Optometrist Email List for Enriched Engagement

Optometrists are healthcare specialists that mainly focus on diagnosing and treating eye and vision related issues. A huge number of these eye-care specialists practice in the US, yet marketers find it hard to get in touch with them due to various factors.

Marketers and business owners can benefit hugely from reaching out to optometrists as they are the only professionals that effectively conduct eye examinations.

The significance of optometrists and the demand for optical products becomes obvious if one looks at the statistics shown below.

  • The market size of the optometry field is USD 23.4 billion. 

  • The global optical product market is estimated to be around USD 170 billion. 

  • The exponential growth in the market for prescription eyewear and eye exams necessitates a strategic deployment of external support to effectively manage the surge in demand.

Hence, every marketer, entrepreneur and sales executive requires an outreach-intended Optometrist contact database. This list removes the challenges involved in getting in touch with the eye care specialists. This comprehensive email list provides marketers the opportunity to seamlessly connect with optometrists to streamline their outreach efforts and enhance engagement rate.

Optometrists Contacts


Optometrists Contacts


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Targeted Email List of Optometrists for Precision Prospecting

As business owners and marketers, connecting with the right professionals, such as optometrists, can be a significant challenge. Not every optometrist is an ideal fit for your specific products or services.

 That’s why we offer a solution— a targeted eye doctors email list which is carefully curated to match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).  

This list enables you to pitch your products and services to optometrists who are most likely to benefit from them. By leveraging our list of customizable optometrist email addresses, you can effectively promote your brand to the optometrists most aligned with your offerings.

Optometrist Email List

Customizable Optometrist Email List for Successful Outreach

Customizing the optometrist email database provides a significant advantage— the ability to tailor the list to align with your outreach strategies. Initially, you can request an optometrists database based on segmentations to pinpoint your target audience. Then, you have the flexibility to further customize the email list using specific data attributes depending on the type of marketing you intend to execute.

Segmented Optometrist Contact List for Optimal Targeting:

We have segmented our database of optometrists contact information based on factors such as ‘Specialty’, ‘Type of Practice’, ‘Location’ and many more allowing you to refine the selection process and connect with the right optometrists.

  • Speciality

  • Type of Practice

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • City/State

  • Country

  • Zipcode

  • Organization Size

  • Years of Experience

  • & Many More

Customizable Data Attributes for Optometrist Contact List:

You can customize the email lists requesting for data attributes such as ‘Full Name’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘Type of Practice’, ‘Official Email ID’, and many more. This ensures your outreach is tailored and effective.

  • Practitioner Name

  • Official email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Years of Experience

  • Certifications & License number

  • Specialty

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • Type of Practice

  • Geographic Location

  • Social media handles

  • Hospital/Clinic Name

  • & Many More

Request A Free Sample of our Eye Doctors Email List !

Full Name Specialty Official Email ID Location Hospital/Clinic Name Phone Numbers
Richard J Madonna, OD
Geriatric Optometrist
New York
Dr. Richard Madonna Clinic
(215) XXX-XXXX
Mark Dunbar, OD
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
(540) XXX-XXXX
Jamie Kuzniar
Birmingham Vision Care
(626) XXX-XXXX
Dr. Justin Bazan
Pediatric Optometrist
New York
Park Slope Eye
(347) XXX-XXXX
Irina Shiyan
Pediatric Optometrist
Irina*****@ ****.net
New York
Eyes On Second Clinic
(212) XXX-XXXX

Utilize the free sample option to understand the quality and resourceful nature of our optometrist emails and phone numbers list. You can also request a free sample with additional data attributes such as ‘Website URL’, ‘SIC code’, ‘NAICS code’, ‘OCC code’, ‘Fax Number’, ‘Social Media Info’, ‘License Number’ and ‘Years of Experience’.     

Click the ‘Get a Free Sample’ button to acquire a sample list before getting your hands on the actual optometrists email list to plan your marketing strategies.

Strategize Outreach Using Our Optometrist Marketing List

Co-ordinating multichannel marketing efforts requires a well-thought-out strategy. Leverage our list for multichannel marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and drive huge sales. 

With the help of our optometrist contact list, marketers and business owners from various industries can market their products/services to thier target audience. Targeted marketing is the answer to the age-old question ‘how to create brand awareness?’ Explore various methods of marketing and find what works best for you. 

Email Marketing

High ROI, low cost, personalized content, tracking open rates and receiving feedback are some of the advantages of email marketing. By leveraging the optometrist email addresses, you can launch targeted email campaigns to reach your desired optometrists, unlocking all these advantages for your business.

Snail Mail Marketing

Traditional mail marketing is most effective to make a lasting impression and engage with your audience in a more personal manner. With the help of optometrist mailing list, you can get access to the mailing address of your ideal customers to send out brochures, healthcare newsletters, business letters, and handouts for a personalized outreach.

Cold Calling

Elevate your cold calling strategy with our optometrist contact database. Experience real-time communication with leads, cost-effective marketing, instant feedback, and seamless product/service introduction directly to optometrists. Kickstart your campaign now with the phone numbers of eye doctors included in our contact list.

Social Media Marketing

By importing optometrist contact information to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn’s custom audience option – you can target your ads to your ideal customers and maximize conversion rate. Creating custom audiences will also help you find lookalike audiences that share similar characteristics of your existing audience.

Use Our Eye Doctors Email List for Optimal Outreach

DataCaptive builds email lists from scratch to provide the most authentic and accurate contact information for our customers in search of prospects.

Our optometrist contact list is curated from reputable and professional sources, reflecting our commitment to collecting data meticulously and responsibly.

We collect data from sources such as -business directories, government records, guest lists of healthcare business events, online forums, guest lists from medical seminars and conferences, healthcare exhibitions, and healthcare publications.

We comply with all regional and global data privacy regulations and follow a 7-tier manual & AI verification process to provide error-free database to our customers.

Benefits of Purchasing our Optometrist Mailing Database

Investing in an optometrist mailing list can be a game-changer for your medical marketing endeavors. Here are some key benefits that can elevate and optimize your outreach strategies:
  • It lowers your marketing costs by half.
  • You will witness a spike in sales using personalized pitches for your products/services.
  • Increase in lead generation, conversion rates, and boost in ROI are inevitable when you purchase our email lists.
  • Using our optometrist contact list allows you to take advantage of the modern marketing strategy to the fullest by using the custom audiences feature in social media platforms.

Who can Purchase our Optometrist Email Contacts?

The major beneficiaries of purchasing our email lists are decision makers from:

  • Healthcare Marketing Agencies
  • Healthcare software companies
  • Optical Lens Manufacturers
  • Eyewear Retailers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research Institutions
  • Health insurance companies

Why Choose DataCaptive’s Optometrist Email Database?

DataCaptive takes into account every penny you spend on your email list. Our database is compiled with authentic contact information, aligning seamlessly with the marketing strategies designed for the success of your business.

Our Effectiveness

DataCaptive promises to address and solve the major issue faced by businesses and marketers – lack of prospects.


We comply with data protection regimes like CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CASR to provide you with a risk-free investment.


We have made sure all our contacts have explicitly opted-in to receive sales and marketing communications.


Our well refined lists come with 85% email deliverability. 

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee excellence in service and provide our customers with high-quality data that aligns with their marketing requirements.

Once the contacts are delivered to you, they’re yours. You own them perpetually. There is no need to keep renewing ownership.


Our guarantee of 95% accurate data applies on every single database we have.


We have a rigorous verification process in place to ensure you get what you pay for.

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Database of Optometrist with Email id

Effective Healthcare Email Templates for better conversion

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Frequently Asked Questions

An optometrist email list is a collection of contact information of professionals involved in eyecare. You can purchase a comprehensive email list from DataCaptive for all your marketing needs.

You can choose from a range of data attributes to custom-build your marketing list such as ‘Optometrist Name’, ‘Hospital Name’, ‘Official Email ID’, ‘Location’, ‘Phone number’ and many more others.

Once you identify the goal and purpose of your email campaign, you can initiate a targeted email marketing campaign using our optometrist email list and send out personalized emails addressing the interests and pain points of your ideal customers. This optimization ensures a more meaningful and engaging outreach, increasing the likelihood of successful connections with optometrists.

Our database complies with global and regional data policies like GDPR, CCPA, ACMA, and CAN-SPAM to ensure a risk-free investment.

You have the option to gather data from various channels. However, this may not be the best way to build an efficient mailing list. If you’re eager to kickstart your marketing efforts promptly, we highly recommend you purchase a customizable email list from DataCaptive.

One of our USPs is perpetual ownership of contacts. Once you purchase the mailing list – it is all yours forever with endless marketing opportunities.

If you wish to purchase the optometrist email list and are concerned about the price – we assure you that the price range is highly affordable. The price typically depends on the volume of contacts you wish to purchase. Hence you pay only for what you choose.

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