Companies that Use Slack

Slack is a cloud-based platform used for smooth team communication and offers multiple third-party application integrations. The app makes having — a streamlined space for team members to communicate, share files, and keep track of work progress — possible. It is currently owned by Salesforce.

Here are some stats on Slack:

  • Slack has a market share of 22.75% in the communication industry.

  • Companies utilizing Slack software saw a 32% drop in email usage and reduced time spent on traditional meetings by 23%.

  • Businesses that use Slack also launch their products/services to the market 23% faster.

If you want to connect with the right people at the right time and unlock new opportunities, purchase our list of companies that use Slack and gain access to senior-level decision-makers.

DataCaptive’s sophisticated database goes through advanced data filtering, so you can cut yourself some slack and watch your ROI grow drastically.

Slack Users
Slack Users
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Who Uses Slack?

Slack is a versatile messaging app for businesses and caters to diverse audiences. Small and medium-sized businesses can streamline communication, collaboration, and project management using Slack, while large businesses can use Slack for enhanced internal communication and integrate it with other tools to smoothen cross-functional collaboration. Even remote workers and people working in different time zones can connect with the rest of their team in real-time. 

Top Companies that Use Slack

Targeting the right audience from a long list of companies utilizing Slack can be a leap in the dark for many in B2B marketing. Don’t Worry! Our Slack users list will help shed light on the right audience for YOU so that you can build relevant and profitable business relationships with not just small businesses but also big companies such as Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies that leverage Slack.

companies that use slack

Market Report on Slack

Current Customer(s)


Market Share
Employee Range

1K – 2K

Most Used In
United States

Slack Users by Revenue Size

Your business outputs are guaranteed to be far superior when you unlock the full potential of audience segmentation. Segmenting your target audience by revenue will help you allocate resources optimally and model your approach suitably.

Here are some revenue-based statistics to give you more insights into Slack users:

Slack Users By Revenue

No Data Found

Top Industries and Countries that Use Slack

Different industries and countries have their own unique requirements, pain points, and preferences. By segmenting your audience according to industry and location, you can attune your marketing messages and offerings to resonate with their specific issues, goals, local trends, and cultural nuances.

DataCaptive’s Slack software users email list is just the right fit for you! Gain access to the contact information of key decision-makers of businesses in various industries in the US, UK, and more.  


Slack Customers by Country

No Data Found

Slack Customers by Country

No Data Found

Slack Customers by Industry

No Data Found

Slack Customers by Industry

No Data Found

Other Popular Databases Related to Slack Customers Database

If our Slack customers database piqued your interest, explore our collection of similar databases:

Popular Unified Communications Product DatabasesUSAGlobal
Microsoft SharePoint68,587118,718
Microsoft Teams23,01037,458
IBM Lotus Notes16,32527,730
IBM Lotus Domino15,96028,327
Microsoft SharePoint Online14,34826,033
Workplace by Facebook8,40436,712
GitHub Discussions1623
Social Cloud1223
Zoho Docs1222
Zoho Cliq316
SAP Jam Collaboration1013

Customize the List of Companies that Use Slack

An ideal customer profile (ICP) is an assumed user with the highest chances of benefiting from your product or service. Identifying and targeting your ICP will ensure you direct your marketing message to the right customers, who will spend money on what you have to offer.

DataCaptive’s customization feature lets you segregate your target audience as per your business requirements. Modify our list and access only the contact information that is necessary for your marketing endeavors without wasting time, effort or resources.

Segmentations with Slack Software Users Email List

In a crowded marketing space, sorting through thousands of Slack-using companies without a segmented contact list is laborious and does not guarantee fruitful returns. Our curated Slack customers database lets you dedicate yourself entirely to preparing relevant marketing strategies, while we take care of the rest.

Our Slack users list is segmented according to the following criteria:

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC Code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

Data Attributes with Slack Customers Mailing List

A data attribute is a data field that exhibits the characteristics of a data object, such as customer name, address, phone number, email and more.

Customizing the list of companies leveraging Slack with data attributes related to your marketing efforts will make sure you use only the contact information of audiences suitable for your business needs.

Common data attributes that we offer include:

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone Number

  • Website URL

  • Job Title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC Codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

Sample List of Slack Customers

Company Name Website Employee Size Location Revenue Industry
New York, United States
Virginia, United States
Goldman Sachs
New York, United States
Financial Services
California, United States
Lodging, Hospitality, Homestay.
Stockholm, Sweden
Audio streaming, Podcasting.

If you are still pondering on your decision to go ahead with us, we have a solution! Please go through our sample Slack software users email list and decide for yourself. Our database preview includes information such as ‘Contact Name’, ‘Contact Number’, ‘Job Title’, and more.

Click the button below to get a sneak peek of what we offer!

Multi-Channel Marketing with Slack Users Contact List

Using our Slack users database, you can build focused marketing campaigns through various channels to directly promote your products/services to your ideal customers. This refers to:

Snail Mail Marketing

This method has a personal touch and involves sending out promotional materials to your ideal customers using the postal addresses provided in our Slack users mailing list. This traditional marketing method, when merged with digital marketing methods, can generate powerful results.


Email Marketing

This method involves sending out promotional material through email. It is effective as you don’t have to deal with algorithm changes disrupting your reach. With our Slack customers email list, you can share personalized content that confronts the pain points and needs of your ICP.

Cold Calling

Building a human connection through a call can lay the foundation for a lasting business relationship. It also lets you receive instant feedback and address concerns immediately. Use the verified phone numbers of key decision-makers in our Slack users contact list and engage directly with your ideal customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media ads can help increase your brand visibility where it’s required. Upload information from our Slack users database to the custom audiences feature on social media platforms to create targeted ads. You can also share content that attracts fintech audience and gain engagement.

Pros of Slack Customers Database

The benefits you can obtain as a business owner or marketer by using our targeted Slack customers list are plenty. Some of them are:

  • Increased lead generation and sales revenue
  • Zero wastage in time and effort
  • Valuable market insights
  • Stay ahead of competition

Beneficiaries of Contact List of Companies that Use Slack

If you are a B2B marketer or entrepreneur who provides products/services that are useful for top industrial corporations using Slack, narrow down your search with our Slack users list.

Individuals and organizations that can benefit from our database of Slack users are:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • Software development companies
  • System integration services
  • Industry-specific solutions providers
  • E-commerce platforms
  • And more!

Best-Selling Technology Users Mailing List

Tech companies always have a huge set of software and hardware to fulfill the requirements of businesses all around the world. Some among these are immensely popular and the demand for a list containing bestselling technology users is ever increasing. Explore our list of giants in the tech industry and their most used products.

Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Choose Our Database of Companies that Use Slack?

DataCaptive is a pioneer in the B2B data providers’ market — with a high-quality database full of contact details of genuine Slack users — from a wide variety of industries. Weave your marketing campaigns seamlessly and maximize your conversion rate.

Our data experts source contact information from reliable records, which ensures an 85% email deliverability rate. We also abide by data privacy policies such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM and verify our database through a 7-step AI plus manual verification process.

Our Effectiveness

Our high-quality contact information will see to it that you direct your multi-channel marketing efforts toward the right audience.

Want to know how our lists are effective? Read ahead:


Compliance with global and local data protection laws such as GDPR, ACMA, and CAN-SPAM, among others.


An impressive email deliverability rate of 85%.


Prior consent is taken from contacts to receive marketing communication.


Our Data Guarantee

With our Slack customers mailing list, you can own the following:


A lifetime purchase — no additional costs spent on pesky ownership renewal fees to access your contacts.


95% data accuracy with our 45-day overhaul cycle to eliminate redundant data.


Absolutely genuine, verified, and high-quality data.


Find your ideal buyers from the tech industry with our exclusive technology data card search!

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there are 10,000+ websites using Slack worldwide.

The top competitors of Slack are Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Discord, Zoom, Bitrix24, and Jira.

IT & Services is the industry with the most Slack users (46%).

The US is the country with the highest number of Slack users. 

Hospitals, medical practices, and pharmaceutical companies in the Healthcare industry use Slack app for improved communication among healthcare professionals, streamline patient care, and make remote consultations possible. Some healthcare companies that use Slack are Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

Some consulting companies that leverage Slack are Accenture, Capgemini, Deloitte, IBM, and many more.

We comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, ACMA, etc.

40% of the companies use Slack globally.

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