CISO Email List

The chief information security officer email list comprises email addresses and other contact details of individuals who hold the position of chief information security officer in various organizations. 

A chief information security officer, or CISO, is a high-ranking executive within an organization responsible for developing the information security strategy. Their primary duty is to ensure the protection of an organization’s information assets, systems, and technologies against cybersecurity threats and other risks. 

In coming years, all Fortune 500 companies and most of global 2000 companies will employ a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or an equivalent role. 

This highlights the importance of a chief information security officer (CISO) in an organization, as they serve as the primary decision makers. They focus on specific areas of concern, which can contribute significantly to enhancing the overall organization.

Cybersecurity products or service providers, as well as technology solution providers, can establish mutually beneficial connections with chief information security officers (CISOs) by utilizing an email list to address these five specific concerns.  

Therefore, you can utilize our CISO email list for targeted marketing campaigns, industry research, or networking to connect with the CISO.   

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CISO Contacts


CISO Contacts


C-level Executives


C-level Executives

Targeted Success in Cybersecurity Marketing: CISO Mailing Addresses

To achieve success in growing your business, especially in areas such as cybersecurity marketing and other sectors, you can thrive by targeting your specific customer base. This approach allows you to concentrate on creating content tailored to attract your desired audience.  

Instead of casting a wide net over a broad audience, focusing on your target audience will generate more leads. You can tailor your message to meet the preferences of your desired audience, ultimately converting them into leads. 

Our carefully curated CISO’s mailing list supports business by specifically targeting diverse industries such as finance, banking, healthcare, technology, software, and more. Ensure that your outreach efforts are targeted and aligned with the specific needs of these industries, which is crucial. 

Strategic Segmentation: How to Customize Your CISO Email Database

To enhance business growth, we recognize that directing efforts toward targeting customers is the most effective strategy. If you are wondering how to achieve this, worry not; we have brought you the best available services to simplify your targeting process. 

Firstly, segmentation provides you with the option to focus on a specific group, whether it’s related to ‘Industry,’ ‘Location,’ or other factors. For example, you can segment and acquire a contact list of CISOs from the IT industry. This allows you to tailor your content to align with the IT industry, increasing the likelihood of attracting customers. 

To further enhance value, our customizable database provides you with various data attributes that facilitate multichannel marketing. This customization gives you the advantage of connecting with your customers through their preferred marketing approach. 

List of CISO Email Addresses with 10+ Segments for Focused Marketing

Segmentation enhances the precision of targeting ideal customer personas, leading to increased conversion rates. It focuses on a specific group, which enables you to create content relevant to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We have segmented our database of CISOs to serve as a valuable guide for achieving success in your business endeavors. 

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

40+ Customizable Data Attributes: CISO Email Contacts

To have an upper hand on your marketing campaigns, get your chief information security officer (CISO) email addresses customized. Choose the marketing methods preferred by your customers, select relevant data attributes, leverage personalized content, and connect with your customers for a more effective engagement. This transformation helps convert your customers into clients. 

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

Our Databases Similar to CISO Email List

Explore our databases of c-level decision-makers across various domains and request a tailored list of job titles to suit your business needs.

IT manager
Chief Technologist
VP of Network
VP of Data
Chief Informatics Officer
Technical Manager
Technical Director
Director of IT

Sample list of CISO Contacts

Company Name Employee Size Revenue (USD) Location CISO Name Phone Number
$198.3 billion
Bret Arsenault
$279.8 billion
Mountain View
Phil Venables
$554.02 billion
CJ Moses
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
$128.7 billion
New York
Jason Witty

We present our comprehensive CISO email database as a sample to demonstrate the quality and relevance of our offerings. Our contact list is genuinely authentic, showcasing our commitment to providing accurate information. We include other essential data attributes such as ‘Industry,’ ‘Official Email ID,’ ‘NAICS code,’ ‘SIC code,’ ‘Website URL,’ ‘Fax Number,’ and ‘Social Media Info’ to enhance the value of our service. 

Request a complimentary list that aligns with your specific data requirements before making a purchase. This will allow you to assess the quality of our database. Click ‘Request a Sample’ for the free sample list. 

CISO by Industry & Country

Chief Information Security Officers largely operate in sectors such as IT, computer software, healthcare and automotive. The top countries with the highest number of CISO are USA, UK, Germany, India and Canada.  

Total CISOs by Country

No Data Found

Total CISOs by Country

No Data Found

CISO in Various Industries

No Data Found

CISO in Various industries

No Data Found

Elevate Outreach with CISO Email List

Our services ensure that your offerings and proposals reach the right decision makers. Get access to the contact details of top CISOs with our email list and elevate your outreach strategy. 


Our comprehensive database provides you with the opportunity to connect with your target customers, facilitating the promotion of your products and services without concerns about quality issues and minimizing bounce rates.

Data Compliance:

We comply with major data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM

Data Attributes:

You can customize the CISO list using 40+ data attributes.

Data Verification:

We verify our data by employing a 7-tier AI and manual verification process.

Data Sourcing:

We collect information from reliable sources like business directories and govt. records.

What are the Benefits Gained from a Database of CISO‘s? 

Our contact list offers numerous advantages to elevating your business, such as gaining access to high-level executives. Connecting with a top C-level executive through our security officer email list can lead to significant success that you may not have anticipated. 

Who Would Benefit from the List of CISO Email Addresses?

Various entities leverage the CISO contact information list to gain significant advantages and propel their businesses toward success. 

Chief Information Security Officer Email List

Other contacts you can request in the c-level category!

Mastering Marketing with Innovative Approaches Using CISO Email List

Engage with your customers and generate leads using diverse marketing approaches with access to our chief info security officer contact information. Our email list provides precise and relevant information, simplifying your marketing reach. 

Snail Mail Marketing

While digital marketing has become popular, this physical approach offers distinct advantages. Utilizing CISO mailing information along with tangible marketing tools such as postcards, brochures, catalogs, and more sets your method apart from competitors. This builds a high level of trust and credibility for your brand. 

Email Marketing

Compared to other marketing methods, email marketing proves to be a successful and cost-effective approach. It facilitates effective lead nurturing with a high success rate using our email list of CISOs. This approach allows for personalized target communication, attracting more leads due to its impressive click-through and open rates. 

Cold Calling

This significantly contributes to directly engaging with your prospects and quickly communicating information about your products and services. Utilize the phone number from the contact list of CISO for outreach, facilitating real-time feedback.

Social Media Marketing

Uploading your CISO database to custom audience lists on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook enhances the chance to connect with your target customers. Using this method in the competitive world generates more leads for creating and delivering ads to audiences who are likely to purchase your product. 

Ease Your Reach with Our Trustworthy CISO Mailing Database

Gain entry to authentic and precise CISO mailing information for increased lead generation. Our database is carefully curated from diverse sources, including industry events, conferences, webinars, marketing campaigns, business directories, magazines, and more. 

We adhere to data regulation policies to ensure privacy protection and employ multiple verification processes, including a 7-tier manual and AI verification, to establish the trustworthiness of our lists. This also includes a 45-days data cleansing for updated contact information. 

Why Should You Choose DataCaptive for Impactful Results?

Reach out to DataCaptive for impactful results because we offer comprehensive data solutions, ensuring accurate targeting, high-quality leads, and improved engagement. Our data-driven approach maximizes your marketing efforts, delivering the results you need efficiently. 

Our Effectiveness

Our email addresses of CISOs are exceptionally effective, delivering targeted and verified contact information to optimize your outreach and enhance communication with top decision makers. 


Adhering to both global and local data protection laws, such as EDPS and CCPA, ensures a secure investment. 

We affirm that each contact has expressly consented to receive sales and marketing communications.

Our carefully curated list boasts an impressive 85% email delivery rate. 

Our Data Guarantee

Our CISO’s mailing list provides an accuracy guarantee by ensuring up-to-date and precise contact information. This guarantee enhances your ability to reach your target customers effectively. 


Upon purchase, you acquire permanent ownership of contacts, eliminating the need for recurring renewals. 

With a 95% data accuracy rate and updates every 45 days, our data ensures you receive the most current information.

Our rigorous verification process guarantees optimal value for your investment. 

DataCaptive: Precision for Marketing Success!

At DataCaptive, we redefine data-driven marketing. Our precision in curating accurate datasets empowers impactful engagement. Trust DataCaptive for unparalleled success – unleash precise data tailored for you, and redefine success in the digital landscape.

Our segmented and customizable lists allow for a great range of customization. What are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A chief information security officer email list compiles contact details, including email addresses, of individuals currently serving as chief information security officers in different organizations. These officers are responsible for formulating the information security strategy. 

Yes, the CISO email list from DataCaptive is indeed authentic and reliable. It delivers precise contact information for targeted outreach, sourced from highly trusted channels. We employ rigorous verification and validation processes to consistently maintain the accuracy of the database. 

The CISO email address list comes in user-friendly and compatible formats, such as .csv and .xls, facilitating seamless integration into your preferred CRM for added convenience. 

We regularly clean and update our CISO contact address every 45 days to ensure the information remains current and accurate. 

DataCaptive constructs CISO email list through a thorough process, gathering data from credible sources such as industry events, conferences, webinars, marketing campaigns, business directories, and magazines. This involves rigorous verification and validation to ensure precise and comprehensive emails & direct phone numbers of CISO. 

Yes, we provide customization options to tailor the email list to your specific campaign goals. Choose data attributes for segmentation to focus on your target audience. We also deliver a customized list based on your selected data attributes to meet your marketing needs. 

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