FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is account registration required?
Answer: Account registration at Datacaptive needed only when you use our Contact Builder application. We however encourage registration so we engage more and have a valid and open communication channel. We would love to interact with you and understand your needs and Registration helps us keep you informed about our services, offers and promotions.
Q: How secure is your site?
Answer: Account registration at Datacaptive We take security seriously and our site is secured by strong encryption and SSL. We do not save or store any customer critical information, including Card/payment information on our servers. This is handled securely by our Payment Gateway service provider.
Q: How can I update my account profile?

Answer: Account management can be done within your profile after you login. In case of issues contact our customer support at [email protected] and we will gladly help you.

Q: How do I list my Business and Contact Information with you?

Answer: To be Reachable and to discover contacts are the 2 most important and critical aspects of Business to Business relations. It helps growth and fuels consistent financial gain. Being listed with us will ensure you are contacted appropriately and by choice by the right businesses and at the right time in a way you chose to be contacted. You can list your business by sending us an email [email protected] with the following information

  • Full Name
  • Address you prefer on the Record
  • Direct contact email
  • Company
  • Your Role
  • Address you prefer on the Record
  • Your Phone
  • Company Phone and any other particulars you want listed

Email List FAQ

Q: How do you collect your data?

Answer: We compile our people and business database from a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to Yellow Page directories, Telephone directories, White Pages, WebSites, Filings, Job Postings and many more sources. Refer to our Privacy Policy Here for more details.

Q: How is the data delivered and how much time does it take?

Answer: Our Contact Builder checkout process delivers the list instantly in to your account. If you have ordered for custom lists or other services the service contract will detail you the delivery date and delivery method and our customer executives will keep you updated on the delivery goal progress.

Q: How do I append data to a list I have already purchased?

Answer: Contact our Sales department at [email protected]

Q: What file formats do you support for Data appending, Cleansing or other list services?

Answer: We support all most all common file formats and database formats including but not limited to office (word, excel, csv) formats, openOffice formats, SQL formats and more. Contact our Sales representatives if you have any question at [email protected]

Q: Can I cancel my Online Order?

Answer: A lot of the content of the site has been submitted by the community. Whether it is a commercial element/template/theme or a free one, you are encouraged to contribute. All credits are published along with the resources.

Q: Can I cancel my Offline or List Services Order?

Answer: We take great pride in the quality of our Products and Services and guarantee satisfaction for our customers. Our effort is to ensure customer service at the highest level. At this point in time as orders placed online deliver the list immediately we are unable to accept any cancellations. However we do accept upgrades to the order, please contact [email protected] to upgrade your order.

Q: What if I am not satisfied of my list purchase?

Answer: We not only collect data but double verify it row by row using Human intelligence to ensure quality, we have a system which is unique in the industry that updates the data every month. But data does go stale due to various reasons. Your satisfaction and your business growth is our priority and we assure you of 100% support to ensure this. In the eventuality that you have more than 10% of purchased list items that are undeliverable we will provide you with an equal amount of deliverable contacts for the purchased list. Please email [email protected] with the following information for data replacement

  • Number of contacts purchased
  • Date Purchased
  • Campaign Date and Type of Campaign
  • Campaign Details including any Emails/Texts/HTML
  • Number of Hard and Soft Bounces
  • Export list of Hard and Soft Bounces with Server returned Logs.

Marketing Services and Reports FAQ

Q: How do i order Marketing Services?

Answer: Please contact our ABM officer at [email protected]

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the results of my Marketing Services?

Answer:Our Marketing Services are client driven, what this means is our pricing and payment is based on the outcome of close collaboration of teams. What this means is that at any step of the process you the client have an option of changing direction or stopping services. However, we are very sure that you will find us to be creative, innovative and extremely valuable in supporting and executing your needs.

Q: How do you collect Intelligence and create Reports?

Answer: Intelligence Reports are collected via various Human and Machine means that may includes Calls and Surveys and may also include personnel interviews, client/vendor questionnaires and much more. We also have a proprietary mechanism of collecting deep Sales and Business Intelligence data that spans product life cycle intelligence, Vendor Assessment intelligence, End of life or Upgrade Cycle Intelligence etc. We value confidentiality and assure our clients of full adherence to legalities in such reports.

Q: How do you Price Intelligence Reports

Answer: Intelligence reports are priced based on Industry, time, complexity, personnel involved and the mode of collection. Some may require a much closer interaction with the Client teams (Business, Product development, Sales and Marketing teams) as the case may be. We sometime price Intelligence Reports based on per researcher/per seat assigned to the project or per research team allocated to the project.

Campaigns FAQ

Q: Can I purchase the responses to my Email campaigns?

Answer: All campaigns we execute are capable of tracking opens, click through, and other similar analytic data of all emails sent as part of your campaign. We track this based on industry accepted and standard technologies but there is a possibility that the target lead email clients may prevent collection of such data. In Majority of the cases this data is collectible and available for an additional cost i.e you can aquire the “open” and “click through” contacts of your campaign.

  • Open: Target Leads who have opened the email sent to them as part of your campaign.
  • Click through: Target Leads who have clicked on links in the campaign sent.
Q: Do you help design emails for my campaigns?
Answer: We understand that a good email design that considers all aspects of UI/UX is a critical and extremely important aspect of Digital Marketing and we value every client and we provide consultancy and design services at an additional charge. We will assign an designer and a content writer. Campaigns are executed only after an explicit approval of the Content. Design includes the Subject, Body, Content, Images and embedded code. Email designs from us comes with a guarantee and are validated for maximum inbox deliverability.
Q: Do you run campaigns with HTML, TEXT or both?
Answer: We execute on-demand campaigns tailored for your needs, we can execute dynamic emails with responsive html templates as well as simple text campaigns. We recommend HTML and Alternate TEXT for Marketing, Information and related campaigns and TEXT for Prospecting and sales lead generation.
Q: How do you run campaigns and what information should I provide?
Answer: A lot of the content of the site has been submitted by the community. Whether it is a commercial element/template/theme or a free one, you are encouraged to contribute. All credits are published along with the resources.
Q: How do you run campaigns and what information should I provide?
Answer: A lot of the content of the site has been submitted by the community. Whether it is a commercial element/template/theme or a free one, you are encouraged to contribute. All credits are published along with the resources.
Q: Can I get a copy of the email when the campaign is scheduled?

Answer: We have a robust infrastructure to run Email and Social Media Campaigns, we have tied up with various SAAS providers to ensure appropriate tailoring of your campaigns. Our Customer Representatives will engage with you for Information that will be needed to run an effective campaign, in general our approach to executing a campaign is structured as a simple workflow as below

  • Requirement Collection
  • Requirement Study
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Approval
  • Execution and Reporting
Q: What results of the campaign are available?

Answer: A numerical report of the campaigns is provided free of charge as part of the email campaign package which includes some or all of the below mentioned information with relevant details where appropriate

  • Clicks
  • Likes
  • Opens
  • Bounces
  • Asset Downloads
  • Tracking Links
  • Source Analytics

Q: How much time does it take to process a Campaign Order?

Answer: We take Campaigns seriously and we know this is a important aspect of your Marketing effort. Keeping that in mind we believe for maximum success a well-designed, structured and properly executed campaign is absolutely needed. For the entire workflow to be completed i.e from Requirement collection to final execution and reporting; it takes approximately 2 weeks.

    Q: Who designs the campaign and will you execute campaigns on designs I provide?

    Answer: We understand that every client has needs and requirements that are specific and we acknowledge that you know your target market the best and with that in mind we accept campaign designs from you. We also offer design services and where we know you need expertise that is very specific we will refer you our partners and affiliates who can help you. We abide by a strict code of universally accepted ethics and morals. We reserve the right to reject campaign material that is deemed offensive, illegal, Adult oriented or material that is unethical or material that is used for illegal purposes or is against the laws of any country, nation or region.

      Q: What if I am not satisfied of my Campaigns and Services?

      Answer: We pride ourselves in customer engagement and satisfaction. Our Campaigns and other Marketing services are based on full customer engagement and satisfaction of the client is what we prize most. We price our Campaigns and the Services in a fashion that ensures satisfaction at every level of engagement and allows room for the client to change direction at any time. We have implemented a full Agile system of product owner demos before execution and charge clients at the start of the planning a small sum as a retainer but the actuals are payable after a approval of the execution plan via email or a client approval letter. 

        Support & Policy Related FAQ

        Q: What is the license duration of the lists I purchase?

        Answer: All purchased lists are valid for a Year. Please review our Terms & Conditions Here for more details.

          Q: Can I resell the lists that I purchase from you?

          Answer: List License is non-transferable and you cannot resell the lists. Review our Terms & Conditions Here for more details.

            Q: What laws or rules am I subject to for the lists I buy?

            Answer: You are subjected to the laws of the land that applies to the country you are in. Refer to our Privacy Policy Here for full list of reference laws per Country. We strongly encourage you to read, understand and abide by all local laws and regulations that deal with Data, lists and related marketing services..

              Q: What are your Payment Terms?

              Answer: Online payments are processed instantly, Offline payments are determined based on service, research costs and specific needs however our max time frame for payments is max 10 days from the date of completion of contract. We send max 3 reminders for unrealized payments and we conform to the Debt Collection Act in charging for reminders and fees for collection.

                Q: What are your Terms and Conditions?

                Answer: Review our Terms and Conditions Here

                  Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

                  Answer: Review our Terms and Conditions Here