List of Companies that use Zendesk For Marketing Excellence

Zendesk is a platform that is designed to provide companies and customers with a smooth customer experience. With the rise in importance of CX, Zendesk has become one of the leading players in customer relationship management software. 

You can reach out to the users of Zendesk to present your products and services that they require. For a targeted marketing approach, a strong base is essential, and that’s where our Zendesk users list comes in. Our marketing lists are top-notch, they will allow you to target the right prospects suitable for your business.  

If you are unsure whether you want to sell your products and services to Zendesk users, here are some statistics that will convince you: 

  • Companies using Zendesk saw an average increase of 25% in customer satisfaction. 

  • Zendesk managed over 90% of its customer interactions through cloud-based infrastructure. 

  • The Zendesk for Startups program equipped over 4,000 startups with customer service tools. 

  • Zendesk serves over 1,712,300+ customers across more than 150 countries. 

The scope of Zendesk and it’s importance is obvious from the above stats. It is surely the right time to be investing in an email list that allows you to reach out to users of Zendesk. Lower costs, raise productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction with clients from top industries that use Zendesk.  

Join hands with DataCaptive and close deals faster! 

Zendesk Users
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How Popular is Zendesk Among CRMs?

Zendesk is a popular CRM platform in the tech marketspace. Research suggests 1,712,300+ companies are currently using Zendesk. Predominantly used in the United States, it is also popular in UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and France.

Segmented by employee size, 56% of Zendesk users are from small companies with less than 50 employees. Zendesk’s market share amongst CRM software is 11.01%. The platform is popular among businesses in the marketing and advertising, health, wellness, fitness, as well as the apparel and fashion industries.

What are the top 10 companies using Zendesk?

These are some of the prominent users of Zendesk. Our lists will get you in touch with these companies and many more companies that use Zendesk to meet their business goals. You can use our lists to connect with decision-makers who may be interested in your products and solutions! 

Companies that use Zendesk

Market Report of Zendesk

Current Customer(s) 


Market Share 


Employee Range 

5K – 10K
Customer Service Product Ranking

Zendesk Users List by Revenue

Revenue is a key criterion to make sure whether an organization or company makes it into your Zendesk users email list. Our graphs and bulletins help you understand the division of companies that use Zendesk by different revenue criteria. 

Salesforce CRM Users by Revenue

No Data Found

Zendesk Customer Information by Industry and Country

Segmenting Zendesk customer information is one of the best ways to tap into a prospective stream of revenue. According to our market research, Zendesk is predominantly utilized by American companies. Businesses in the Computer Software industry most commonly use it to improve their customer experience.

Zendesk customers by country

No Data Found

Salesforce customers by country

No Data Found

Zendesk customers by industry

No Data Found

Salesforce customers by industry

No Data Found

Explore Databases Similar to Zendesk Users Email List

There are tons of other software options that do exactly what Zendesk does. You can explore our list of CRM products to find prospects who are likely to purchase what you are offering.
Related DatabasesUSA Install BaseGlobal Install Base
Zoho CRM Users List15,48234,286
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users List14,59062,548
SAP CRM Users List6,0418,206
SugarCRM Users List3,6428,104
Infor CRM Users List3,50711,638
SalesLogix Users List3,46211,368
HubSpot CRM Users List5,10213,829
NetSuite CRM Users List1,7593,864
Act CRM Users List1,2044,010
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users List1633628,065
Customer Relationship Management Users List (Siebel)3,3513,215
Oracle RightNow Users List15043,989
IBM Lotus Notes CRM Users List20,67021,478
Amdocs CRM Users List1,2401,870
Alterian CRM Users List13771515
TargetX Users List7,99213,277
Pipedrive Users List5,36714,820
Oracle Fusion CRM Users List7,04415,460

Bespoke Zendesk Users List For Efficient Outreach

We understand that all businesses have different needs and goals. The same data does not work for every business. Our customized list of companies using Zendesk is the best solution available in the market, you can diversify outreach with personalized campaigns that are more likely to convince prospects of your value.

This approach ensures better efficiency and greater returns on your investment. Create a bespoke list on the basis of your Ideal Customer Profile and initiate marketing campaigns tailored to maximize engagement and conversion.

10+ Segmentations Offered in Zendesk Users Marketing List

Segmentations enable you to reach out to the right audience by increasing the likelihood of them being receptive to your marketing efforts. You can focus your marketing campaigns on a specific segment within the vast market. Narrow down prospective clients to uncover latent business potential for future success.

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More

Comprehensive List of 40+ Data Attributes in Zendesk Users Email List

Our comprehensive list of data attributes is replete with information you may need to engage with your audience. Choose data attributes to customize the email list as per your outreach requirements. Pay only for what you choose.

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More

Sample list of Companies that use Zendesk

DataCaptive offers a free sample list of companies that use Zendesk to help you understand its value firsthand and explore the potential benefits for your business before making any commitments.
Company Name Employee Size Revenue (USD) Contact Name Job Title Company Address Phone Number Email Address
$538.04 B
Andy Jassy
410 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Daniel EKS
Four World Trade Center, 150 Greenwich St 62nd Floor
U.S. Bank
$24.3 B
Andrew Cecere
800 Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
American Express
Stephen Squeri
200 Vesey Street Manhattan, New York City, NY 10285 United States
$159.50 B
Oliver Zipse
300 Chestnut Ridge Road. Woodcliff Lake, NJ

For a more comprehensive glimpse of our database, you can request a free sample list of Zendesk software users by industry, location or revenue-size with additional data attributes such as ‘Phone Number’, ‘Website URL’, ‘Social Media Handle’, ‘SIC Code’, ‘NAICS Code’, ‘Fax Number’, ‘Revenue’, and more. 

We believe in gaining trust before customer acquisition and contact list purchases. Acquire our sample list and test our lists firsthand to measure its quality standards and accuracy before making the switch for your data requirements! 

Zendesk Users List – Your Multi-Channel Marketing Partner

Companies looking to diversify their consumer base and build an army of prospects cannot afford to stick to one channel of marketing. Showcase your products on various platforms with Zendesk users contact information. While Zendesk enhances its offers on add-ons, we are here to offer our very own add-ons that will excite you about custom solutions. Acquire the list of companies that use Zendesk in USA and reach prospects through their preferred mode of communication.

Snail Mail Marketing

This old-fashioned marketing approach holds more than it showcases. Unlock the potential of postcards, posters, brochures, and handouts by sending out personalized communications to your prospects’ postal addresses using the Zendesk customers database. Let your marketing get local prospects closer to your business and services. 

Email Marketing

If you are fighting a long battle with low open rates of your emails, we have the perfect solution to your problem – Zendesk users email database. Enhance your messages with crafty-designed visuals and content that encourage your prospects to convert. Simplify communication with DataCaptive! 

Cold Calling

Nothing is better than a well-scripted, crisp, and clear phone call to prospects who might be interested in your products and services. Get your hands on the contact list of Zendesk users, pick up the phone, and dial in. Persuade them by addressing their pain points in a tone that pulls them towards your brand! 

Social Media Marketing

The world of marketing is accelerating at great speeds. Catch up with new and young prospects via social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Simply upload our updated Zendesk clients email addresses and kickstart targeted advertising that brings your ideal audience closer to your services.

What are the benefits of Zendesk Customers List?

Don’t waste your time and energy collecting contacts manually. In our contact list of companies currently using Zendesk, you can find the key to a perfect marketing campaign. Discover a competitive edge over other businesses with numerous benefits. 

  • Get direct access to decision-making executives and investors.
  • Perpetual ownership of the contact list once purchased by the customer.
  • Cost-effective lead generation.
  • Highly accurate data with 95% accuracy.

Who can utilize our list of Zendesk service customers?

Our list of Zendesk service customers comes with accessibility, integrity, and easy implementation. Here is a list of few industries among many that can benefit from our data. 

  • Software integration consultancies
  • Training and education providers
  • Software consultancy and teaching companies
  • IT Companies
  • Banking and financial services
  • Marketing and advertising agencies

Best-Selling Technology Users Mailing List

Every technology company has a massive suite of software and hardware to meet the needs of businesses across the world. A few of these are extremely popular and the demand for a list of bestselling technology users mailing list is ever increasing. Explore our list of giants in the technology industry and their most used products.
Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Choose Our Zendesk Customers List?

Reaching out to vice presidents, directors, and customer service executives can be challenging. With DataCaptive’s list of companies who use Zendesk, you can effectively reach the right prospects. Eliminate communications with gatekeepers and kickstart business growth today! 

Our Effectiveness

With our effective Zendesk customers database, you can reach the right prospects and get better response rates!  


Our global and local data policy compliance ensures you get going with smart investments. 


We ensure that all the contacts have opted-in to receive marketing communications.


Our lists are 85% deliverable due to precise data refinement. 

Our Data Guarantee

Discover how the Zendesk customers database can be the backbone of your outreach campaign.


Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – You own the lists once purchased without renewal fees. 


95% Accurate Data – Our highly accurate data for goes through AI and human verification channels. 


Get your money’s worth thanks to our overhaul process which eliminates duplicate data.

Find your ideal buyers from the tech industry with our exclusive technology data card search!

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Currently, over 1,400,00+ companies are using Zendesk for smooth business operations and customer service. Discover among them the companies that match your business objectives and get started with marketing for brand engagement.

Some companies that use Zendesk are Shell, Hitachi-Johnson Control Air Conditioning, Home Depot, The Walt Disney Company, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Ikea, and SAS. Acquire contacts of key decision-makers from these companies and more to witness instant growth!

Industries that rely on Zendesk for customer relationship management are technology, e-commerce, computer software, SaaS, and retail. 

Top competitors of Zendesk in the global market are Zoho Desk, Freshdesk Omnichannel, Salesforce Service Cloud, Sugar Serve, Oracle Service, ServiceNow Customer Service Management, eGain Solve, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Find our other technology users email lists with DataCaptive, or visit our homepage for more lists that can get you closer to growth!

Zendesk serves more than 100,000 customers across many industries in over 30 languages.

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