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Are you a business owner or a marketer seeking a verified psychologists email list? Do you want to directly get in touch with licensed psychologists? If yes, then DataCaptive’s high-quality psychologist email database is the best fit for you. We offer benefits that will help enhance your targeted outreach initiatives, such as: 

  • Accurate Data: We offer verified information of psychologists with 95% accuracy rate.

  • Adherence to Data Regulations: We comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and more.

  • Segmentation Options: We provide customizable data segmentation options based on region, experience, practice type, and more.

The above points are just a few among the various benefits we offer. Procure our list and experience these benefits firsthand.

Reach out to experienced and certified psychologists from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and more, using our high-quality, verified psychologists email list. We are the best in the B2B database provider market. Choose us as your reliable database provider to make your brand visible in the global healthcare market!

Psychologists Contacts


Psychologists Contacts
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Get Access to Qualified Leads with Targeted Psychologists List

The number of psychologists worldwide are plenty and keeps expanding. Knowing who can benefit you and who you can provide benefits to can be confusing. Targeting your audience at random or trying to build a psychologists contact database from the ground up can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

This is where our accurate, verified, validated, and targeted psychologists contact list comes to the rescue! You have the choice to pick from our comprehensive, ready-made psychologists email database or customize it according to your preferences and save valuable time and resources that can be allocated to other aspects of your business operations.

Psycologist email list

Reach Your ICP with Psychologists Email Database

Are all your efforts to promote your offerings to the psychology community in vain, even after understanding your ICP? We got you! Segment the psychologists contact list based on your relevant marketing criteria. This allows you to craft targeted healthcare marketing campaigns that are tuned to meet the specific needs and preferences of each segment.

Don’t wait! Purchase our list and watch your conversions skyrocket!

Segmentation Options in List of Psychologists Leads

We offer a range of segmentation options to help you filter out your ideal prospects and personalize your marketing efforts to create a more individualized and tailored experience for your audience.

This will, in turn, generate improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rates.

Here are a few segmentation options we offer:

  • Speciality

  • Type of Practice

  • SIC Code

  • NAICS Code

  • City/State

  • Country

  • Zipcode

  • Organization Size

  • Years of Experience

  • & Many More

Customizable Data Attributes with Psychologists Contact Database

By filtering psychologists based on our customizable data attributes, you can pick out only those customer details that are essential for your marketing campaign. This guarantees that your healthcare marketing campaigns are highly relevant to the recipients.

Relevant content and offers are more likely to capture attention, pique interest, and compel action from your target audience.

Our customizable psychologists contact list comes with data attributes such as:

  • Practitioner Name

  • Official Email ID

  • Phone Number

  • Website URL

  • Years of Experience

  • Cerification & License Number

  • Speciality

  • SIC Code

  • NAICS Code

  • Type of Practice

  • Geographic Location

  • Social Media Handles

  • Hospital/Clinic Name

  • & Many More

Popular Mental Health Professionals Databases We Offer
SpecialtyAvailable Counts (Global)Available Counts (USA)
Behavior Analysts2,018645
Certified Family Psychiatric Nurses50226
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists1,266954
Child Psychiatric Nurses10920
Clinical Neuropsychologists1,4551,264
Exercise Physiologists2,1091,852
Mental Health Professionals85,68764,822
Marriage Counselors7,685752
Clinical Social Workers32,4574,652

Free Sample of Psychologists Contact Information

Full Name Job Title Location Contact Number Organization
Ellie L Miller
Louisville, KY, USA
Kentucky Centre for Anxiety & Related Disorders
Megan Gewecke
Kearney, Nebraska, USA
+1 ***-455-8***
Stepping Stones Psychological Services, LLC
Megan Marks
Lexington, KY, USA
The Momentum Practice
Camie Nitzel
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Kindred Psychology
Diane C Marti
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
+1 ***-489-2***
Williamsburg Behavioral Psychology

Check out our free sample list of psychologists contact information to test drive our database’s precision and credibility. We offer data attributes such as ‘Phone Number’, ‘License Number’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Geographical Location’, and more!

Test the quality, accuracy and reliability of our database of psychologists with email IDs by clicking on the button below to get a free sample list. Make the switch to DataCaptive NOW! 

Maximize Multi-Channel Engagement with Psychologists Contact List

Interact with potential customers across multiple channels to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

By leveraging our psychologists database, you can maintain a consistent brand message and voice across all marketing channels to ensure a cohesive experience for psychologists. Use the insights from our segmented list to personalize messages and content for each channel while maintaining consistency in your overall marketing message.

Email Marketing

Use our segmented psychologists email list and personalize your email campaigns with attention-grabbing content, tailored offers, and relevant messaging for each segment.

Snail Mail Marketing

Using our psychologists mailing list, send unique promotional materials with a personal touch to engage with customers offline to bring in online/in-store conversions.

Cold Calling

Use the verified and updated phone numbers in our psychologists contact list and have instant, direct, one-on-one conversations with top psychologists. Introduce your offering, fix up appointments, and gather quick feedback effortlessly! 

Social Media Marketing

Engage with potential customers on social media platforms by utilizing the information in our psychologists contact information and create custom audiences for targeted advertising.

Verified and Validated Psychologists Email Addresses List

Purchasing a verified and validated list of psychologists emails in USA and other countries from us will significantly enhance your marketing and sales strategies. This is because our database is free from outdated and incomplete data. We offer continuous support and update our lists to ensure that you always have the most current and accurate information at your disposal. Our database is scanned thoroughly using a 7-tier human and AI verification system for accuracy.

Now’s the right time! Purchase our list and contact the right people with the right message!

Benefits of Obtaining Psychologists Mailing List

By obtaining our psychologists email leads, you get the following benefits: 

  • Direct access to the right key decision makers in the healthcare community and improved chances of closing deals.
  • Save time and effort that would have otherwise been wasted on generalized, untargeted marketing. Focus your resources strategically and be cost- efficient.
  • A competitive edge over your competitors.

Who Can Procure the High-Quality Psychologist Email Database?

Our list of psychologists contact information benefits various individuals and businesses: 

  • Healthcare Providers and Organizations
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Research Institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Professional Associations
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • And More!

Why Choose DataCaptive's List of Psychologist Emails?

Our high-quality psychologist email database provides top-notch data so you can move forward with your healthcare marketing campaigns without stress! 

Our data acquisition methods follow legal and ethical standards strictly and all our contacts have given prior consent to be contacted for marketing purposes. The database also undergoes regular checks remove redundant, unwanted, missing and fake data.

Read ahead and find out more about why you should choose us as your reliable B2B database provider.


Our Effectiveness

Our data is compiled to make your business ventures succeed —your success is our success: 


Our data complies with international data privacy policies such as CAN-SPAM, GDPR, ACMA, CCPA, and more.  


All the contacts in our database have opted in to receive marketing communications.


We periodically filter and refresh our databases, offering an 85% email deliverability rate in addition to 95% data accuracy.

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee to provide a strong foundation for your successful marketing campaigns through our high-quality data:  


Once purchased, the database is yours for an infinite time period — no pesky renewal costs.


We re-check our data every 45 days to wipe out fake and unnecessary data.


Our data also goes through a meticulous 7-tier human and AI verification process.

Data that's trusted by over 800,000 salespeople

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 3,102+ contacts of psychologists in the USA.

Some organizations and individuals who can benefit from an email database of psychologists are healthcare providers and organizations, mental health professionals, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, professional associations, marketing agencies, recruitment agencies, insurance companies, and consulting firms.

Yes, we strictly adhere to global as well as local data privacy and protection laws such as CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CASL, and more.

Our psychologists contact list is delivered in user-friendly formats, such as .xls and .csv, for easy integration with compatible CRMs. 

Yes! Just fill in our form with your location preferences, and our team will get in touch with you. We offer lists of contacts from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and more. 

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