Urologists Email List

A well curated Urologists Email List is a valuable tool for any business offering products and services in the field of urology and Urologists in particular. It is an indispensable resource in healthcare and B2B is all about targeting the right people. Therefore, a verified and up to date contact database is a pre-requisite. 

As a visionary businessperson, you have a lot to gain from a premium urologists email database. Firstly, it will help establish your brand among customers who align with your ICP, enabling you to occupy a unique position in the healthcare industry. Secondly, it will elevate the conditions for urologists to function, thereby achieving a surge in demand for urological services. 

Here are some key insights into the current state of urological resources in the healthcare sector:

  • The national urologist-to-population ratio in the United States is just 3.89 per 100,000 population. On average, a single urologist sees close to 700 patients per week.

  • Approximately 63% of practicing urologists reported unfavorable working conditions, referring to a lack of effective equipment and poor infrastructure.

It is evident that urology is suffering from negligence and the lack of investment is clearly the root cause for all the issues stated above. In an industry facing infrastructure and workforce challenges, there is great potential to provide.

Our premium urologist email list ensures targeted marketing, specifically towards key urological professionals and other decision makers. With a customizable database, we help you in strategizing the best marketing plans to land the most lucrative deals.

Fill out the form and supercharge your marketing campaigns for skyrocketing returns! 

Urologists Contacts
Urologists Contacts
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Explore Our Vast Healthcare Database

Outreach to more than just Urologists; We have a huge range of healthcare professionals contact details in our database. Explore our list and find out other niches in your market that you may have missed out!

Specialities USA Global
All Nurses 204,466 263,249
Allergy & Immunologist 2,611 3,360
Anatomic Pathologist & Clinical Pathologist 2,098 2,700
Anesthesiologist 42,991 55,350
Audiologist 7,200 9,270
Cardiologist 30,600 39,397
Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgeon 1,675 2,155
Chiropractor 24,736 31,847
Dentists 122,930 146,771
Dermatologist 12,286 15,817
Diagnostic Radiologist 21,133 27,208
Dietitian/Nutritionist 6,333 8,153
Endocrinologist 5,008 6,447
Endodontics 1,128 1,452
Gastroenterologist 16,149 20,791
General Practitioner 33,118 42,638
Hematologist & Oncologist 4,279 5,508
Hepatologist 271 348
Interventional Cardiologist 4,699 6,049
Massage Therapist 31,080 40,015
Medical Oncologist 1,383 1,779
Medical Toxicologist/ Toxicologist 6,140 7,905
Naturopathy 6,966 8,968
Neonatologist 627 806
Nephrologist 7,674 9,879
Neurological Surgery 1,887 2,428
Specialities USA Global
Neurologist 10,329 13,298
Obstetricians And Gynecologist 31,270 40,259
Occupational Therapist 16,808 21,640
Oncologist 18,421 23,716
Ophthalmologist 22,136 28,500
Optometrist 15,530 19,994
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 3,570 4,595
Orthodontics 8,818 11,352
Orthopedic Surgeon 22,498 28,965
Otolaryngologist 6,312 8,126
Pathologist 25,016 32,208
Pediatrician 26,169 33,692
Periodontics 1,317 1,695
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiatry) 4,160 5,356
Physical Therapist 31,328 40,334
Physician Assistant 11,181 14,395
Plastic Surgeon 7,196 9,264
Podiatrist 11,504 14,811
Psychiatry 17,193 22,135
Psychologist 29,222 37,622
Pulmonologist 7,357 9,471
Radiation Oncologist 2,556 3,290
Rheumatologist 4,671 6,013
Speech Language Pathologist 29,722 38,266
Veterinarian 33,223 42,773

Customize Our Segmented Urologists Email List

A segmented urologists email database refers to targeted compilation of email addresses that is carefully curated into segments based on factors such as ‘Specialty’, ‘License Number’, ‘Hospital Affiliation’, ‘country’, ‘City/State’, and many more. Our database of urologists email addresses is completely customizable, thus allowing you to choose the data attributes that aligns with your ideal customer profile. 

10+ Segmentations Available in Our Urologists Contact Database

A lack of segmentation means a business without profits. It is as simple as that. You cannot create campaigns that are suited to reach your target audience without having access to our segmented urologists contact database. 

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

Choose From 40+ Data Attributes in the Urologists Contact Database

Enjoy the absolute freedom of customizing databases using data attributes depending on what you have chosen to be your ideal customer profile. Here’s a list of the numerous data attributes we offer, that you can use to execute targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

Presenting our Sample List of Urologists Contact Details

For those business owners and marketers who are unsure on making a purchase decision, here is a glimpse into our Urologist Email List!

Full Name Specialty Official Email ID Location Psychiatric Clinic Name
Jackson Mitchell
Daikins Specialty Healthcare
Olivia Taylor
Mercy General Hospital
Wyatt Anderson
South Carolina
Maplewood Medical Center
Morgan Reynolds
North Carolina
Riverside Regional Medical Center

Click on the ‘Request a Sample’ button and discover the quality of our data-driven solutions firsthand.

Targeted Campaigns Using Our Urologists Marketing List

You can utilize our urologists contact database to initiate multichannel marketing campaigns via email, social media and other platforms. Our marketing list will help you to tailor your marketing approach according to your target audience’s preferences and requirements. 

Snail Mail Marketing

Our urologists mailing list will take you back to the traditional and tangible ways of marketing. Customize our list to start targeting customers by sending newsletters, brochures, posters, pamphlets and postcards.

Email Marketing

Use our list of urologists email addresses to create and send personalized campaigns that are capable of promoting your products and services in an effective way. 

Cold Calling

Our urologists phone numbers list will enable you to go take up crisp cold calling campaigns. Start unlocking new opportunities by directly reaching out to professionals looking for products/services that you are offering. 

Social Media Marketing

Upload our versatile urologists contact lists onto the custom audiences feature available on various platforms and witness lead conversions soar and profits rise!

Benefits of Purchasing Urologists Mailing List

As a leading data provider, we offer your organization ethical and respectful methods for nurturing relationships with key figures, complementing the cutting-edge marketing campaigns we assist you in creating. Here’s a list to help you understand the advantages of our certified urologists mailing database: 

  • Targeted Marketing
  • Expanded Reach
  • Lead Generation
  • Event Promotion
  • Time and Cost Efficiency

Beneficiaries of our Email List of Urologists

Our urologists email database supercharges decision makers in the healthcare industry to streamline marketing, sales and outreach efforts. The below list provides an overview of the beneficiaries of our urologist email list.

  • Healthcare Recruitment Agencies
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Healthcare Marketing Agencies
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical Suppliers and Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

Secure Your Outreach with DataCaptive’s Urologists Email List

Our exclusive urologist email list is a set of constantly verified and updated contact information that allows you to enhance your outreach efforts and brand awareness. This way we ensure that you get what you pay for – a high quality contact database.  

Our Effectiveness

Our effectiveness lies in facilitating businesses to directly engage and have personalized communication with their ideal customers.


Our data sourcing process complies with global and local data protection regimes like CAN-SPAM and GDPR. 


Every single contact in our database has opted-in to receive marketing communication. 


Our lists come with 85% deliverability. 

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee a high-quality list of contacts replete with accurate and verified information. 


You own the contact information purchased perpetually. There are no hidden membership renewal fees. 


We ensure our data remains up-to-date via a thorough overhaul cycle that occurs once every 45 days. 


We make sure you get what you pay for with our trademark verification process. 

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A urologists email list refers to a compilation of email addresses of specialized and general urologists. Marketers can use these lists for sales, marketing, conducting market research, and recruitment.  

If you want to sell your products/ services to urologists, you can benefit from our mailing list. Medical device or equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, medical publishers, healthcare recruiters, and many more can all use our certified database to conduct their business and generate revenue.

Our urologists mailing list is 95% accurate thanks to our overhaul cycle which occurs every 45 days.

Yes, you can choose the exact segment of the market you want to target with our segmentations. Customizing the data attributes allows you to choose which ones you require for your specific outreach method.

Yes, every contact in the database is sourced ethically. We ensure that contacts have opted-in to receive sales and marketing communication and we comply with local and regional data protection regimes to give your database the much needed authenticity.

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