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With DataCaptive’s account-based marketing services, rank clients according to the value they contribute and propel your business.

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What is Account-based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-based marketing is referred to as ABM. Unlike email or social media, it is not a dedicated marketing channel. But it’s a digital marketing strategy employed to develop marketing specifically to one or more customer accounts or prospects.

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3 Account-based Strategy You Need to Know!

There are three primary forms of account base marketing depending on the number of accounts they wish to target and their strategic and financial significance. 
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Strategic ABM

Targeted by strategic ABM are high-value accounts that already exist. To encourage these consumers to purchase more expensive or more products, the sales, marketing, and management teams maintain and strengthen their relationships with them. 

ABM Lite

Marketing personnel concentrate on second tier named accounts while using this ABM method. Five to ten target accounts with comparable problems, objectives, and requirements are chosen by the sales and marketing teams. 

Programmatic ABM

Thousands of accounts are categorized by programmatic account-based marketing (ABM) based on client demographics, internet browsing behavior, ad delivery, and geolocation. 

Develop the Ideal Account-based Marketing Campaigns

Here is how you may launch your account-based marketing


Sync Marketing and Sales

Sales enabling will become an even more effective tool for fostering resonant customer interaction when sales and marketing are aligned.


Define Target Clients

Target account identification is important since resources will be wasted if accounts are chosen randomly.


Create Account Intelligence

Expanding interaction opportunities will facilitate better sales and marketing coordination in the long run.


Pick Your Message, Media, and Execution

The cost-effectiveness and ease of message personalization across a given channel must be considered while choosing a channel.


Quantify and Assess

Every marketing campaign needs reporting and measurement to be evaluated, optimized, and scaled.

Get Started with DataCaptive's Account-based Marketing Services

To find the contacts of influential decision makers, we offer a high-quality, manually reviewed segmented database. Here’s how to do it: 
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    Your specifications and details will be forwarded to our data team once you have submitted them.
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    The data team identifies your needs, and manually searches our master database to provide you with precise data counts.
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    They divide the list according to job title, job function, and management level to further focus your search. To experiment with, we have more than 50 distinct criteria.
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    Using the information, we create a sample database for free and send it to the registered email address.
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    If the free sample data fits your requirements, you can launch your ABM campaign by purchasing the whole database.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ABM track courses will assist students in gaining confidence in their ability to complete projects and tasks in addition to providing them with the fundamental information and abilities. They will eventually be able to develop teamwork and critical thinking abilities, which they can use in their chosen careers. 

You’ll require automation to carry out tasks, which is why this kind of ABM is frequently referred to as “Programmatic ABM.” You may target Tier Three accounts with specialized outbound techniques, occasionally customized by industry or solution, but the rest of the time you’ll simply utilize general demand generation plays. 

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