Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email List

Want to connect with decision makers in ASCs to promote your products/services? Then our ambulatory surgery centers email list is the perfect resource to help you reach your ideal customers. 

Ambulatory surgical centers are typically independent facilities. Physicians are often the primary decision makers in ASCs, involved in the purchase of medical devices and equipment offered by third-party businesses.  

As a business owner or marketer, you can effectively promote your healthcare-related products/services by reaching decision makers in ASCs. This can be achieved through targeted campaigns using our ambulatory surgery centers email list.

Here’s why our email list is the most result-oriented resource for your healthcare outreach endeavors:  

  • Accuracy: Our database boasts a data accuracy rate of 95%, making sure you get valid contact details of your target audience.

  • Data Compliance: Our ambulatory surgery centers email database is curated in compliance with GDPR and other data privacy policies to maintain risk-free marketing.

  • Sourcing: We gather contact information from trusted sources, ensuring the legitimacy and ethical integrity of the data. 

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the form to acquire a targeted email list and start sending sales messages to your audience! Revamp your marketing campaigns for the better and convert prospects into loyal customers!

ASC Contacts
ASC Contacts
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Targeted Prospecting with our Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email List

Identifying ideal prospects among thousands of surgical centers can be challenging because your products/services, even though healthcare-related, may not cater to every segment in the industry.  

Therefore, you can obtain our ambulatory surgery centers email database with contact information of prospects who are most likely to purchase your products/services. This approach activates targeted marketing campaigns, catering to the needs and preferences of your ideal customers.  

By doing so, you can increase your conversion rate, boost your ROI, and cut down on your customer acquisition cost.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email List

Customizable Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email Database

Connect with your target audience by tailoring the ambulatory surgery centers decision makers contacts. Segment the email list as per your outreach requirements, making it easy for you to identify ASCs that align with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Furthermore, utilize data attributes to customize the list with contact information required for your marketing campaigns. This way, you can enable targeted outreach which results in better acquisition of leads and adaptable conversion strategies. 

10+ Segmentations in Ambulatory Surgical Centers Contact List

Identifying ideal customers who align with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and acquiring them as leads is a guaranteed outcome once you segment the contact list of ASCs. Segmentation based on specific business criteria can help boost your sales and reduce your customer acquisition cost.

  • Speciality

  • Type of Practice

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • City/State

  • Country

  • Zipcode

  • Organization Size

  • Years of Experience

  • & Many More

40+ Data Attributes in Ambulatory Surgical Centers Email Database

Customizing the list of ambulatory surgery centers decision makers contacts using data attributes will yield positive results to your outreach strategies. This process allows you to promote your products/services to the decision makers who are an ideal fit for your business through personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Practitioner Name

  • Official Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Years of Experience

  • Cerification & License Number

  • Speciality

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • Type of Practice

  • Geographic Location

  • Social Media Handles

  • Facility/Clinic Name

  • & Many More

Acquire Contacts of Clinics and Centers for Targeted Outreach

We can provide you with the essential contacts you need to efficiently connect with your desired audience within the healthcare sector. Get the contact information of various clinics and centers required for your business growth and enhance your targeted outreach efforts.

Healthcare Centers & Clinics USA Counts Global Counts
Specialty Clinics 6,874 7,410
Primary Care Clinics 3,254 6,478
Diagnostic Imaging Centers 4,058 6,415
Mental Health Clinics 4,156 5,470
Rehabilitation Centers 3,245 2,508
Urgent Care Centers 1,486 2,147
Med Spas 1,259 1,105
Dialysis Centers 785 952

Sample data of our Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email Database

Full Name Job Title Official Email ID Location Center Name Phone Number
John Porterfield
Chief Medical Officer
Alabama, USA
Birmingham Surgery Center
Kathryn Coan, MD
General Surgeon
Arizona, USA
St. Joseph's Outpatient Surgery Center
Dennis Maier
Chief Operating Officer
California, USA
Aspen Surgery Center
James Babashak, MD
Medical Director
Connecticut, USA
Norwalk Surgery Center

You can request for a free sample with included information such as ‘Website URL’, ‘SIC code’, ‘NAICS code’, ‘OCC code’, ‘Fax Number’, ‘Social Media Info’, ‘License Number’ and ‘Years of Experience’. This sample list is a demo of the quality and authenticity of the actual ambulatory surgery centers database. 

Click the ‘Get a Sample’ button and get to know our services better! 

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Marketing List

Our ambulatory surgery centers marketing list facilitates personalized campaigns which assists you to focus on your ideal customers in ambulatory surgery centers. With such a data-driven approach, you can confidently propose business deals, forge partnerships, and drive exponential growth. 

Email Marketing

Leverage our ambulatory surgery centers email list to deploy personalized email campaigns that address the specialties of your surgical equipment and devices to your target audience. This personalized approach is a sure shot way to gain ambulatory surgery centers executives email leads, enhancing the likelihood of conversion and ultimately driving success for your business. 

Snail Mail Marketing

Gain access to the postal addresses of decision makers at surgery centers through our ambulatory surgery centers mailing list. With this valuable resource, you can expand your marketing outreach beyond digital channels and connect with recipients by sending tangible materials such as brochures, healthcare newsletters, business letters, and handouts.

Cold Calling

Direct communication with your target audience via strategic cold calling campaigns is a highly effective form of marketing to achieve real-time results. With our ambulatory surgical centers contact list, you gain exclusive access to the phone numbers of key executives, so that you can proactively initiate business discussions with experts who align with your objectives.

Social Media Marketing

Upload the ASC contact list to the custom audiences feature on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with your potential prospects. This feature also helps capture lookalike audiences in social media platforms that share key traits of your ideal customers.

Accuracy-based Ambulatory Surgery Centers Owners Email Lists

Our ambulatory surgery centers database is crafted with quality defining features such as accuracy and reliability. Our database will help you reach the right decision makers in the healthcare sector for promotion of products/services without dealing with intermediaries. We exclusively gather contact details from reliable sources such as directories, major healthcare publications, and guest lists of events and seminars. 

Benefits of Purchasing our ASC Mailing List

Having a targeted ambulatory surgery centers mailing database can offer numerous benefits for marketers and business owners who wish to connect with decision makers for business promotions. Some of the benefits are:

  • Personalized communication
  • Targeted marketing
  • Improved engagement and conversion
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Collaborative opportunities

Prime Buyers of our Ambulatory Surgery Centers Database

Business owners and marketers can propose business deals with the high-level executives in surgical centers. Therefore, our email database serves best for decision makers from: 

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare software providers
  • Medical supply distributors
  • Healthcare service providers
  • Training and education providers
  • And more!

Why Choose our Ambulatory Surgery Centers Email List?

With our ASC Email Database, you are bound to witness growth in your sales cycle. Our email database is a valuable asset, assisting your marketing campaigns and making sure that your business gains visibility among audiences in the healthcare industry.  

Our Effectiveness

Get ready to experience a surge in engagement, response, and retention rates with our ASC email contacts.


We employ a 7-tier AI and manually verification process to maintain best standard databases. 


Acquire the ASC email contacts in compatible formats such as .xls and .csv.


Adherence to global and local data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM.  

Our Data Guarantee

With our databases, we guarantee you’ll only experience successful targeted marketing campaigns.


Once purchased, our ASC email list is yours — absolutely no need for any renewal fees. 


100% opt-in contacts for higher response rate and low bounce rates. 


85% inbox deliverability rate, ensuring your communication reach the right audience without any hindrance 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a database consisting of contact details of decision makers from the ambulatory surgery centers so that businesses and marketers can execute targeted marketing campaigns

Yes! By simply clicking on the  ‘Get a sample’ button on the page, you can get a sample Ambulatory Surgery Centers Owners Email Lists

Among numerous benefits you obtain from purchasing our database are the implementation of targeted marketing campaigns, generation of sales qualified leads, acquisition of higher conversion rate, and increased ROI.

Data security is paramount to us. Therefore, we ensure that all data handling practices are in line with GDPR requirements to safeguard information in our databases.

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