Verified and validated dermatologist email list

Access 10M+ verified dermal and transdermal specialist’s database that possess a genuine interest in your line of medical products and services. DataCaptive™ is a lead magnet with 85% accuracy that paves a path for businesses to connect and engage with skin specialists in hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutes with purchase intent.

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    Geographic data counts of top dermatologists

    Country State Counts
    US California 840,556
    New York 546,427
    San Diego 1,076,651
    Georgia 77,495
    Washington 65,321
    San Francisco 54,006
    UK England 168,297
    London 318,843
    Scotland 755,805
    Germany Bavaria 869,802
    Berlin 798,001
    Australia Sydney 955,110
    Melbourne 85,964
    Canada Toronto 92,892
    Montreal 66,886
    Other Countries 1,295,641

    Geographic data counts of top dermatologists

    Leverage DataCaptive™’s full contact list of dermatologists from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in Asia to expand your marketing opportunities in the healthcare industry.

    Customize the derma list by their specialty, location, Job title, hospital affiliation, state license, type of practice, sub-specialties, years of experience, medical history, and more.

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    Why choose our data over other database providers?

    Trusted sources

    85% Accurate and reliable data

    Our database is collated through credible sources, both online and offline, to ensure that we maintain quality and emphasize quantity. Our email lists are guaranteed to give businesses an 85% accuracy outreach to genuine healthcare executives and decision-making dermatologists.

    Customize data

    Customize data set

    Our Customers have the flexibility to tailor-make their database as per business requirements and can consult our expert business executives for detailed analysis and strategize what works best for your business in the relevant industry setting.

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    Data verified by human intelligence

    DataCaptive™ has a dedicated quality check team conducting periodic checks through tele-verification and email verification. Our human intelligence manually repairs data anomalies and employs a 7-tier stringent verification check every quarter.

    Genuine reliable data

    GDPR compliant data

    DataCaptive™ prioritizes data security and is guided by global data policies such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI-CAN-SPAM. We guarantee 100% data security and take all precautionary measures to keep our data safe from prying hackers and avoid data breaches.

    Customer centric service

    24/7 Customer support

    Our customer support team functions 24/7 to provide a seamless customer experience and guides businesses with any technical difficulties. Our sales executives are involved throughout and strategize successful campaigns to give the best output results and enhance business potential.

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    check  Years of experience

    Job titles

    check  Hospital administrator

    check  Board certified dermatologists

    check  Chief cosmetic dermatologist

    check  Chief medical officers

    check   Chief/Asst. tele-dermatology

    check  Derma specialists

    check  Physician dermatologist

    check  Surgeon dermatologist

    check  General dermatologist

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    Prospecting made easy!

    Grab a detailed medical practitioner Database collected from various trusted sources.

    Customer base includes
    Dermatological labs
    Dermatology suppliers
    Derma manager
    Healthcare product management
    Medical distributors & wholesalers
    Derma sales and marketing
    Surgical instruments supplies
    Corporate derma-physicians
    Medical professionals email list
    Trusted data Sources
    Medical registers
    Hospital directories
    Government records
    Medical seminars
    Derma exhibition
    Healthcare journals
    Hospital conferences
    Medical institutions 
    Customer base includes
    Dermatological labs
    Dermatology suppliers
    Derma manager
    Healthcare product management
    Medical distributors & wholesalers
    Derma sales and marketing
    Surgical instruments supplies
    Corporate derma-physicians
    Medical professionals email list
    Medical registers
    Hospital directories
    Government records
    Medical seminars
    Derma exhibition
    Healthcare journals
    Hospital conferences
    Medical institutions

    Features and benefits of the dermatologist industry database

    Global market coverage

    Reach niche medical customers globally

    DataCaptive™ drives global lead generation and encourages niche marketing with optimized resources. Experience exponential growth and tap into new business ventures with geo-targeted dermatologists email and mailing lists.

    Sales qualified leads

    Drive quality traffic that generates potential leads

    DataCaptive™’s prospecting list can target, nurture, and convert high-quality derma leads to drive organic traffic. This not only builds brand awareness but can also establish brand loyalty and an active sales pipeline to increase the profit margins of the business.

    Drive high ROI

    Triggered sales campaigns to achieve high ROI

    DataCaptive™’s efficient email list enhances the success rate of marketing and sales campaigns to improve conversions. Triggered sales campaigns bring in high ROI and can push businesses to expand and achieve exponential growth in a short period.


    Improve customer relation with easy CRM Integration

    Provide a positive brand experience and build loyal customer relations with a centralized data management system. The email list at DataCaptive™ can be easily accessed in XLs format to integrate into the clients existing CRM System to enable all data insights in one place.


    Increase engagement with multi-channel marketing

    Empower your marketing and customer-facing teams with our accurate and reliable healthcare data insights that can be utilized to run multi-channel campaigns for heightened engagement. Increase your customer acquisition rates with lowered costs today!

    The top skin conditions experienced by people in large are:
    Acne eczema, hair loss, warts nail problems, vitiligo psoriasis, skin cancer

    Do any of your products and healthcare solutions target these skin conditions? Reach out to dermatologist specialists that have a genuine interest in your healthcare and medical solutions and positively impact their business operations

    Why should you prefer an opt-in dermatologist email list over a regular email list?

    Regular email list

    Prospects may or may not have given permission to share their data
    Data sources vary from credible to spam
    Contains data insights from various
    Low deliverability and response rates
    Minimum conversion rates leading to low ROI

    Opt-in email list

    Prospects have permitted to share their data and receive third-party notifications
    Data sources are verified, legal and credible
    Contains segmented data insights from various industries
    High deliverability and response rates
    High conversion rates leading to improved ROI

    How is the dermatologist data delivered to you?

    How is your data delivered to you 2 compressed
    The data is delivered through downloadable formats of .xls or .csv that can be easily integrated into your existing CRM.

    From start-ups to fortune 100 companies

    Our team is adept at serving all industries and strenghts with any marketing requirements.

    Frequently asked questions
    • Can I access dermatologist physicians that accept insurance?

      Yes, DataCaptive™’s compiled list of dermatologists’ data insights can be customized to include derma specialists that accept insurance. You can also customize your list to include data fields that are relevant to your business requirement.

    • How can I direct-dial or book an appointment with derma executives?

      Our dermatologists’ database consists of full contact information that includes – Full name, Direct dials, Verified email addresses, Social profiles, FAX numbers, and more that can be used to either call, email, or fix an appointment with a dermatology executive.

    • Can I customize a list of dermatologists from the UK and the US?

      Yes, absolutely! DataCaptive™ has an established network of healthcare prospects worldwide, and you can customize a dermatologists email list to target healthcare prospects from not only the UK and US but also any other country in the world.

    • What type of campaigns are suitable with accurate lists of dermatologists?

      An accurate dermo contact list from DataCaptive™ lets you run sales and multi-channel marketing campaigns, including Email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns, social media campaigns, fax marketing, and more.