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A Facility Manager is responsible for making decisions about the smooth functioning of the building services of an organization. If you are a product manufacturer, distributor, facilities support management service provider or want to market software explicitly built to aid the management of an organization, then our facility managers email list will connect you with your ideal buyers.

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Deep real-time insights for actionable marketing solutions

Our detailed data-driven facilities managers & maintenance list helps in optimizing your marketing strategies. You can design intelligent marketing policies and get qualified leads to establish your brand across 170+ countries.

The information we
provide in the email list

Company name- Available

Company asset size- Available

Phone number- Available

Business email ID- Available

Website URL- Available

Industry sector- Available

Year of the establishment- Available

SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes- Available

Social media handles-

Geographical location/Zipcode- Available

Company name-

Phone number- Available

Website URL- Available

Business email ID- Available

Social media handles- Available

Company asset size- Available

Year of the establishment- Available

SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes- Available

Geographical location/Zipcode- Available

Industry sector- Available

Analyze markets with geo-targeted database

Facility managers are spread across the world but are more common among multinational companies in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. Our facility managers’ lead list will help you locate your ideal prospects from 170+ countries and boost your marketing campaigns through geographically targeted local market insights.
Prospect faster with safe, easy to integrate and highly accurate database

USPs of our facility directors mailing address that makes it 95% deliverable


We segment our database broadly into categories like geography, firmographics, and buyer-psychology. This offers a better understanding of the data.


All our data requests are fully customized depending on the brand’s requirements. Our post-sales expert inputs ensure maximum performance of the provided data.

Manual QC

Our master database undergoes a 7-tier verification and opt-in process, including manual QC and AI verification to guarantee 100% authenticity and accuracy.


We provide the prospects’ zipcodes to help marketers geographically target their leads through localized campaigns.

Data policy-compliant

We strictly comply with international data laws like GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM to increase website DA and reduce spam.

24/7 customer support

We guarantee 24/7 post-sales assistance and that’s what makes it easier for you to get back to us in case of any issues.

Boost customer acquisition and retention with DataCaptive™!

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Prospecting made easy!

Our data is collated from multiple online and offline registered sources, which is then verified both manually and through AI for maximum impact. Here are the sources we collate our facility managers mailing from-

Online sources

  • Social media profiles
  • Company and personal website
  • Email subscriptions
  • Online publications
  • Webinars and talk shows
  • Communities and forums
  • Institute records
  • Online government records
Offline sources

  • Government records
  • Offline institute records
  • Business cards
  • Directories
  • Seminars and interviews
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Communities and forums
  • Fairs and events

Facility managers job titles to focus on

  • Building and Grounds Supervisor
  • Building Maintenance Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Director of Plant Operations
  • Facilities Director
  • Facilities Maintenance Specialist
  • Facilities Management Executive
  • Facilities Planning Analyst
  • Facilities Program Analyst
  • Facilities Strategic Planner
  • Facilities Strategist
  • Facilities System Specialist
  • Facility Coordinator/Supervisor
  • Facility Maintenance Analyst
  • Facility Manager/Building Manager
  • Field Operations Manager
  • Space & Facility Management Specialist
  • Space Planning & Logistics Leader
  • Strategic Facilities Planner
  • Strategic Site Planner

Exclusive features of our facility managers mailing database

Marketing Campaigns.png

Facilitates all online and offline marketing campaigns

Our facilities system specialist list provides detailed information that helps in planning and executing ABM, drip campaigns, multi-channel campaigns, online, and offline campaigns.

CRM Integration

Easy CRM integration

The database can be easily downloaded and integrated into any CRM or cloud-based tool without any third-party involvement ensuring data safety and easy access in a single platform.

Cost and time effective

Cost and time effective

Leverage our customized facility managers’ lead list to target multiple high-value, best fit accounts at a time across various platforms and ensure optimum utilization of marketing resources.


Reduce spam and bounce counts

Our opt-in process ensures that we list prospects who have chosen to share their details and receive promotional messages from third parties. This reduces spam and increases your website’s DA.

Data policy compliat

24/7 post-sale assistance

Our 24/7 post-sale service is established to provide a seamless experience and guide clients in designing profitable campaigns.

Some of the emerging facility management technologies are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Workplace Applications of Sensor Networks, and Smart Grids.

Tip- Facility managers are increasingly getting involved in decision-making sectors like Real Estate Management, Occupancy Management, Maintenance Management, Financial and Performance Management, and Building Systems.

Difference between DataCaptive™’s facilities administrator email list and other providers

Other regular email lists

  • Data is shared without permission, increasing junk and spam
  • Data sourced unethically by novices from illegal sources
  • Insights and database provided are generic for every request
  • Data sourcing and other processes do not comply with any data policy
  • Data offered is stale, irrelevant, irresponsive, or fictitious

DataCaptive™’s opt-in email lists

  • Contacts opt-in, prospects’ information is shared with permission
  • Data sourced by industry experts from legal and credible sources
  • Fully customized email lists to fulfil specific business demands
  • Complies with data policies like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, & ANTI CAN-SPAM
  • Manually quality checked for 100% accuracy and 95% deliverability

How is the facility managers mailing list delivered?

We deliver the email list to the registered email ID in .xls or .csv formats within 3-5 business days.

Look at what our customers want to share

"...outstanding email marketing"

We are in the constant lookout of great quality company information to connect with prospects interested in our line of services. Our organization provides IT Services like such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 for small and mid-sized enterprises to innovate their IT environment security.


We approached​ Datacaptive as we were looking to invest in a reliable Business contact database to market our cloud-based solution and network and device management services. Racheal Adams from DC assisted us with a customized list and offered us an end-to-end buyer experience. Not just that, we were really impressed with the outcomes and witnessed one of the most outstanding email marketing campaigns. We have reached new heights owing to the impeccable pre and post-sales service.

We look forward to many more business transactions with Datacaptive.


"...a wise decision to invest"

Our platform being a digital marketing solution provider, a targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source. The B2B healthcare data generated high-quality leads of healthcare professionals that were eager to work with us. Because of this,


we have purchased several lists from Datacaptive. In my opinion, it was a wise decision to invest in Datacaptive.


Rachel Lemieux

Manager, Demand
Advice Media

"...better variant of the others"

As a company with a strong engineering background, we have the experience and knowledge to provide anyone with excellent results in engineering design projects. For establishments like ours, a huge information record is mandatory and we approached Datacaptive.


Rachel guided us thereafter and instantly we felt they are a better variant of the others and considered buying their database which added much value to what we wanted.


Patrick Mfunyi

Comprehensive database to establish good business relations with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies!

Align your sales, marketing, and overall business goals for maximum sales!


  • Where are the facility managers and maintenance list sourced from? How is it verified?

    Our facility managers' email list is collated by expert data scientists and miners from various online and offline sources like company and government records, yellow pages, trade shows, and many more credible sources. It later undergoes a stringent 7-tier verification line up, AI verification including a manual QC and opt-in process for 100% accuracy and authenticity.

  • Where can I buy the director of facilities email list in the USA?

    We provide the best quality data-driven director of the facilities email list, which helps brands achieve sustainable growth through profitable sales campaigns. We completely customize the database to enhance multi-channel campaigns, lead generation, customer acquisition, retention, and more.

  • What customer information is provided in the facility manager email database?

    Our contact list provides details like full name, contact number, email IDs, postal address, social media profiles, SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes, geographical location, years of experience, and many more. Our email list can also be customized to get a lead list that your business demands.

  • How do geo-targeted facilities administrator contact list help?

    Geo-targeted data provides the real-time geographic location of the prospects. This helps marketers to locate their ideal customer from a specific location and design personalized marketing campaigns, ensuring better communication, more conversions, and improved sales.

  • How can a segmented email list of facilities managers help to boost business?

    A segmented database offers profound insights into the audience, allowing the marketers to understand the market and the buyers' mindset quickly. This leads to personalized campaigns that help in generating more prominent and better sales.

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