Hit the market with actionable data


Company Insights

Company Insights

Analyze 53M+ B2B company insights to drive better results.

Contact Insights

Contact Insights

Connect with 73M+ B2B professionals from various industries

Healthcare Prospects

Healthcare Prospects

More than 10M+ valid records of healthcare
prospects for targeted sales

Technology Users

Technology Users

Reach 23M+ IT professionals and key decision-makers

How does DataCaptive™ impact your business?

Boost customer retention with intent data

Actionable and real-time buyer intent data can help fine-tune not only your marketing touch points but also improves customer satisfaction and retention rates. Understanding your audience and their real-time behavior will enable you to implement personalized strategies and nudge them at the right time.

Verifying data through
human intelligence

Verifying data through
human intelligence

We not only deploy artificial intelligence to verify the prospect data but also involve data scientists to skillfully validate each record, contact data or company details to increase the accuracy of our database.

24/7 customer support dedicated to you

24/7 customer support
dedicated to you

At DataCaptive, we believe in catering to every need you have and thus have a committed team to guide you at any given time.

We realize time is money and act fast on any queries you have. As our client, we want to ensure that you only have the best experience with us. We believe in fast solutions so that you can set new goals!

Increase operational efficiency

Increase operational efficiency

The actionable and insightful data can help enable marketing and sales professionals to streamline, automate, control and run personalized campaigns.

Data-driven analysis can drive better financial decisions and to attribute revenue for greater efficiency through automation, despite declining resources.

Segmented information
for targeted campaigns

Segmented information for targeted campaigns

Data is all around us in huge numbers. Identifying and segmenting data that benefits your company can be quite a task.

Therefore, DataCaptive keeps your objectives in mind and develops a segmented prospecting list for your business to aid targeted campaigns.

Map real-time insights of technology users with tech connect!

Our client list includes

What they say about us

HFM is one of the leading plate heat exchanger suppliers that serve as a one-stop platform of plate heat exchanger products and technologies. And we also offer know-how engineered solutions to industrial users. We got in touch with DataCaptive.


We trusted DataCaptive's technology email list to link our services with worldwide industrial users. The response we got was great, and we could shorten the distance between global suppliers and consumers that ease the management process manifold. Thanks to the diligent team at Datacaptive.


Our platform being a digital marketing solution provider, a targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source. The B2B healthcare data generated high-quality leads of healthcare professionals that were eager to work with us.


Because of this, we have purchased several lists from Datacaptive. In my opinion, it was a wise decision to invest in Datacaptive.


Rachel Lemieux

Manager, Demand Generation
Advice Media
The Molecular Diagnostics Email List purchased from DataCaptive has made a significant difference in our campaigns and were able to reach Global Healthcare Centers that apply molecular biology to medical testing.


We were able to generate some potential leads with DataCaptive Molecular Diagnostic Centers Email List, and we look forward to procuring more healthcare and other Industries contact lists in the future!


Raghu Varma

Tesscorn USA LLC

It’s time to adapt – What’s new at DataCaptive™?

Developer API: Experience data integration – Fast, easy, and safe!

An API developed to simplify access to prospect data and bridge the gap between businesses and customers.

Maximize your business potential with ease at DataCaptive™.

Who can benefit from
our solutions


Fuel smart campaigns with contact and company Data to drive real business outcomes.

  • Reach key decision-makers and market your products directly
  • Execute multi-channel and ABM campaigns through just one list
  • Increase click and open rates and escalate your brand awareness with reliable data
  • Automate your email campaigns and improve lead generation to drive higher conversions
  • Reduce product failure rates by researching your audience and their needs. The correct data can propel your research in the right direction.


Sales development

Quick conversions need quality leads. Here’s how data helps:

  • Reap benefits by identifying Sales Qualified Leads
  • Improve your customer acquisition and retention rates by cross-selling and up-selling your products/services
  • Nurture leads and increase the life expectancy of a customer with your brand
  • Empower your sales team with the right data and maximize ROI
  • Navigate leads faster down the sales funnel, convert them faster and win larger profits


Business owners

Fuel smart campaigns with contact and company Data to drive real business outcomes.

  • Aid Business development with strategic planning guided by the right data
  • Collaborate or partner with individuals whose goals align with that of your company
  • Expand your customer base with individuals interested in your line of services
  • Find potential investors and investment opportunities with insightful data
  • Build contacts with reputed business heads and entrepreneurs globally with geo-targeted data



Recruit the next significant contributor to your company. Data-Driven recruiting aids in:

  • Allocating budget wisely and tracking recruiting channels to filter through candidates and find the most qualified candidate for your company
  • Eliminate candidates early in the process who lack the skillset your company requires
  • Increase click and open rates and escalate your brand awareness with reliable data
  • Decrease your hire turnover by making informed decisions while recruiting
  • Appended and Cleansed database ensures that you’re reaching your candidates with their right insights


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Account Based Sales –
The advanced approach
to selling

Take your business to greater heights with a strategic prospecting process that can be a game-changer for your company. Account-based sales involves selling to targeted and highly-valued accounts rather than focusing your prospecting efforts at prioritizing volume.

Experience quick elevation of your revenue growth with DataCaptive’s organized approach to selling.

About us

DataCaptive™ is a B2B data-driven solutions for businesses around the world. Data is the currency to success, and with access to quality data, you can turn your company around to scale the business world. Keep up with industry insights, drive multi-channel marketing, personalize content through intent data, boost customer acquisition, and more with DataCaptive™ by your side. We want your company to reach great heights, and we leave no stone unturned to achieve that.

Partner with DataCaptive™, a worthy investment for your business!

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Frequently asked questions

How do you collect database?
We gather our data from several industry-specific tradeshows (worldwide), conferences, seminars, magazine subscriptions, online subscriptions, online portals, SEC filings, new business filings, annual reports, etc. We then add these contacts to our database after obtaining permission from them via telemarketing and email marketing surveys conducted by our global data centers. All the contacts in our database are 100% opt-in and have given permission to receive third party information pertaining to their industry.
How do I know if the information is up-to-date?
The collected data undergoes a 7-tier verification process every 40 days from the date it is first collected and also post order confirmation the QC team checks for any anomalies or staleness in data just before the file delivery which ensures you receive the most current and updated information of every contact you purchase. Our verification process also includes manual and automated quality checks. We leave no stone unturned to provide our customers with authentic and up-to-date data.
Are these data GDPR compliant?
Yes, the data complies not only to GDPR Standards but also abides by other Global data policies such as CAN-SPAM and ANTI CAN-SPAM.
What information will I receive?
The information that will be made accessible to you from your target audience includes – company name, website address, physical address, contact name (First, Middle and Last), title, direct phone number, fax number, SIC code, industry vertical, revenue size, employee size, and verified direct email address.

Along with the above-listed data fields, we can also customize your file based on any other specific requirement related to a contact or company profile for more information contact us.

Can i customize the information based on my needs?
Yes, the data list can be curated and tailor-made to suit your personal and unique business requirements. You can get in touch with our sales associate to discuss in detail about the same. You will also have access to the guidance of our industry experts to help make informed decisions.
How does your pricing work?
Our prices are based upon the volume and complexity of data. Commercials are customized depending on data requirements. For further details, contact us.
I do not want to be involved in any solicitation charges
We have cautiously taken every measure to secure the usability of our database. We comply with all global data policies, including GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. Additionally, our complete database comprises of only opt-in contacts. Thus, shielding you from any solicitation charges.
What happens if I receive unreliable information?
We are constantly seeking innovative and effective avenues to keep our database fresh and updated. Our patented AI system, backed by manual recourses, ensure the utmost authenticity of the information. However, if in any case you receive inaccurate information, our guarantee terms always ensure that you receive data replacement or refund for any unreliable information to further solidify our commitment towards our customers. For further details, contact us today.
Who would benefit from DataCaptive? And How?
An accurate contact list from DataCaptive™ empowers sales reps, marketers, and even recruiters to intensify targeted outreach and enhance lead generation efforts. A contact list of your ideal prospects, enable you to run sales, and multi-channel marketing campaigns, including Email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, social media campaigns, fax marketing, and more.

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