Data validation

The method of scrutinizing the accuracy and quality of data before importing and processing is referred to as data validation. This process plays a significant role in data-driven marketing and aids businesses to make informed decisions. The data validation process ensures the growth of your business positively!

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Reinforce your business with a valid database

Businesses rely on a validated database to ensure high outreach to audiences with buyer intent. Our validation process removes duplicate records to enhance your marketing and sales goals. With an accurate and valid B2B email database, we guarantee increased open rates and negligible bounce rates to improve the global brand presence of your company!


Services that add massive value to your business

DataCaptive™ data validation services include real-time telephonic, B2B mailing database, website url, multichannel contact and company insights, and more. DataCaptive™ promises real-time results with real-time validated data!

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The data validation cycle

Data validation ensures a B2B contact list with high-quality data to guarantee 100% responsiveness. Skipping the data validation process can affect your outreach and your output. With manually validated data, reach and sell to consumers with buyer intent!

The steps to customer data validation:

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Input and determine
data samples

The first step in the data validation process is to input the data and identify the right validation tool to execute. Our experts validate a series of data to check the error rate to draw a timeline of the entire validation process.

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Validate and format database

The relevant data fields are formatted and compared to the existing database. The database is reviewed further more to detect incomplete, incorrect, or duplicate data and blank fields.

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Multichannel validation helps you to maximize customer engagement, acquisition, and retention rates by keeping you connected to your audience across channels.

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Our experts validate the sourced data on multiple levels. The data is then authenticated to check for data accuracy and uniqueness while complying with data policies.

Why choose data validation servcies?

Data validation not only validates your database but also authenticates it while ensuring the responsiveness of the data. data validation services provide standardized, error-free, and quality data to enrich your business.

Benefits of data validation

icon 1 Real-time data validation to improve deliverability
icon 2 Quality data for multi-channel communication
icon 3 Improve open rates and re-engage customers
icon 4 Make informed business decisions
icon 5 Increase engagement and conversions
icon 6 Easy workflow management

Invest in our data validation services

Impact your business with reliable data and exceed your goals with DataCaptiveTM.

  • Why is data validation essential?

    Data validation is a crucial tool for businesses to reach out to the right audience. This ensures that the database contains accurate, actionable and clean insights for brands to engage with prospects and generate maximum demands. The validation process is crucial to eliminate inaccurate data and maintain data hygiene and is a proactive way to safeguard your contact list.

  • How does data validation help in growing a business?

    Data validation ensures the database that you mare marketing to is correct. It helps brands to build brand inter-personal relationship with their audience, design strategic and effective marketing campaigns, acquire and retain more customers, make informed data-driven sales decisions, and generate high ROI with quick conversions.

  • Why should you trust DataCaptive™ with the data validation process?

    Our data validation process commits to provide you a 100% genuine, authentic and accurate opt-in database compliant to global data policies. It assures 95% response on your marketing campaigns which reduced redundancy marketing campaigns and improve your brand’s efficiency, boost sales 4X and multiply ROI in a cost and time effective manner.

  • What data fields are validated by DataCaptive™'s data-validation process?

    Our contact and company data validation process includes fields like business email addresses, contact number, direct dials, website and URL, SIC, NAICS and OCC codes, postal addresses, geographical location, social media profiles, direct dials, and many more niche fields to deliver you a 100% accurate and actionable validated database.

  • How and when is the validated database delivered?

    We email you the validated database in 3-5 business days to your registered email ID in easy downloadable formats of .xls or .csv which can be integrated into your CRM without any third-party intervention.

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