CFO Email List and Mailing List

The CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, holds a pivotal role in making financial decisions for a company—performing tasks such as overseeing financial planning, strategy, and budgeting on a regular basis. If you are in the business of producing such software and related products that streamline the workflow of a CFO, you’re in luck!

Our email list of CFOs serves as a global database containing valid email addresses and contact information of CFOs—facilitating connections for businesses, marketers, and sales professionals aiming to engage with decision makers in the financial domain.

Leverage our email list with exceptional features and targeting capabilities to reach out to specific CFOs that fit your Ideal Customer Profile and acquire new customers. 

Here’s why acquiring our CFO email database can improve your marketing efforts:

► Targeted Segmentation: Specialization segmentation allows for precise targeting of CFOs based on your outreach requirement.

► Verified Contacts: We ensure that the data is thoroughly verified to minimize bounce rates and enhance campaign effectiveness.

► Compliance Assurance: We ensure compliance with GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and other relevant data protection regulations to build trust with our clients.

► Customization Options: We allow you to customize the email lists based on requirements of your marketing campaigns.

Various professionals, including marketing executives, sales representatives, financial service providers, technology firms, and executive search agencies, can use our CFO email list for business promotions, services, and recruiting.

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CFO Contacts


CFO Contacts


C-Level Executives Contacts


C-Level Executives Contacts

Reach the Right Audience with Email List of CFOs

The most effective way to boost your business is to strategically promote your products or services to a specific audience who will most likely be interested in your offer. Achieving this requires having an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)—allowing you to target and convert potential clients successfully.  

Our curated mail list of CFOs is segmented on diverse factors such as ‘Industry’, ‘NAICS Code’, ‘SIC Code’, and many more. This facilitates business growth by ensuring that you reach the right prospects who are looking to buy your offerings.  

You can also customize the attributes provided in the mailing lists. Choose which attributes you require and only pay for them! 

Customizing the Segmented Chief Financial Officer Email List

Targeting is required to reach your desired audience and customizing your segmented database is an easy way to target. Segmentation based on ‘Industry’, ‘Location’, and more, facilitates easy communication with your preferred set of customers and improves the efficiency of your outreach.

You can reach out to top CFOs in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world by relying on our email list of CFOs. Acquire our CFO email leads for improved marketing and business growth!

Gain Customers by Segmenting List of CFO Email Addresses

Segmenting our CFO contact list allows you to generate more leads by focusing on specific customers. This approach assists in reaching your target customers through their preferred mode of communication—enhancing superior conversion rates. 

  • Industry

  • Assets Size

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Technology Used

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

Effective Marketing with 40+ Customizable Data Attributes

Your marketing approach becomes more effective when you specifically target your customers. Customizing the CFO email database allows you to connect with your target customers through their preferred marketing channels. This increases the likelihood of achieving high click-through and open rates. 

  • Full Name

  • Company Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Mailing Address

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

A Complimentary Sample Email List of CFO

Company Name Employee Size Revenue (USD) Contact Name Job Title Company Address Phone Number
FinanceExcel Solutions
Brian Mitchell
Chicago, USA
(312) XXX-XXXX
CapitalFinance Innovations
Jeccica Baker
New York, USA
FiscalEdge Systems
Richard Foster
Seattle, USA
(206) XXX-XXXX
MoneyMinds Corporation
Karen Turner
Los Angeles, USA

Tailored for B2B marketing, this complimentary CFO mailing list provides crucial information. We furnish an authentic list of CFOs email addresses to demonstrate the high quality that accompanies the actual product. Request additional data attributes, such as ‘Industry,’ ‘Years of Experience,’ ‘Social Media Handles,’ ‘Fax Number,’ ‘Location,’ and more in this customizable sample.  

Seize this opportunity to witness the quality of our email list of CFOs. Click ‘Request a Sample’ to obtain your free sample. 

Segmented CFO Email Database

Segmenting is one of the most important aspects of marketing that allows you to increase the efficiency of your campaign. The more effective your segmentations, the more efficient your campaign will be. Here is our list of CFO contact information, segmented by industry:

IndustryGlobal Counts

USA Counts

Oil And Gas Industry CFO 6,429 2,524
Manufacturing Industry CFO20,10016,541
Medical Industry CFO Email Leads 3,8322,255
Construction Industry CFO Contact Lists 13,597 8,277
Logistics Industry CFO Marketing List61,752,107
Automotive Industry CFO Marketing Data2,4356,249
Beauty & Fitness Industry CFO Contacts7,43112,444
Film Industry CFO Mailing Address 9,909 2,572
Mining Company CFO Email List 18,421 3,542
Chemicals Industry CFO Business Emails 2,769 923
Healthcare Industry CFO Mailing List 13,83210,255
Pharmaceutical Industry CFO Sales Leads 3,846 1,227
Retail Industry CFO Marketing Contacts 3,080 7,407
Media & Marketing Industry CFO 633 633
Telecom Industry Email Address List4,877 1,607
Food And Beverage Industry CFO Database 4,016 9,895
Education Industry CFO Mailing List 6,042 4,129
Biotechnology Industry CFO Contacts  1,588781
Law Firms & Legal Services Industry CFO Emails2,455  1,477
Call Center Industry CFO Contact Database664 165
Aerospace Industry CFO Marketing Lists 2,103 1,193
Real Estate CFO Email Addresses 10,676 5,877
Insurance Industry CFO Data Sets 7,971 3,609


C-Level Executives Mailing List

Not just CFOs, we got the entire C-level suite packed into our database. Explore our lists and pitch your offering to relevant professionals in the C-level suite, using the contact information from our database.

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Enhanced Marketing Approach with Our CFO Email Database

Explore multiple marketing channels to reach out to top CFOs worldwide. Develop improved marketing strategies that incorporate customer preferences and interests, while ensuring your content maintains a high standard.

Snail Mail Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, employing physical mail sets you apart, as you encounter fewer competitors. Utilizing this approach by using our mail list of CFOs attracts attention to your services and products through raising brand awareness locally.

Email Marketing

This cost-effective approach enhances targeted communication with CFOs through the use of our list of CFO email addresses, in addition to offering global reach and enabling promotion to top industry positions. Add personalized content for enhanced interaction rates. 

Cold Calling

The most effective way to engage your target audience is to utilize the ‘Phone Number’ data attribute in our CFO database. This approach provides real-time feedback and helps foster valuable customer relationships. It establishes a proactive method for nurturing leads. 

Social Media Marketing

The most effective approach to reach a broad and pertinent customer base for promoting your products and services involves utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and others. Upload information on your custom audience list—using our CFOs database for lead generation—to these platforms and gain a great competitive advantage. 

How DataCaptive Makes Your Campaigns Better?

Quick Delivery

Our lists are delivered promptly so you can get started with your outreach as soon as possible.

Regular Updation

We regularly update our lists to make sure you receive only the best data, without any fake or missing information.

Authentic Sources

We source contact details authentically and legally, to ensure that you face no issues.

Human & AI Verified Data

Putting the best of both worlds together, we use human and AI intelligence to verify our data. This leads to a much more accurate list.

We go through every effort to make sure you receive the best contact information in our mail list of CFOs. The authentic sources of our database will prove to be the base for your outreach campaigns. 

Our contact information is sourced from:

Why Choose DataCaptive's Finance Executives Email List?

Obtaining CFO email leads from DataCaptive enables you to target your relevant customers through an accurate and verified list. We provide segmentation and customization services that enhance your focus on nurturing leads, ensuring high deliverability rates and minimizing bounce rates.

Our Effectiveness

Our CFO email database significantly increases your chances of having a personalized conversation, ultimately converting prospects into clients. 


Compliance with global and local data protection laws, including EDPS and CCPA, guarantees a secure investment.


We confirm that every contact has explicitly granted consent to receive sales and marketing communications.


Our meticulously curated mail list of CFOs boasts an impressive 85% email delivery rate.

Our Data Guarantee

We assure you of the accuracy of our list, containing top CFOs of Fortune 1000 companies in the US and other leading industries. This reliable data is instrumental in contributing to your business successfully. 


Upon purchase, you gain permanent ownership of the contacts. Thus, eliminating the need for recurring renewals.


With a 95% data accuracy rate and updates every 45 days, we ensure you receive the latest information.


Our thorough verification process guarantees maximum value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A CFO mailing list contains valid email addresses and contact information of CFOs, facilitating connections for businesses, marketers, and sales professionals aiming to engage with decision makers in the financial domain to promote your products or services, and establish partnerships.

The CFO database includes contact information such as ‘Full Name,’ ‘Email Address,’ ‘ZIP Code,’ ‘NAICS Code,’ ‘Postal Address,’ ‘Company Name,’ ‘Employee Size,’ ‘Industry,’ ‘SIC Code,’ and more

Yes, our segmentations help you choose your target audience. You can get in touch with CFOs across various industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, and more.

The technology, pharmaceutical, and financial services sectors boast the largest number of CFOs. If your products and services serve these industries, be sure to acquire their email lists to initiate the promotion of your services and boost your business success.

Acquire a Chief Financial Officer list from us to strategize your marketing approach and connect with your target customers. Utilize the contact information provided and reach out through diverse marketing channels preferred by your prospects. Personalize the content for engagement, enhancing the likelihood of converting them into your customers.

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