Frequently asked questions


1 When was DataCaptive™ founded?

DataCaptive™ was founded in 2015 with the aim to provide businesses with data-driven solutions.

With over five years of experience in the industry, we have a database of 73M+ contact insights of professionals from around the world. We’ve served fortune 500 companies and over 1500+ clients from across the globe.

2 How many industries does DataCaptive™ serve?

DataCaptive™ has built a reputed network of professionals from 50+ industries. Some of our clients belong the industries such as – healthcare, technology, manufacturing, oil & gas, hospitality, marketing & advertisement, education, transport, food & beverage, retail, real estate, and more.

3 What are the mainstream services offered by DataCaptive™?

DataCaptive™ provides data-driven solutions to businesses from any industry vertical. You can customize a database from DataCaptive™ and channel it to run omni-channel campaigns. DataCaptive™ also provides businesses with resources that they can use to learn more about the B2B market world.

Services provided by DataCaptive™ are –

  • Company insights
  • Contact insights
  • Data enrichment
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Lead enrichment for CRM
  • BPO services

4 Who can benefit from DataCaptive™’s solutions?

DataCaptive™ was founded to help businesses achieve their maximum potential through data-driven insights that can help them work efficiently. DataCaptive™’s services benefit –

  • Marketers
  • Sales development
  • Business owners
  • Recruiters

5 What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy abides by global data policies and prioritizes our clients’ security contact data at all times. Our database is compliant with GDPR and CAN-SPAM data policy acts. Know more here, privacy policy.

6 Why choose DataCaptive™ over others?

DataCaptive™ is guided by the motive to empower businesses to engage meaningfully with their customers. If you’re wondering why to choose DataCaptive™, here is what sets us apart from our competitors-

  • Our data collection methods are ethical and legal
  • The database is built through an opt-in process
  • DataCaptiveTM maintains transparent communication
  • International data laws to protect our clients’ data
  • 7 tier verification process and manual quality checks
  • Customized data solutions to fit your requirements
  • 24/7 Our customer support through email, call, and chat


1 How do you source your B2B data?

We collect our data from reputed online and offline sources. Some of our sources include business listings, business websites, seminars, world expo’s, eMagazines, webinars, government records, yellow pages, subscription lists, and more. View our comprehensive opt-in process here.

2 How often do you verify and validate your master database?

Our master database that holds over 73M+ contact insights and 51M+ company insights undergoes a quality check every 60 days to verify and validate it. Our verification and validation process includes a dedicated team of data scientists that makes 2M+ calls every month to test the responsiveness of the contacts we provide businesses. Click here to know more about data verification.

3 What is your process of building an opt-in data?

AB tested opt-in email campaigns are run to legalize consent-based information ad ensure the accuracy of data. The final compiled list of records receives opt-out mailers, followed by tele-verification to confirm the remaining fields’ information. Check out 7 step opt-in process here.

4 Do you have the opt-out option for your contacts?

Yes, if your contact is in our database and you wish to opt-out from receiving third party industry-relevant notifications, you can click here and opt-out from our list.

Data enrichment

1 What does your data enrichment levels include?

Our data enrichment process consists of four main steps that ensures your data quality is not compromised. Your database undergoes the following 4 steps – The levels of data enrichment at DataCaptive™ include – data appendingdata verificationdata validation, and data cleansing.

2 How often you enrich your master database?

Our master database is enriched frequently so as to provide our customers with top-notch responsive data. We do our best to keep our data fresh, active, responsive and authentic. We have a dedicated team that ensures our data quality and quantity remains intact. Our master database is enriched every quarter.

3 What file formats can be uploaded for enriching?

DataCaptive™ accepts file formats of .xls or .csv for upload. After enriching your database, you will receive the data in your choice of format. For any further queries you can talk to our data experts here.

4 How important is the data enrichment process?

Data enrichment is a vital process as long as your company deals with data. Each passing day, companies grow more dependent on data to make informed decisions and improve business efficiency. Some of the benefits of data enrichment are:

  • Arms you with accurate data
  • Saves acquisition costs
  • Improves campaign success
  • Capture leads faster
  • Personalize nurturing campaign
  • Encourage consistent customer engagement
  • Close deals faster

5 Can I opt only for data appending?

Yes, you can either opt for our entire enrichment process or just pick the relevant data process you require. You can choose to get your data appended, verified, validated or cleansed.

Email marketing

1 Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing till date. Most of B2b professionals does 73% of the communication through online means, of which a whooping 61% goes to email.

Emails give you a direct link to a professional and can open up new business opportunities. Leads can be nurtured to convert through effective email campaigns. Email marketing is a successful marketing technique that all businesses rely heavily on for a huge turn over.

2 What does our email marketing services include?

Our email marketing services cater to various industry verticals and can run the following campaigns-

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Transactional campaigns
  • Drip campaigns
  • Welcome emails
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Account based marketing
  • Sales based marketing
  • Email automation
  • Lead nurturing and more

3 How will email marketing benefit your business?

While it’s incredibly important to send out consistent and relevant emails to a targeted audience, you must also constantly work towards growing your audience. A targeted email campaign can help you-

  • Build credibility and customer relations
  • Build brand awareness
  • Achieve global market audience
  • Higher customer acquisition rate
  • Improved customer retention rate
  • Optimum use of budget and resources
  • Spike sales and revenue by 2X

4 What is the data accuracy rate DataCaptive™ guarantees?

DataCaptive™’s contact list guarantees a response rate of 86% from your target audience provided that your emails are engaging, relevant, consistent and are not spam.

5 Can you build an email list for my company to run its specific campaigns?

DataCaptive™ has 73+M database that are industry relevant. You can request an email list that suits your business requirement with the relevant data fields or criteria to run a specific campaign. Our business executives can also guide you with what suits your business the best. You can contact us to request data samples. We have a list for every business from any Industry!

6 How do you source, verify and segment my marketing list?

As soon as we receive your marketing list request, our data scientists compile the email list from credible online and offline sources. After compiling, they run a 7-tier verification step and segment your data based specific criteria you request such as location, demography, firmographic and intent.

Lead generation

1 Does DataCaptive™ build email lists for businesses and run lead generation campaigns?

DataCaptive™ can help build your email lists as well as run your marketing, lead, and sales campaigns. We keep you informed through the entire process and request approval before running the campaign. Here is how our process works –

  • Curate a custom email list
  • Establish campaign objective
  • Campaign strategy
  • Design content, creatives and templates
  • Execute campaign
  • Follow-up
  • Measure and evaluate results

2 What campaigns can i run to improve conversion rates?

Conversion rates are directly impacted by the quality of leads you generate and what you do after. If the generated leads are not nurtured, it can lead to lead leakage or leads being stuck in the sales funnel.

The campaigns that you can run to improve conversion rates are – Lead generation campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns, account based marketing and effective email campaigns.

3 How will email marketing benefit your business?

While it’s incredibly important to send out consistent and relevant emails to a targeted audience, you must also constantly work towards growing your audience. A targeted email campaign can help you-

  • Build credibility and customer relations
  • Build brand awareness
  • Achieve global market audience
  • Higher customer acquisition rate
  • Improved customer retention rate
  • Optimum use of budget and resources
  • Spike sales and revenue by 2X

4 How can i nurture and process the leads we’re going to generate?

The generated leads have to be nurtured through effective email campaigns that trigger the audience to make a sales decision. This process requires a consistent nurturing strategy that requires creative, engaging and triggering email campaigns. You can also opt for a lead nurturing campaign by DataCaptive™ that pushes the audience through the sales cycle. (wasn’t sure if I should pitch lead nurturing service but added it anyway)

Lead enrichment

1 How can I update my in-house or existing customer database?

Your in-house database can be uploaded here for data enriching, which ensures that your data is up-to-date. The enriching process is essential to businesses that have a marketing list, however big or small. From start-ups to fortune 500 companies, lead enrichment is a vital process to maintain a healthy CRM.

2 I am facing difficulty in engaging and retain my existing customers. Can you help?

Loss in customer engagement or customers results from poor lead management and nurturing system caused by a faulty database. The lead enrichment process evaluates your database and makes it industry-relevant with ready to buy leads. With an accurate database, you can engage and retain your customers with ease.

BPO services

1 What are your key BPO services, and how are they priced?

DataCaptive™’s BPO services help businesses improve their function, productivity, and efficiency with customized solutions that focus on a customer-centric model.

Our key BPO services are –

  • Marketing services
  • Lead generation
  • Data management
  • Call center services
  • Back-Office services

Our pricing is based on your custom requirements. Pay as you go with DataCaptive™ and contact our sales executive to gain more transparency on pricing.

2 Can you customize to accommodate my unique business needs?

Yes, absolutely. DataCaptive™ molds itself to suit any business requirement as it believes that every business is unique and requires special attention to its needs. At DataCaptive™, you quote your problem, and we customize a solution.

Customer service & support

1 How can i get in touch to discuss my data requirements?

Our business executives are available 24/7 to guide you via call or email. You can also seek the guidance of our industry experts before committing to a service at DataCaptive™. You can write to us or schedule a call at your convenience.

2 I have a query post-purchase; I need customer support?

Yes, absolutely! DataCaptive™ encourages its customers to interact at any given point (pre-sale or post-sale). You can seek immediate support via chat, email, or call. contact support here

3 What number can I call or email to for support?

The number that you can call on – 1-800-523-1387 Write to us – [email protected]

4 Any feedback? Write to us here

DataCaptive™ would love to hear from its customers about their experience and looks forward to hearing from them. You can drop your feedback here

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