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Hike your sales figures and upscale business connections with our B2B contact insights.

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B2B Contact Insights

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We Maintain the Best Standards of Privacy and Security

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Contact Insights from DataCaptive

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Email Marketing

Execute successful personalization for varied audiences. Nurture the leads in your sales funnel with individualized sets of email campaigns and generate recurring business.


Telephone Marketing

Reach out to a targeted mobile audience. Carry out effective campaigns by outreach to your target profiles straight on their phone numbers!


Social Media Marketing

Effectuate the new-age marketing strategy to benefit! Incorporate the social handles information and engage your audience by executing in-trend campaigns.


Direct Mail Marketing

Send direct messages and grab the attention of your prospects at the right moment! Reach targets across companies, sectors, and a variety of customers.

Real-time & Actionable Contact Insights for Big-time Success

Network with 73M+ professionals

Connect with 98M+ contact profiles

AI & human verified

Database powered by AI & Human Intelligence

Third-party experts

Third-party authentication

Easy to download and integrate

Compatible with various CRMs

Optimum use of resources

Choicest set of data options and solutions

Drive Greater ROI with B2B Contact Insights

Experience the benefits of B2B contact insights for all your business campaigns and provide elevated support to your sales and marketing teams.

  • Uncover New Opportunities
    Comprehend Customer’s Buying Behavior

Understand the behavior of your target audience and set out to fulfill their needs.

  • Smart and Intelligent Collaborations
    Develop Actionable Understanding

Derive a doable equation to make your customer interactions easier and smoother.

  • Intent-based Investments
    Refine Product Development and Marketing Plan

Optimize the insights for product improvisation and construct devised marketing plans.

  • Grab the Offer
    Attract more customers

Engage with a bigger number of audiences with contact insights handy and narrow down on your extra efforts.

  • Account-based Marketing
    Build Trust & Loyalty and Drive Sales

With a personalized touch and tailored-fit of campaigns, you can win your targets’ faith in your business!

  • Finalizing the Purchase Decisions
    Examine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales

Evaluate the results of your marketing strategies and keep improvising the edges of it.

Best fit of B2B Contact Insights for Your Business Demands

Our vast database consists of data collated from across 170+ countries. We curate the best fit of your segmented data from 97M+ company profiles and 98M+ business emails. Kickstart your marketing initiatives with DataCaptive’s B2B contact insights!


Company Profiles
Business Emails
Phone Numbers
C-level Contacts

Exclusive Outcomes

  • Robust Conversions
  • Expanded Reach
  • Innovative Marketing

B2B Customer Insights for Quality Results

No more stuck in-betweens with marketing data needs! Get on the right business dealerships with our customized B2B contact insights for your business. Experience 5x more sales with less time investment.

What Makes DataCaptive Stand Out from the Competition?

  • Data collection
    Data compiled from more than 100 reliable sources
  • New industry information
    Latest industry insights availability that is hardly seen in the market
  • market insights
    Utilize the most recent market insights to drive your strategic decisions and competitive advantage strategies
  • reliable data
    Personalized, current, and fresh data for your most important business needs
  • dedicated team
    A knowledgeable staff of 1,000+ experts gather, confirm, and authenticate B2B business leads
  • Strong customer support
    Strong customer service for any help needed

Contact Insights

We offer a wide range of categories under B2B contact insights. Create custom databases with us and find all the required data under one roof.

C level executive email list silo 1C-level executive list
healthcare email list silo e1679304451239Healthcare email list
Job position mailing list siloJob position email list

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Top Rated Sales Intelligence Powered with Data Insights

Level Up Your Marketing Game with Upgraded B2B Contact Insights 

Utilize insight-driven B2B contact insights to expand the boundaries of your business. Incorporate data enrichment services to level up the quality of existing databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B customer insights is the information of your target profiles such as full name, job title, email ID, phone number, and customer behavior, and analyzing their needs as well as buying patterns. DataCaptive attempts to generate actionable insights helping to enhance productivity, marketing strategy, and sales revenue.

We have plenty of data providers in the current market. But DataCaptive has the most comprehensive and custom-segmented data set for your business needs. Our data is 100% opt-in, validated, and verified through a stringent 7-step verification process. This ensures the data is relevant and responsive before it reaches the customer. 

Yes, of course! We understand the role sample data could play in your business strategy. To employ it, we offer a free sample dataset. The sample list is absolutely free for first-time users.

We have a total number of 265M+ contact insights including a vast range of categories, industries and specifications of your target market. Please note that the number keeps changing as we regularly update our database once in every 45 days. 

Once you purchase the database, you have full ownership of it. You can use it in any way you would like to and for as long as you prefer. 

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