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Our hospital IT Directors mailing list connects you to 50K+ head of the hospital IT department who oversee the daily tasks and operations under the guidance of the Hospital CIO. Our segmented and fully customizable hospital IT Directors contact database is excellent to locate, target, and prospect your desired audience across the globe.

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Geographically targeted mailing lists to dominate new markets

Country State Counts
US California 5,746
Texas 4,578
New York 5,013
Florida 4,957
Georgia 3,875
North Carolina 4,927
UK England 4,648
Scotland 3,809
Northern Ireland 4,694
Germany Thuringia 5,044
Bavaria 3,856
Australia New South Wales 5,875
Victoria 4,354
Canada Ontario 5,257
Other Countries 20,016

Geographically targeted mailing lists to dominate new markets

We segment our hospital IT Directors contact database geographically to provide the marketers with the real-time location, postal addresses, and zip codes of the prospects to help them plan, design, and execute personalized ABM and other marketing campaigns to enhance SQLs.
Reign globally with CFO geo-targeted database

USPs that guarantee hospital IT Directors mailing list 95% deliverable

Customizable email data set

Broadly segmented lists

Our database is segmented into broad categories like geography, firmographics, and buyer-psychology, which provides a better analysis of the data.

2 Customized

Customized on-demand

We customize all our database requests on the brands’ needs and requirements. Our post-sales service also includes expert inputs for maximum performance.

3 Manual quality check

Mandatory manual QC

The database undergoes a 7-tier verification and opt-in process, including manual QC and AI verification to guarantee 100% authenticity and accuracy.

4 Geo targeted

Geo-targeted data

We provide the prospects’ real-time location and the zip codes, making the mailing lists geographically targeted.

5 Data policy compliant

Global data policy-compliant

We strictly comply with international data laws like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM to increase website DA and reduce spam.

The advanced approach to selling that boosts customer acquisition and retention!

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Prospecting made easy!

The sources from where we collate our hospital IT Directors contact list from:

Online sources

Social media profiles

Company and personal website

Email subscriptions

Online publications

Webinars and talk shows

Communities and forums

Medical institute records

Online government records

Prospecting to hospital CFO contact list

Offline sources

Government records

Offline institute records

Business cards


Seminars and interviews

Magazine subscriptions

Communities and forums

Fairs and events

Fuel your campaigns with an accurate and reliable hospital IT Directors list

Our data-driven hospital IT Directors’ marketing list guarantees 95% deliverability across all marketing channels. Leverage our real-time actionable insights to strategize intelligent business policies and optimize sales campaigns in 170+ countries. Get a detailed hospital IT Directors contact list to maximize campaign results.

Information provided ___________


Full name – Available


Social media profiles – Available


Phone number – Available


Years of experience – Available


Postal address – Available


Subspecialty – Available


Business email ID- Available


Hospital affiliation – Available


Zipcode/ Geographic Location –


SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes –


Full name – Available


Postal Address- Available


Phone Number- Available


Business Email ID- Available


Social Media Profiles- Available


SIC, NAICS, and OCC Codes- Available


Years of experience- Available


Subspecialty- Available


Hospital affiliation- Available


Zipcode/ Geographic Location- Available

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What are the exclusive features of our hospital IT Directors prospect list?


Facilitates highly
responsive campaigns

Our hospital IT Directors list offers detailed information that helps in the planning and execution of ABM, drip, multi-channel and omnichannel campaigns to target high-value accounts.


Easy CRM integration

Our data can be easily integrated into any CRM or cloud-based tool without any third-party involvement ensuring 100% data privacy and safety. It also facilitates easy access in a single platform.   

increased roi

Time and Cost proficient

Our customized mailing lists guarantees optimum utilization of marketing resources for maximum benefits by targeting multiple accounts at one time across various platforms.   


Reduce spam and bounce rates   

Through our opt-in process, we make sure to list prospects who have opted to share their details and receive promotional messages. This reduces spamming and increases your website’s DA.

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24/7 post-sale assistance

Our post-sale service is available round the clock to provide a seamless experience and guide clients in designing profitable campaigns and enhance business potential.

Did U Know

Many growing companies do not recognize the difference between the IT Director and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and thus likely are not benefiting from the value that both can bring to their business.

An IT Director’s responsibilities include oversight of support services, staff management, IT asset lifecycle management, and project management. They are responsible for keeping systems up and running according to the company’s needs.

Differences that set our email lists apart from other providers

Regular email list

  • Data is shared without permission, increasing spams and bounce rates
  • Data is sourced by novices from illegal sources through unethical means
  • Insights and database provided are generic for every business request
  • Data sourcing and other processes do not comply with data policies
  • Data is stale, irrelevant, irresponsive, or fictitious which impacts the ROI

DataCaptive™’s opt-in email lists

  • Contacts opt-in and information is shared after receiving consent
  • Data is collected by industry experts from legal and credible sources
  • Email lists customized to fulfill specific business demands
  • Complies with policies like the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM
  • Manually quality checked for 100% accuracy and 95% deliverability

How do we deliver the hospital IT Directors' email list?

How is the Healthcare CFO email list delivered?
We deliver the customized mailing list to the registered email ID in .xls or .csv formats within 3-5 business days.

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Group 13718

"...surpassed our expectations "

Front & Center Marketing is a full-service marketing agency guiding brands with resourceful efficiency in marketing strategies, programs, brand awareness, and branding strategies.   


To strategize our marketing initiative, we needed a contact database of Key Decision Makers specific to our requirement and reached out to DataCaptive.

Happy to state that the service provided by their team surpassed our expectations and we look forward to a long-term association with Team DataCaptive. Best wishes! 


Avi Scheinbaum

Avi Scheinbaum

Group 13718

"...a wise decision to invest"

Our platform being a digital marketing solution provider, a targeted prospect list is crucial to connect with the right source. The B2B healthcare data generated high-quality leads of healthcare professionals that were eager to work with us. Because of this,we have purchased several lists from Datacaptive.


In my opinion, it was a wise decision to invest in Datacaptive.



Rachel Lemieux

Manager, Demand
Advice Media

Group 13718

"... continue running drip campaigns with their lists"

TipHaus saves restaurant and hospitality managers time, money, and headaches by automating service employees' tip and wage distribution. We were looking to connect and close deals with potential customers when we found Datacaptive as the best among the others.We got a chance to customize


our list and were also provided with various essential categories. We are very excited to continue running drip campaigns with their lists and keep hitting our MRR growth goals.


Leif Magnuson

Leif Magnuson

CEO & Founder

Establish profitable business relations with start-ups to fortune 500 companies!

Align your sales, marketing, and overall business goals for maximum sales!


  • Where is the hospital IT Directors email list sourced from, and how is it verified?

    Expert data scientists and miners collect our data from various online, offline, government, and non-government sources. It later undergoes a stringent 7-tier verification and validation process, including a manual quality check for 100% accuracy and authenticity.

  • Where can I get the best quality hospital IT Directors mailing list in the USA?

    We provide the best manually validated and verified hospital IT Directors mailing list. This data-driven contact list helps brands achieve sustainable growth through profitable marketing and sales campaigns. We completely customize the contact database to enhance multi-channel campaigns, personalized lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and more.

  • What all information fields can I access in the hospital IT Directors contact database?

    The contact list provides details like full name, contact number, email ID, postal address, social media profiles, SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes, geographical location, years of experience, and many more. You can customize your email list to get a prospect list of your business demands and book an appointment directly using details like direct dials, email ID, postal address, and so on.

  • How does a geo-targeted contact list help in improving sales?

    Geo-targeted data provides the real-time geographic location of the prospects and their zip codes. This information helps marketers to design localized and personalized marketing campaigns and target prospects from a specific location. This ensures better communication, more conversions, and improved sales.

  • How does a segmented database help in boosting business?

    A segmented database offers profound insights into the audience, which helps the marketers to understand the market and the buyer easily. This paves the way for them to design campaigns catering to the interest of the audience and thus make bigger sales.

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