vital lead information. Utilize shorter forms and progressive profiling so as to boost landing page conversion and reduce website bounce rate. Enriching leads once they are generated can help improve campaigns efficiency and foster sales.

Enhance Targeting & Scoring

With enriched lead data you can add more than 40 fields of accurate contact information that includes firmographics, phone numbers, designation details, email addresses etc. This data can serve as an important tool for laser-focused targeting, accurate scoring and effective routing of leads thus assisting in close tracking of their purchase behavior.

Improve Marketing & Sales

Lead enrichment helps to fill in the missing lead information and update contact data records. Enriched lead data helps in optimizing CRM and marketing automation systems thus, aiding in the development of effective marketing and sales strategies that allow you to grab every sales opportunity that you get.

Run Intelligent Email Campaigns

Enriched lead data can help you segment users into broad personas and send them personalized emails that assure faster conversions.

Save Time On Data Research

With our lead enrichment services, you can concentrate more on driving sales and fetching revenue rather than on researching lead data.

Organized Lead Data, Analytics & Much More At A Glance

Get a comprehensive view of our vast database comprising of more than 51 million b2b contact & company data records organized based on various criteria such as industry type, job title, employee range, revenue range etc.

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How To Use Data Sources For Lead Enrichment (CRM & Digital Marketing)

Lead enrichment may simply seem to be a process that provides your sales team with an enriched view of a lead. While this is true in essence, the significance of lead enrichment is not limited to just that. It is an initiative through which you can empower your sales team to understand the needs of your prospects and enhance the likelihood of converting the prospects into buyers. Armed with the intelligence about target leads, you can improve your customer relationships even as you aim to increase your sales and profitability. Since lead enrichment is a data-driven initiative, it is but obvious that data sources play a crucial role in the whole process. Let us see how you can use data sources for lead enrichment.

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