Connect with Genuine Purchasers with Buyer Intent Data

Drive data-driven B2B marketing with our buyer intent data and target buyers at the right time.

Buyer Intent Data

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Buyer Intent Data

Convert Buyer Intent Signals to Target Accounts and Revenue

Prioritize leads and close deals effectively with our purchase intent data and reduce the time and money spent finding the target audience.

Here's What We Do

Leverage and Capitalize on Intent Data

Create and compare the business’s ideal target profile and discover buyer intent leads searching for keywords related to your products and services.

Our real-time intent data tracks signals from a network of domains and pairs devices and keywords, developing our database. Several factors are considered before they are put together for customer purchase. We source our data from over 90% of accessible devices across the globe.

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buyer intent signals

Engage with Funnel Impact

Use our buyer intelligence intent signals on buyer research of specific topics and reach decision-makers across multi-channel marketing via phone, fax, email, and digital marketing.

Effortless Integrations

Place the validated intent data into preferred CRMs or cloud-based applications to set up workflows and close deals easily and comfortably.

CRM Integration Software

Benefits of B2B Purchase Intent Data

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    Analyze Purchase Intent for B2B Products
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    Be Alerted on Potential Leads
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    Personalize Campaign with Buyer Intent Marketing
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    Engage Potential Buyers and Promote Solutions
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    Prioritize Relevant Buyer Intent
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    Contact Intent Data with Multi-channel Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying intent data helps understand buyer behavioral patterns and engagement in a particular product or solution. Businesses can leverage this data to the target audience with the product in mind and create a marketing environment and intent in customers’ minds for B2B sales.

Purchase the intent database from database providers like DataCaptive and find accurate and validated data to boost sales and profit.

Of course! Avail of a sample of our buyer intent data and find the best quality lists we offer. Purchase more data for better marketing and successful sales.

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