Effective AI and Human-verified B2B Intelligence Market Data

Capture your target audience’s insights with our verified and validated business contact information and meet your business demands. Our ready-to-market B2B intelligence email lists are verified using both Artificial and human intelligence.

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b2b Intelligence market Data

Enhance every bit of your sales sequence and magnify your opportunities

With B2B intelligence, you can take advantage of generating more demand and trading potential. Push your sales to be the best.

Organize your pipeline with high-valued leads

high Valued Leads pipeline
Network with high-valued prospects using business advanced extensive knowledge and real-time market understandings.

Accentuate your data management

Data management
Manage your data to keep it updated and fresh. Append the existing customer database using AI and manual intervention to ensure the contacts are currently active and accurate.

your team

Real time buying signals
With the real-time buying signals and the correct contact data, your sales team can invest more time in selling, saving the team the time that goes into researching.

Captivate and close deals with potential leads

potential leads and deals

Incorporate ABM

Our team of data scientists analyze every profile helping you choose your best buyer persona. Using ABM, you can bring ideal targets into your sales funnel and build long-term relationships.

Grab the go-round of your market view

Understand your ICP generated by state-of the-art technology and human intelligence to power-use the advanced perceptions about your existing customer profiles.

select Ideal customer profiles

Grab the go-round of your market view

Understand your ICP generated by state-of the-art technology and human intelligence to power-use the advanced perceptions about your existing customer profiles.

prospective clients interest

Use buying signals to find your prospective clients

Keep track of your targeted accounts’ activity and observe the pattern of their content-consuming across the internet.

Learn to build your ideal customer profile for B2B lead generation

Strategies that are sales-intended

95% deliverability guarantee

Base your accuracy factor for better prospecting

Take advantage of maintaining accurate data and a keen eye on your competitors’ moves in your industry. Automate your alerts for workforce actions such as rounds of hiring, promotions, layoffs, and many more.

95% deliverability guarantee

Take-in passive contenders

Mobile phone numbers, professional certifications, accolades, and experience, and many more factors can help the recruiters to set the suitable candidates with the right companies.

95% deliverability guarantee

Match the best

Understand the organization’s needs with advanced B2B insights that will help you match professionals with the right skills. Our expert data science team will help you identify and match every target account with the help of our artificial intelligence.

Our customer list includes

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Accelerate your business growth with us. Ask us how?

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Group 13718

"...surpassed our expectations "

Front & Center Marketing is a full-service marketing agency guiding brands with resourceful efficiency in marketing strategies, programs, brand awareness, and branding strategies.   


To strategize our marketing initiative, we needed a contact database of Key Decision Makers specific to our requirement and reached out to DataCaptive.

Happy to state that the service provided by their team surpassed our expectations and we look forward to a long-term association with Team DataCaptive. Best wishes! 


Avi Scheinbaum

Avi Scheinbaum

Group 13718

"...a wise decision to invest"

Our platform being a digital marketing solution provider, a targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source. The B2B healthcare data generated high-quality leads of healthcare professionals that were eager to work with us. Because of this,we have purchased several lists from Datacaptive.


In my opinion, it was a wise decision to invest in Datacaptive.



Rachel Lemieux

Manager, Demand
Advice Media

Group 13718

"... continue running drip campaigns with their lists"

TipHaus saves restaurant and hospitality managers time, money, and headaches by automating service employees' tip and wage distribution. We were looking to connect and close deals with potential customers when we found Datacaptive as the best among the others.We got a chance to customize


our list and were also provided with various essential categories. We are very excited to continue running drip campaigns with their lists and keep hitting our MRR growth goals.


Leif Magnuson

Leif Magnuson

CEO & Founder

DataCaptive™ Inc.

We initiated with the principle to support B2B establishments around the world with high-quality data insights. We have been encouraging firms to date and continue to do so to help them take the lead and adopt data-driven marketing solutions to generate and convert leads.

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3080 Olcott St D205, Santa Clara, CA 95054, United States



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