1M+ Verified Physician Email List

Our highly dependable physicians email list gives you accurate information on more than 1,117,115 physicians worldwide. This enables you to effectively promote your products or services.

A physician database includes the contact information of physicians, including their ‘Name’, ‘Specialty’, ‘Email Addresses’, ‘Phone Number’ and ‘Physical Address’. The email lists serve as an asset for healthcare businesses to connect with physicians for various purposes.

Physicians play a major role in the healthcare sector and they require specialized tools and services to do their jobs effectively. The statistics mentioned below highlight the importance of catering to this vast market.

  • The population of the USA is 334,233,854, however only 6.58% of this population works in the healthcare industry.

  • Out of this 6.58%, barely 0.32% make up the total physicians practicing in the United States.

  • The market for financing medical equipment exceeded USD 149 billion in 2021, and it is projected to grow at a 7.1% CAGR between 2022 and 2030.

If you are a business owner operating in the healthcare industry, be it a recruiting company, a medical publishing company, a medical equipment manufacturer, or a pharmaceutical company, our list of physician emails can help you connect with top experts.


Physician Contacts


Physician Contacts


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Use Physician Email List for Targeted Marketing

Each physician has developed abilities to flourish in their respective professions and are dispersed over many disciplines in healthcare. DataCaptive’s physicians contact database is useful for targeting physicians in each discipline.

The importance of the physicians emailing address lies in the fact that it will help you get in touch with the right prospect and help in promoting your products or services.

Our segmentations and customizations will help you in getting the most out of our contact lists and aligns all your efforts in targeting your ideal customers. 

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Enhanced Prospecting with Segmented Physician Contacts

Outreaching to stakeholders in the healthcare industry is a difficult task, it requires technical skill and business expertise. It also requires you to fixate on an ICP and stick to catering the requirements of that specific ICP. Here’s where our segmented email lists come in.

You can request a segmented physician email list based on ‘Specialty’, ‘Type of Practice’, ‘Location’, and more. Our segmentations allow you to choose exactly which segment of the vast market you want to target.

10+ Segmentations Available in Physician Contact list

Our segmentations allow you to choose one specific part of the entire market and communicate with them effectively to meet your business goals. You can segment your list based on ‘Specialty’, ‘Type of Practice’, ‘Years of Experience’ and other relevant factors.
  • Speciality

  • Type of Practice

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • City/State

  • Country

  • Zipcode

  • Organization Size

  • Years of Experience

  • & Many More

40+ Customizable Attributes in Physicians Email Database

Customizing your physician email list brings you closer to success. By focusing on specific data attributes such as ‘Sub-specialty’, ‘Phone number’, ‘Official Email ID’, and others, you can build a mailing list that suits your marketing approach.

  • Practitioner Name

  • Official email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Years of Experience

  • Certifications & License number

  • Specialty

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • Type of Practice

  • Geographic Location

  • Social media handles

  • Hospital/Clinic Name

  • & Many More

Number of Physicians Email Addresses Based on Specialties
Specialty Available Counts(USA) Available Counts(Global)
Addiction Psychiatrists 9,170 13,110
Adolescent Medicine Physicians 9,700 13,870
Adolescent Psychiatrists & Pediatric Psychiatrists 4,950 7,072
Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiologists 5,551 7,942
Aerospace Medicine Physicians 4,175 5970
Allergists & Immunologists 2,821 4,031
Anatomic Pathologists 5,023 7,177
Anesthesiologists 24,668 35,241
Bariatric / Gastric Bypass Surgeons 6,339 9,047
Bariatric Physicians 3,072 4,405
Blood Bank & Transfusion Medicine Physicians 3,996 5,714
Neurosurgeons 2,955 4,233
Cardiologists 16,866 24,094
Cardiothoracic Surgeons 2,806 4,009
Clinical Pathologists 4,812 6,875
Clinical Pathologists & Anatomic Pathologists 5,630 8,044
Clinical Psychologists 47,457 67,797
Colon Surgeons & Rectal Surgeons 1,296 1,851
Congenital Cardiac Surgeons 7,704 1,115
Critical Care Medicine Specialists 8,910 12,729
Critical Care Surgeons 1,860 2,657
Dermatologists 9,035 12,908
Developmental Therapists 4,331 6,187
Diabetes, Metabolism & Endocrinologists 5,081 7,259
Diagnostic Radiologists 17,020 24,315
Dieticians and Nutritionists 19,436 27,766
Electrodiagnostic Medicine Physicians 1,234 1,474
Emergency Medicine Physicians / Intensivists 28,162 40,233
EMT / Paramedics 1,112 1,589
Endodontists 4,780 6,830
Family Physicians 71,474 102,106
Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeons 6,791 9,705
Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinologists 6,743 9,633
Fetal Medicine & Maternal Medicine Physicians 1,506 2,151
Forensic Pathologists 4,182 5,982
Forensic Psychiatrists 698 997
Gastroenterologists 9,450 13,500
General Surgeons 17,766 25,380
Geriatric Medicine Physicians 6,235 8,907
Hand Surgeons 1,490 2,129
Hematologists 7,815 11,165
Hepatology 2,501 3,586
Hospice Care and Palliative Medicine Physicians 3,291 4,702
Hospitalists 3,618 5,170
Hyperbaric Medicine & Undersea Medicine Physicians 309 442
Infectious Disease Medicine Physicians 5,100 7,287
Internal Medicine Physicians 72,270 103,243
Interventional Cardiologists 3,382 4,831
Interventional Radiologists & Vascular Radiologists 1,209 1,728
Medical Toxicologists 2,473 3,537
Molecular Genetic Pathologists 2,794 3,992
Naturopaths 2,302 3,289
Nephrologists 6,049 8,642
Neurologists 9,863 14,091
Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Physicians 1,992 2,845
Neuropsychologists 2,167 3,097
Neuroradiologists 1,756 2,509
Neurosurgeons 3,672 5,247
Nuclear Medicine Physicians 1,237 1,768
Nurse Anesthetists 25,159 35,943
Obstetricians & Gynecologists 23,242 33,204
Occupational Medicine Physicians 2,283 3,262
Oncologists 9,691 13,845
Ophthalmologists 10,652 15,217
Optometrists 25,234 36,049
Oral Pathologists 3,822 5,463
Oral Surgeons & Maxillofacial Surgeons 6,969 9,957
Orthopedic Surgeons 15,117 21,596
Otolaryngologists 6,064 8,664
Otologists / Neurotologists 1,670 2,395
Pain Medicine Physicians 5,186 7,409
Pathology Technology 6,121 8,761
Pediatric Cardiologists 1,398 1,998
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Physicians 1,218 1,741
Pediatric Dermatologists 3,519 5,016
Pediatric Developmental Behavioral Health Physicians 4,711 6,741
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians 1,336 1,909
Pediatric Endocrinologists 825 1,179
Pediatric Gastroenterologists 863 1,234
Pediatric Nephrologists 4,127 5,895
Pediatric Neurologists 7,248 1,036
Pediatric Occupational Therapist 3,926 5,609
Pediatric Oncologists & Pediatric Hematologists 1,433 2,047
Pediatric Optometry 4,943 7,064
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery 4,745 6,784
Pediatric Otolaryngologists 3,484 4,984
Pediatric Pathologists 2,145 3,075
Pediatric Physical Therapists 2,032 2,904
Pediatric Plastic Surgeons 9,034 12,985
Pediatric Pulmonologists 5,322 7,634
Pediatric Radiologists 5,283 7,544
Pediatric Rheumatologists 2,187 2,983
Pediatric Surgeons 6,333 9,053
Pediatric Urologists 2,893 4,148
Pediatricians 38,151 54,502
Perinatal Medicine & Neonatal Medicine Physicians 3,060 4,372
Periodontists 3,171 4,530
Phlebologists 2,889 4,113
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians 12,556 17,938
Physical Therapists 90,787 129,697
Plastic Surgeons 4,611 6,588
Podiatric Surgeons 4,269 6,099
Podiatrists 8,171 11,674
Preventive Medicine Physicians 6,924 9,894
Psychiatrists 28,135 40,193
Psychologists 3,102 4,432
Psychotherapists 2,232 3,190
Public Health Physicians 1,186 1,695
Pulmonary Physicians / Pulmonologists 7,103 10,148
Radiation Oncologists 4,204 6,006
Radiologists 1,644 2,349
Respiratory Therapists 1,850 2,643
Rheumatologists 3,469 4,956
Sleep Medicine Physicians 2,914 4,164
Community Health Physicians 118,509 169,299
Speech & Language Technology 4,095 5,850
Speech Pathologists / Therapists 47,374 67,678
Spine Surgeons 824 1,178
Sports Medicine Physicians 6,736 9,624
Surgical (Selective) Pathology 1,389 1,984
Transplant Surgeons 3,306 4,718
Ultrasound Technologists 1,455 2,073
Urgent Care Medicine 6,802 9,725
Urologists 6,303 9,004
Vascular Surgeons 2,341 3,346

Physician Email List: A Sneak Peek

Full Name Phone Number Location Hospital Name Sub specialty
Dr. David Langer
710-725 ****
New York, USA
Lenox Hill Hospital
Dr. Titus Carr Evans
Mayo Clinic
Dr. David H. Hoch
New York, USA
Catherine of Siena Hospital
Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Dr. Peter M Okin
New York, USA
Weill Cornell Medical Center
Dr. Ellis G Reef
Baptist Memorial Hospital
Dr. John S Pantazopoulos
Valley Hospital
Dr. Brendan J. Camp
Presbyterian Hospital
Dr. Nirit Rosenblum
Langone Medical Center

The information provided is just a glimpse of what the physician email database contains. You can request a free sample by clicking on the button below. You can also request to include data attributes such as ‘Official Email ID’, ‘Fax number’, ‘Website URL’, ‘SIC’, ‘NAICS’, ‘OCC code’, ‘Type of Practice’, ‘Geographic Location’, and ‘Social media handles’ in your sample.

Click ‘Request a Sample’ to receive a free physician contact list.

Marketing with Physicians Marketing List

Connecting with physicians in today’s evolving healthcare landscape is crucial for any healthcare-related business. Utilizing a physicians contact list offers a targeted approach to outreach, providing ample opportunities for effective communication and engagement.

Email Marketing

Having physician email contacts means you can directly communicate with thousands of obstetricians, gynecologists, oncologists, orthopedics, ophthalmologists and other healthcare professionals. Craft personalized, informative, and engaging emails to share valuable insights about your product and services.

Snail Mail Marketing

Selectively promote your products in a specific location with physicians mailing address. You can create special snail mail campaigns such as catalogs, postcards, letters, envelopes, self-mailers and dimensional mailers which helps you capitalize on locally relevant market trends.

Cold Calling

Cold calling empowers you to engage in meaningful conversations by addressing specific pain points and finding solutions that align with healthcare professionals’ needs. Directly reaching out to prospects helps you receive immediate feedback and increases the likelihood of conversions. 

Social Media Marketing

Upload your list of physician contacts to the custom audience feature on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, enabling you to create tailored ads to your specific audience, resulting in an enhanced conversion rate.

Reliable Physician Mailing Lists

Enhance your outreach strategies with DataCaptive’s dependable physician mailing lists. We take pride in delivering a high-quality database that undergoes 7-tier manual and AI verification, guaranteeing accuracy and relevance.

We make sure to follow data policy regulations to ensure both compliance and security. Our thorough verification and validation process makes sure the list is accurate. With DataCaptive, you can be confident in the quality and effectiveness of your outreach efforts to physicians.

What are the Benefits of Using Physician Email List?

Using the physician email database, you can concentrate on your target marketing for successful outreach. This tends to be priceless in the healthcare industry. Here are a few benefits that will surprise you for the better:

  • Acquiring an email list will improve your efficiency by ensuring you reach out only to people who may require your products.
  • You can improve your domain awareness by networking through our physician email marketing lists.
  • The physician email marketing lists enable you to initiate a productive collaboration with top physicians in the field.

Who can use the Physician Email Database?

 Getting our cost-effective physicians list is a good way to find potential customers for your marketing efforts. Our Physician email database is most useful for decision makers from:

  • Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Healthcare Recruitment Agencies
  • Medical Marketing Agencies
  • Healthcare Associations and Organizations
  • Medical Researchers and Academics
  • Healthcare Consultants and Advisors

Why Choose DataCaptive’s Physicians Email Marketing List?

We have the trust of millions of customers. Our high-quality contact information is designed to lessen your effort. It has wide coverage that helps you contact your customers across various specialties and locations.

Our Effectiveness

Use our effectively curated Physician email lists and be efficient in your business growth.

Our compliance with global and local data protection regimes like CAN-SPAM and GDPR ensures a risk-free investment.
We make sure all our contacts have opted-in to receive sales and marketing communications.
We have refined our list to ensure 85% email deliverability.

Our Data Guarantee

Get our list of Physicians in USA for guaranteed business opportunities.

Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – Once bought, you own them perpetually. There’s no need to keep renewing ownership.
95% accurate data – Our 45-day overhaul cycle ensures that the data you receive is up to date.
Our rigorous verification process ensures that you get your money’s worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A physician email database consists of email addresses of various physicians which facilitate effective communication for various purposes.

Pharmaceutical companies, clinics, hospitals, manufacturers of medical supplies and equipment, companies that create patient management software, etc. can highly benefit from the physician mailing lists.

You can utilize our physician database for marketing through Instagram by making use of the audience custom list feature. In order to ensure that an interested and relevant audience sees your content, upload the list to Instagram’s Ad Manager, create a custom audience, and precisely target prospects with your campaigns.

An overhaul process is conducted every 45 days to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of our contacts. This allows us to keep providing you 95% accurate physician contact databases.

We have sourced our physician email addresses from reliable sources such as government records, seminar guest lists, opt-in campaigns, and directories. Proper verification and validation is carried out in order to maximize CTR and minimize bounce rate. We comply with data policy regulations such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM and more, ensuring both compliance and security. These efforts make our mailing lists a reliable partner for all your outreach needs. 

DataCaptive’s lists of physicians is composed of 1 million verified contacts. Choose your segmentation and customize the data attributes according to your requirements to begin targeted marketing campaigns.

To discover a physician’s email, begin by examining their hospital or clinic’s official website for contact details. Additionally, utilize professional directories, platforms such as LinkedIn, and relevant medical associations for potential leads. Purchasing the emails of physicians from reputable data providers such as DataCaptive is a effective option that saves time and money. 

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