Medical and Healthcare Facilities Email List

If you are looking to connect with decision makers from healthcare facilities such as ambulatory surgical centers, blood banks, and birth centers – our Medical and Healthcare Facilities Email List is comprehensive resource for prospecting leads and attaining business partnerships.

Marketers and business owners, such as yourself, can promote products/services to healthcare facilities and gain customers within the sector to create a flourishing sales pipeline.

Our email list can help you connect with decision makers of the medical and healthcare facility through targeted marketing strategies. Here’s how:

  • Verified Contacts: Our healthcare facilities email list is verified and maintained with up-to-date contacts to ensure you get the latest contact details of your target audience.

  • Data Sourcing: We source the data only from trusted and reliable sources and include the information of healthcare facilities only after receiving consent from authorized representatives within those facilities.

  • Data Compliance: We also follow major data privacy regulations so that your marketing communications are never spam materials.

To initiate multichannel marketing campaigns and acquire sales qualified leads for your business, get in touch with us for an exclusive medical and healthcare facilities email list.

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Healthcare Facilities Contacts
Healthcare Facilities Contacts
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Targeted Outreach Using our Healthcare Facilities Email List

The most reliable and efficient approach in marketing is focusing on prospects who are most likely to purchase your offerings. The healthcare sector is extensive and promoting products/services to medical facilities can increase your revenue cycle.

Through sales of products/services such as medical equipment, supplies and consumables, healthcare IT solutions, medical furniture and fixtures, recruitment services, etc., you are bound to maximize your revenue potential and enhance your profitability.

Hence, it is essential to understand who your business caters to the most and promote products/services accordingly. Our medical and healthcare facilities email database, through proper customization, can help you identify potential customers who are ready to invest in your business and streamline effective collaboration.

Medical and Healthcare Facilities Email List

Customizing the Medical and Healthcare Facilities Email List

In order to tailor your marketing efforts, it is essential to tailor your contact resource. We understand that you may need an email list that fits your Ideal Customer Profile. Hence, we allow you to customize the medical and health service facility email list as per your requirement.

Segmenting the Medical and Health Service Facility Email List

Not every healthcare facility will respond to your business offerings if it does not align with their needs. Therefore, segmenting the medical and healthcare facility contact list as per certain sales criteria is essential for identifying your target base among the thousands of healthcare facilities.

  • Facility Type

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • City/State

  • Country

  • Zipcode

  • Organization Size

  • Years of Experience

  • & Many More

Data Attributes in Medical and Healthcare Facilities Email Database

Customize the medical and healthcare facilities email list using necessary data attributes to refine the list with contact information suitable for your marketing campaigns. This refined email list can help you target appropriate decision makers for your business, increasing lead generation, conversion and overall ROI.

  • Contact Name

  • Official Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Years of Experience

  • Cerification & License Number

  • SIC code

  • NAICS Code

  • Geographic Location

  • Social Media Handles

  • & Many More

Our Contact List of Medical and Healthcare Facilities
Facility TypeGlobal CountUSA Count
Rehabilitation Centers22,6459,872
Nursing Homes18,4608,648
Clinical Labs16,0456,475
Assisted Living Facilities14,63513,648
Urgent Care Centers9,6906,489
Adult Day Care Facilities10,2473,792
Psychiatric Facilities8,2757,522
Specialized Outpatient Facilities3,5981,206
Birth Centers1,7461,456
Dialysis Facilities1,682450
Congregated Housing1,146913

Sample List of Medical and Healthcare Facilities Emails

Facility Name Type of Facility Contact Name Job Title Email ID
WellCare Clinic
Outpatient Facility
Michael Dolan
Pinecrest Rehab Center
Rehabilitation Center
Sarah Lee
Harmony Assisted Living
Assisted Living Facility
David Thompson
Beacon Health Center
Psychiatric Facility
Rachel Inglin

Acquire your free sample of the medical and health service facility email list to experience firsthand the quality and accuracy of our actual database. You can request a sample list with information such as ‘Email ID’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘Years of Experience’, ‘SIC Code’, etc.

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Target Marketing with Email List of Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Purchase our email list of medical and healthcare facilities to promote your products/services to the decision-making authorities in healthcare facilities. You can execute such promotional campaigns through targeted marketing strategies, leveraging the comprehensive and accurate contact information provided in our email lists.

Email Marketing

Get access to the email addresses of healthcare facilities with purchase of our medical and healthcare facilities email list. Personalize your content according to the preferences and needs of your target audience, sending out emails with high conversion potential.

Snail Mail Marketing

Through our medical and healthcare facility mailing list, you can get the mailing addresses of healthcare facilities decision makers. You can send out direct mail such as postcards, handouts and other such mailers to create a tangible presence and a long-term business relationship.

Cold Calling

Direct engagement is probably the most efficient way to acquire leads in any zone of the demography. With our medical and healthcare facility contact list, you can gain the phone numbers of healthcare experts and engage in direct conversion, communicating the significance of your products/services.

Social Media Marketing

Boost your conversion rates with this marketing strategy by utilizing the custom audiences feature. By uploading your contact list, you can create targeted ads and identify lookalike audiences on social media platforms who closely resemble your ICP.

Verified Medical and Health Service Facility Mailing and Email List

Our standards for quality are set high. Our medical and health service facility mailing and email list is verified both manually and using AI verification methods for a robust 7-tier validation process. Compliance with global data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM makes us a trustworthy and reliable source for accurate and compliant data.

We assure quality and we persevere towards giving our clients an effortless experience in their marketing endeavors.

Benefits of our Medical and Healthcare Facility Mailing List

With our healthcare facility mailing list, you are subject to various benefits and advantages that marketers without our databases struggle to achieve. Your marketing campaigns will flourish by producing exceptional results with benefits such as:

  • Targeted outreach
  • Increased engagement rate
  • Higher response rate
  • Increased sales qualified leads
  • Boosted conversion rate and ROI
  • Reduced customer acquisition cost

Primary Buyers of our Healthcare Facility Mailing List

Several businesses and services can benefit from purchasing our medical and health service facility mailing and email list. Some examples include:

  • B2B marketers
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare IT and software providers
  • Health insurance companies
  • Medical recruitment agencies
  • Healthcare marketing and advertising agencies
  • Medical education and training providers

Why choose our Healthcare Facilities Email List?

Our medical and healthcare facilities email list is meticulously curated and up to date, providing a database of verified contacts across a diverse range of facilities within the healthcare sector.

We collect data from reliable and trusted sources such as government records, healthcare conferences, seminars, events, eBooks, etc., prioritize accuracy and relevance. We ensure through our list of medical and healthcare facilities email address that our clients have access to decision-makers and key stakeholders.

Our Effectiveness

With our list of Medical and Healthcare Facilities Email Address, businesses can effectively promote their offerings and forge valuable partnerships.


We comply with standardized data protection regimes such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR to ensure secure investment in our databases.


Without a doubt, all the contacts in our databases are 100% opt-in, accepting to receive marketing and promotional communications.


With an 85% email deliverability rate, we ensure that your email communications reach the intended recipients inboxes.

Our Data Guarantee

We offer unparallel value by offering businesses with a resource that empowers lead generation process manifold.


Indefinite possession of the medical facilities email list upon purchasing the database from us.


Verified and updated once every 45 days, we make sure our databases are quality-assured with a 95% accuracy rating.


Our databases are curated with the intent to serve your marketing efforts to the maximum, assuring that your purchase is worth every penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The medical and healthcare facility email list is a database that contains the email addresses and other contact information of decision makers from healthcare facilities. This list can be used for promotion and marketing communication of products/services to a business’s ideal customers.

The medical and healthcare facility email databases is highly credible. With an accuracy rating of 95% and email deliverability rating of 85%, the email list assures that communications sent to these ideal customers reaches recipients’ inboxes successfully.

We source contact information from trusted and reliable sources such as government records, seminar guest lists, opt-in campaigns, and directories.

We, at DataCaptive, comply with CAM-SPAM, GDPR and all the other major data policies to prevent any violations and to ensure fair practices.

Ofcourse, you can get a complimentary sample of our medical and healthcare facility mailing list just by clicking on ‘Request a Sample. 

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