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Squarespace enables individuals and business firms to build and maintain websites/blog sites. Our list of companies using Squarespace helps promote any services or goods that are relevant to or useful to specific technology users. 

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  • Who Can Use Our List of Companies using Squarespace?

    Digital marketers on various platforms, in productions, and with suppliers of products similar to Squarespace might benefit from companies that use Squarespace.

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    Devise a targeted marketing strategy to increase website traffic, improve brand marketing and speed up lead generation.

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Top Countries That Use Squarespace

The USA accounts for 43% of Squarespace’s customers. They are followed by UK with 8% users and Canada with 14% users. 

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Distribution of Companies That Use Squarespace on Company Size (Employees)

A majority (65%) of the users of Squarespace are small businesses ($50M), 9% are large businesses (>$1,000M), and 18% are medium-sized businesses.

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Distribution of Companies That Use Squarespace on Company Size (Revenue)

Most Squarespace users (66%) are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees, 12% are large businesses with more than 1,000 employees, and 23% are medium-sized businesses.

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Get in front of your audience with our list of Squarespace commerce stores that comply with data policies. Additionally, we only add contacts with permission to our main database; as a result, we only give reliable databases to you! 

Reach your income targets more consistently with us. Online stores using Squarespace can be used to streamline and hasten the lead qualification process.

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Our core database houses all commercial information decision-makers need worldwide, including websites that use Squarespace. Our responsive data navigates you to the target audience by aiding in strategizing the right business marketing plan. Improve engagement and conversion rates, and achieve your corporate goals in no time!

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Eliminate those difficult data files so that you can combine them! We give the most CRM-friendly Squarespace customers list in .xls and .csv formats within 3–5 working days following order confirmation. Once you combine it with one of your cloud-based or CRM systems, your marketing efforts will soar!

Frequently Asked Questions

According to certain studies, 2.96 billion websites are actively using Squarespace. To get in touch with such companies, DataCaptives Squarespace users email list comes in handy. Reach out to us for more details.

Analytics says there are 465,400 sites that are actively using the Squarespace functionality.

Etsy, DoorDash, Cdiscount, Harpers Bazaar, TheRealReal, TP Apparel, and StyleCaster are some big websites incorporating Squarespace for business purposes.

Over 1 million online shops use Squarespace now. As the business makes more investments in its ecommerce services, this number is certain to increase.

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