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Our segmented and fully customized job positions mailing database helps you locate, target, and prospect your desired audience. Build business relations with job providers from 50+ industry sectors.

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What makes our job positions email list 95% deliverable?


Segmented data

Our database is segmented into categories like geography, firmographics, and buyer-psychology to provide a better analysis of the data and delivers maximum benefit.

Customized lists

We customize all our database requests based on the brands’ needs and requirements. Our data experts also provide their business inputs for higher sales.

manual quality check

Manual quality check

The database undergoes a 7-tier verification and opt-in process, including manual and AI verification, to ensure 100% authenticity and accuracy.



We provide the prospects’ real-time location and zip codes, making our mailing lists geographically targeted and personalizing the marketing campaigns.

Data policy compliat

GDPR compliant

Our entire data processing cycle strictly complies with international data laws like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM to increase website DA and reduce spam.

Boost customer acquisition and retention with DataCaptive™!

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Customized B2B job positions database with actionable insights

Our customized and intricate data-driven job positions prospect list assures a guaranteed 95% deliverability. Design intelligent campaigns to enhance reach across the globe in more than 170+ countries.

Information provided ___________________

Full name – Available

Years of experience – Available

Direct dials – Available

Social media profiles – Available

Postal address – Available

Subspecialty – Available

Business email ID – Available

Hospital affiliation – Available

Zipcode/ Geographic location – Available

SIC, NAICS, and OCC Codes –

Full name – Available

Direct dials – Available

Postal address – Available

Business email ID – Available

Zipcode/ Geographic location – Available

Years of experience – Available

Social media profiles – Available

Subspecialty – Available

Hospital affiliation – Available

SIC, NAICS, and OCC Codes – Available

Classify email lists by job titles

Choose from millions of leads and organize your email list by job titles to reach and build connections with specific people having relevant industry knowledge and the power to make swift decisions. Choose from an existing email list or create one of your own!

  Job titles No of counts
  HR Directors, Managers 126,821
  General Managers 49,056
  Payroll Directors, Managers 12,053
  Administration Directors, Managers 116,582
  Training Directors, Managers 20,927
  Sales Directors, Managers 448,633
  Marketing Directors, Managers 166,364
  Sales Marketing Directors, Managers 27,956
  Business Development Directors, Managers 57,368
  Purchasing Directors, Managers 61,694
  Chief Executive Officer 52,580
  Chief Financial Officer 24,3652
  Chief Information Officer 16,356
  Job titles No of counts
  Communication Directors, Managers 27,923
  Public Relation Directors, Managers 7,265
  Media Directors, Managers 16,658
  Manufacturing Directors, Managers 75,694
  Project Directors, Managers 192,125
  Safety Directors, Managers 16,486
  Security Directors, Managers 11,364
  Facilities Directors, Managers 20,964
  Technical Directors, Managers 66,597
  Maintenance Directors, Managers 18,697
  Chief Technology Officer 12,976
  Chief Marketing Officer 23,562
  Chief Operating Officer 18,345

Prospecting made easy!

The sources we collate our job positions email list from

Online sources

Social media profiles

Company and personal website

Email subscriptions

Online publications

Webinars and talk shows

Communities and forums

Medical institute records

Government records

sources we collate our business professionals contact list from

Offline sources

Government records

Institution records

Business cards


Seminars and interviews

Magazine subscriptions

Communities and forums

Fairs and events

Features and benefits of our job positions contact list

Execute targeted

Our job positions email list provides detailed information which helps marketers to plan and execute successful ABM and multi-channel campaigns as well as target high value accounts for higher ROI.

Easy integration

The database can be easily downloaded and integrated into any CRM or other cloud-based software without any third-party involvement. This provides easy access in a single platform.

Cost and time effective marketing

Our customized mailing lists regulates optimum utilization of marketing resources for maximum benefits by targeting high-value accounts through inter-personal messages.

Reduce spam count and bounce rates

Our opt-in process ensures that we list prospects who are willing to convert into prospective customers and have opted to receive promotional messages. This reduces spamming and increases your DA.

24/7 post-sale assistance for efficient operations

Our customer executive team is available round the clock to provide a seamless experience and guide clients in designing profitable campaigns and enhance business potential.


Job analytics is an essential booming skill in the job seekers community, which also plays a vital role in categorizing candidates using analytics software.


As the usage of cybersecurity is increasing, jobs related to security are on the rise and is estimated to be one of the top ten necessary skill by 2024.

What sets our job positions mailing list apart from other providers?

Regular email list

  • Information might be collected unethically from illegal sources
  • Sourcing and processing might not comply with global data policies
  • Non-personalized, cannot be customized, impacting the output of the data
  • Information is passed to third parties without permission, increasing spams
  • Not manually verified, thus may have stale or irrelevant contact information

Opt-in email list

  • Information collected by expert data scientists from credible sources
  • Strict adherence with data policies like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM
  • Fully personalized and customizable lists for maximum impact
  • Opt-in list where information is shared after permission by leads have consented
  • Manually verified data through email and telecalls for 100% accuracy

How is the email list delivered?

DataCaptive - email list in excel
We deliver the customized mailing list to the registered email ID in .xls or .csv formats within 3-5 business days.

Look at what our clients’ want to share

"...outstanding email marketing"

We are in the constant lookout of great quality company information to connect with prospects interested in our line of services. Our organization provides IT Services like such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 for small and mid-sized enterprises to innovate their IT environment security.


We approached​ Datacaptive as we were looking to invest in a reliable Business contact database to market our cloud-based solution and network and device management services. Racheal Adams from DC assisted us with a customized list and offered us an end-to-end buyer experience. Not just that, we were really impressed with the outcomes and witnessed one of the most outstanding email marketing campaigns. We have reached new heights owing to the impeccable pre and post-sales service.

We look forward to many more business transactions with Datacaptive.


"...a wise decision to invest"

Our platform being a digital marketing solution provider, a targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source. The B2B healthcare data generated high-quality leads of healthcare professionals that were eager to work with us. Because of this,


we have purchased several lists from Datacaptive. In my opinion, it was a wise decision to invest in Datacaptive.


Rachel Lemieux

Manager, Demand
Advice Media

"...better variant of the others"

As a company with a strong engineering background, we have the experience and knowledge to provide anyone with excellent results in engineering design projects. For establishments like ours, a huge information record is mandatory and we approached Datacaptive.


Rachel guided us thereafter and instantly we felt they are a better variant of the others and considered buying their database which added much value to what we wanted.


Patrick Mfunyi

Comprehensive database to establish profitable business relations with start-ups to fortune 500 companies!

Align your sales, marketing, and overall business goals for maximum sales!


  • Where can I get the best quality job positions mailing list in the USA?

    DataCaptive™ provides the #1 manually validated and verified job positions mailing list. Our data-driven and insightful contact list help brands achieve sustainable growth through profitable marketing and sales campaigns. We completely customize the contact database to enhance multi-channel campaigns and personalized engagement for more customer acquisition and retention.

  • What information will I get in job positions marketing database?

    The contact list provides details like full name, contact number, email IDs, postal address, social media profiles, SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes, geographical location, years of experience, and many more. You can customize your email list to get a prospect list of your business demands and book an appointment directly using details like direct dials, email ID, postal address, and so on.

  • What does a geo-targeted contact list mean? How does it help in improving sales?

    Geo-targeted data provides the real-time geographic location of prospects and their zip codes. This information helps marketers to design localized and personalized marketing campaigns and target prospects from a specific location. This ensures better communication, more conversions, and improved sales.

  • How is the email list sourced and verified?

    The email list is sourced by expert data scientists and data miners from various online, offline, government, and non-government sources. It later undergoes a stringent 7-tier verification and validation process, including a manual quality check for 100% accuracy and authenticity.

  • How does a segmented database help in boosting business?

    A segmented database offers deep insights into audiences, helping the marketers to understand the market and the buyer base easily. This paves the path for them to design campaigns to suit the audience mindset and thus make bigger sales.

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