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Capture your target audiences’ insights with our verified and validated B2B intelligence services and meet your business demands.  

Customize Your List Now
Customize Your List Now

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B2B intelligence
We Maintain the Best Standards of Privacy and Security

Turn Buyer Research into Revenue

Sales intelligence and revenue acceleration to know which leads are hot. With user intent data, prioritize your leads, waste less time, and close more deals with the same sales effort.

Here Is What We Do

The B2B sales intelligence platform filters contact information from direct dialing, verified email addresses, job titles, and social network handle links. 

Actionable B2B Intelligence for Generating Sales

We provide custom B2B Data Intelligence which will empower establishments to drive sales and accomplish sustainable growth.
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Increase Leads & Pipeline

Increase leads and boost business

Generate more leads and convert the leads into high-value customers.

Manage, Clean & Enrich Your Data

Clean, enrich and manage existing data

Increase the quality of your database with our enrichment services and increase business like never before.

Boost Sales Team Productivity

Improve sales and increase productivity

Take your sales to a whole new level with our B2B Actionable Intelligence.

B2B Intelligence that Ensures Marketing Success

We provide tailor-made B2B Intelligence that powers you to reach your marketing goals.
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Incorporate ABM

Incorporate ABM

Target high-value leads and convert them into high-paying customers.

Grab the go-round of your market view

Grab a bird’s eye view of your market

Expand your market and develop your existing market with our B2B intelligence data.

Use buying signals to find your prospective clients

Get access to a wide database of prospective leads

Focus on priority leads with our user intent data and waste less time.

Hire the best of the best with our B2B Intelligence

Spend less time looking for talent and more time working with them. Streamline the recruiting process with our B2B intelligence.
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Accuracy factor for better prospecting

Increased accuracy for better prospects

Get reliable and verified prospects.

Take-in passive contenders

Make Connections that matter

Use contact information and connect companies and candidates that are well-suited for each other.

Match the best

Match the best

Match the brightest talents with the best companies.

How Does B2B-Intelligence Process Work?

Network with 73M+ professionals

Network with 73M+ Professionals

AI & human verified

AI & Human Verified

Third-party experts

Third-party Experts

Easy to download and integrate

Easy to Download and Integrate

Optimum use of resources

Optimum Use of Resources

Benefits of Using DataCaptive's B2B Intelligence Services

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    A Better Understanding of the Prospects
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    Better Relationships with Prospects
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    Real-time Identification of Sales-ready Leads
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    Monitor Prospects Closely
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    Detailed Insights
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    Excellent Customer Service
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    Data Quality Goes up a Level
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    Better Sales Strategy
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How is Data of B2B Intelligence Sourced?

It needs a wide range of resources, including a sizable online community of contributors, machine learning tools, and a research staff of data professionals. 

Company Profiles
Phone Numbers
C-level Contacts
Guarantee Database

100% Opt-in Database with privacy-compliance

With our accurate data, we can assure positive results in your sales. 

  • Email deliverability
    Increased efficiency
  • opt-in contacts
    Reduced wastage of marketing budget
  • data policy
    Personalized connections to leads
  • refund process
    Increased conversion rate

How do we deliver Contact Database?

We mail customized contact details dataset to the registered email ID in .xls or csv format in 3-5 business days. Just download and integrated the list into any CRM or cloud- based tool, and get started with your marketing!

CRM Integration Software

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to AI, B2B sales strategies are developing. Salespeople are already utilizing AI to locate new clients through email, social media, and other avenues. An automated chatbot or a more complex tool that analyses data to find potential customers can accomplish this. 

Data analytics and business analytics are included in business intelligence; however, they are only used in small amounts throughout the process. BI assists users in making decisions based on data analysis. Data scientists use advanced statistics and predictive analytics to discover data details and predict new patterns. 

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