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List Insights

Use list insights to target audiences across specific segments and get a glance of your audience in the form of charts, graphs, and other visuals that emphasize demographics and firmographics. Customize your data from most popular data fields like job titles, company size, or revenue. View these insights for lists you own or for lists created using DataCaptive’s REACH.

Online targets

Once you understand and find your niche audience, reach them out effortlessly with our opt-in contact list. Our database helps you improve your online reach by enhancing your visibility with multichannel campaigns within the B2B markets. We segment our database to give our customers the benefit of connecting with the right audience anytime and anywhere!

Buyer persona-based lists

Form a buyer-persona using the personalized data. With DataCaptive, you can enter your ideal target audience’s firmographic data like company location, size, revenue, industry, and more. With the help of AI and manual introspection, our data scientists understand and list the audience most likely to convert into your potential leads. Get deep insights into your buyer, their needs, and purchase behaviors.

Ideal Customer Profile lists

Before you sell, understand your ideal customer. Getting insights into the characteristics of your targets can favor your marketing campaigns and instantly spike up ROI. Apart from building your customer list, you can maintain long-term relationships with your customers unless you’ve sorted them based on your ideal customer profile. Filter your search and select your ideal customers with DataCaptive.
Identify your Ideal Customer Profile. Our guide will help you with the most critical details to understand what an ICP is!
Ideal Customer Profile

Strategies that are sales-intended

Obtain insights

Collect insights about your competitors and strategize your personalization plan for potential customers. Channelize the insights into profitable marketing strategies.

Find your audience

Discover ideal leads and pitch product/service to the right target. Waste no time in connecting and losing out on customers after they make their first purchase. Personalize your marketing campaigns with us.

CRM friendly files

Experience an easy and pain-free process with our services. Our CRM-friendly files perform the best integration with any CRM or cloud-based tools. Reach out to your audience worldwide with DataCaptive’s Developer API.

CRM friendly files
Efficient multichannel marketing campaigns

Efficient multichannel marketing campaigns

Manage your marketing at the best standards with our data. Completely customize your list to achieve successful marketing campaigns across multichannel platforms.
DATA-DRIVEN all the way!
Explore your path to success with us!

REACH – Your one-stop solution for all your needs!


Instant data download

Just a step away! Sort, segment, purchase, and download the data of your choice instantly! All of it in simple and hassle-free steps.


Custom segments

Segmentation for more guaranteed sales! With us, you can customize your set of niche audiences as per your brand’s requirements.


Target segment research

Make your target segmentation effortless. Understand everything about your audience in which your product or service is operating.


Survey data

Make your research easy and effective with our comprehensive record of information from your target audience about your selected topic of interest..


InMarket data

Know which accounts are browsing/actively conducting research online in your relevant niche. Easily connect with those interested in your product/service and bring them into your sales funnel.


Buyer Persona data

Our executives use artificial intelligence to list your potential customers. Get deep insights into your buyer, their behavior, and purchasing decisions.

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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