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Drive buyer intent and empower customer-facing teams by generating more than 50% sales-ready leads.

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With the increase in the lead volume, businesses often face difficulty to manage leads. When leads are inefficiently managed, businesses can lose track of their qualified prospects. Evaluating, scoring (high/low), and distributing your leads will help accelerate your sales pipeline. High-scoring leads require immediate attention and should be migrated into your CRM immediately or to a sales rep.

However, not every lead generated is a quality lead; it is essential to nurture leads that aren’t ready.

A study found that 65% of B2B marketers send all leads directly into CRM or to sales. This practice slows down the sales process by clogging your sales funnel with unqualified leads.

Identify interests and pain points of your leads and build a relationship through lead nurturing. It converts an unqualified lead into a qualified prospect and enable one to successfully enter into the sales funnel. Lead nurturing creates 30% more sales opportunities.

If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will. — Bob Hooey

When lead management and lead nurturing are combined, there’s absolute guarantee that you’ll convert your targeted leads even before your competitor does.

Convert your leads into qualified prospects today!

Lead nurturing campaign

Drip campaigns

ABM campaigns

Retargeting campaigns

Test, tweak and improve prospecting techniques

Prospecting is the process of identifying leads and turning them into prospects that have buying potential.

Know the difference between lead and a prospect:


A person showing interest in your product or marketing asset is a lead
A lead covers a broad variety of qualification process and standards to enter into sales pipeline
Marketers adopt prospecting and nurturing techniques to identify and qualify leads into prospects

How to move leads into successful sales?


A prospect is a qualified lead that fits into your ideal buyer persona and has buying potential
Prospects are identified as marketing and sales qualified leads that are positioned into the sales pipeline
Business communicates and further nurture qualified prospects to make a purchase decision
Unlock the secrets of better business prospect




The building blocks to create a profitable business!

Capture interest

  • Search engine marketing
  • Informative content distribution
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Exclusive offers

Cultivate prospects

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Lead nurturing campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Account based marketing
  • Drip campaigns

Sustain relations

  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Customer support & services
  • Loyalty and advocacy programs
  • Community referrals
  • Customer reward programs

Benefits of qualified prospects


I’m unable to capture the interest of the leads who search for my company

Multiple demand generation, retargeting and lead nurturing activities can enable business to capture the interest of their leads and understand their needs more efficiently.

The sales team aren’t able to convert the leads generated

In today’s market space, a buyer does their research and dictate their own buying journey. Lead management (Lead filtered + scored + distributed + tracked + qualified) and lead nurturing (timely follow-up’s highlights how your product can solve their pain point) can help your sales rep close more deals.

How do I know if my leads are ready to go to sales? Or How to I qualify leads and prospects?

Marketers can adopt lead scoringapproach that help identify and differentiate high valued prospects that can be converted to sales immediately and prospects that need to be nurtured over a period of time before they’re ready to go to sales.  Lead Management thus not only captures and qualifies leads, but also scores them based on their quality to improve sales cycle efficiency. 

There’s a lead blockage in my sales funnel / My leads are stuck in the sales funnel.

When leads are unqualified or not satisfied, they tend to halt their buying journey. With Lead Management and Lead nurturing, you can engage leads frequently with high quality content that aligns with their buying journey.

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