Companies Using Node JS

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that allows software developers to run codes outside of a web browser. Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript for both server-side and client-side programming. 

There are over 100,000 companies using Node JS and it has become the most widely used tool for web development in the United States. With a market share of 1.16% in the programming language category, Node.js has been used in coding more than 6 million websites.  

Since the userbase is large and actively increasing every year, the market demand for its users is also on the rise. Business owners and marketers can offer services/solutions that align with the needs and challenges of companies using Node JS technology to assess and enhance the performance of their existing applications. 

Once you figure out what your target audience needs, you can reach them with the help of our Node JS Customers List. Our email list is the ultimate resource to engage with your target audience and promote your business. Request for a quote now and start prospecting! 

Node JS Users
Node JS Users
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Outreach to Top Companies Using Node JS

Offering services such as custom development and integration, security audits and upgrades, support and maintenance, and scalability planning, can increase the chances of your acquiring big companies that use Node JS as your leads.  

The probabilities for business owners and marketers to reach their desired clients increases tenfold by integrating our Node.js users email list into their marketing campaigns. This is due to the customizable nature of our email list, tailored to address your marketing strategy and promote your offerings to your ideal customers. 

Here is a List of Top Companies Using Node JS

Our Node.js users email database can provide you access to the contact information of key decision-makers within these companies and many others. Create your Ideal Customer Profile, connect with us and engage with your ideal customers. Save valuable time and resources by bypassing any other less efficient outreach methods. 

Companies using node js

Market Report of Node.js

Current Customer(s)


Market Share


Primary Userbase (Industry)


Primary Userbase (Country)


List of Node JS Users – Based on Revenue Size

Different-sized companies have varying budgets; hence marketers can align their proposals on the financial capability of an organizationTo help you with that, here is distribution of companies currently using Node.js based on their revenue size: 

Node JS Users By Revenue Size

No Data Found

Top Industries and Countries that Use Node.js

The top industries using Node JS include information technology and services, computer software, and the marketing sector. Among the top countries using Node JS, the USA stands at the top, followed by India and the United Kingdom.  

Node JS Users by Country

No Data Found

Node JS Users by Country

No Data Found

Node JS Users by Industry

No Data Found

Node JS Users by Industry

No Data Found

Node JS Users List and Similar Framework Databases

We possess the contact information of numerous framework users akin to those using Node.js. You can get in touch with us for your database needs if you need to execute robust and result-oriented outreach strategies. 

Software Framework Global Counts USA Counts
Bootstrap 4,434,769 1,120,153
React 1,157,082 452,940
ASP.NET 896,900 333,128
Ruby on Rails 484,180 155,059
AngularJS 412,883 194,037
MooTools 281,998 71,796
Backbone.js 183,764 75,005
Microsoft.NET 176,872 95,636
AnimeJS 138,322 32,231
DMARC 133,139 37,118
CodeIgniter 96,555 19,115
Express.js 88,643 24,820
Laravel 88,214 16,631
Apache Tomcat 79,990 36,990
Adobe Coldfusion 65,921 43,413
DKIM 57,518 15,524
Firebase 42,470 18,844
TinyMCE 39,244 16,732
Angular 37,615 16,363
Ionic Framework 36,072 15,718
Symfony 34,932 13,299
Cowboy 27,148 9,027
Knockout.js 26,702 10,806
Cornerstone 26,109 11,065
JBoss 25,853 12,533
React Native 25,377 10,265
Vue.js 27,467 10,417
Apple iOS SDK 24,602 13,617
jQuery Mobile 23,322 10,169
VMware vFabric RabbitMQ 24,670 10,919
IBM WebSphere 22,505 13,077
Zend Framework 18,202 5,942
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 18,050 9,404
Highcharts 17,549 6,694
CakePHP 15,220 3,312
Xamarin 15,007 6,956
Kendo UI 12,955 6,600
Google Android SDK 13,465 5,855
Yii 13,591 2,552
Axure 12,704 6,673
Liferay 10,721 3,315
Oracle NetBeans 10,863 4,975
Salesforce Visualforce 10,780 7,834
Appcues 9,882 5,201
Adobe PhoneGap 9,878 4,506
Ember.js 8,977 3,912
Nette 8,950 289
Bulma 8,360 2,176
Oracle Fusion 7,420 4,570
SAP NetWeaver 6,633 3,071
Unreal Engine 6,561 2,963
DevExpress 5,856 2,664
Oracle GlassFish 5,425 2,388
Oracle Application Express 4,724 2,446
DevExpress ASP.NET 4,001 1,512
SAP Fiori 4,174 1,665
Oracle Application Server 3,839 2,126
Sencha 3,945 2,275
BEA Systems 3,566 2,386
Quest TOAD 3,567 2,356
Intuit QuickBase 3,523 3,253
Toad For Oracle 3,367 2,088
Windows Communication Foundation 3,290 2,328
Flask 3,444 2,197
DeviceAtlas 3,014 2,094
Tailwind CSS 4,166 1,745
Hibernate 2,891 1,965
Sequence.js 2,746 653
Apache CXF 2,870 1,849
Play 2,770 1,336
Flutter 2,718 534
JBoss Seam Framework 2,611 1,761
Jetty 2,437 1,010
MediaWiki 2,422 317
JBoss Enterprise Application Server (EAS) 2,380 1,232
Meteor 2,218 853
Zope 2,263 354
OpenLDAP 2,352 1,094
Nuxt.js 2,301 704
Flexera Software 2,230 1,592
Microsoft Power Apps 2,969 1,612
WebDriverIO 2,303 1,280
Apache Cordova 2,217 1,072
Apache log4net 1,784 1,180
IBM WebSphere Portal Server 1,460 812
Apache Struts 1,474 936
Apache Flink 1,499 837
GWT – Google Web Toolkit 1,317 399
Adobe Air 1,291 714
Smooch Technologies 1,280 636
DropWizard 1,345 752
Android NDK 1,292 685
Quarkus 1,450 461
NativeScript 1,295 607
NetSuite SuiteScript 1,296 1,060
JFrog Artifactory 1,395 855
Watir 1,416 1,044
JBehave 1,288 699
Fat-Free Framework 1,143 194
Oracle WebCenter Portal 1,095 709
IBM CICS 1,109 867
SAP NetWeaver Portal 946 476
ICEfaces 889 473
Apache Sling 902 650
Framework7 853 365
Foundation Framework 835 512
Gunicorn 777 460
Nightwatch.js 737 416
Apache Wicket 697 312
Appcelerator 669 342
Copado 839 583
Grails 603 393
Kony 591 342
NetSuite SuiteBuilder 567 448
Riot 553 321
Salesforce Lightning Platform 548 438
JHipster 599 217
Apache MyFaces 537 312
Apache Axis2 550 442
Bottle 505 26
Unity 544 173
Kohana 464 60
Apache Directory 466 291
IBM Worklight 426 217
NetSuite SuiteCloud 421 334
Electron 644 340

Targeted Outreach with Node.js Customers Database

The Node.js userbase is exceptionally vast, with millions of users across various operating systems such as Windows and Linux and spanning diverse industries with companies of varying sizes. Hence, finding your ideal customers among this extensive userbase may present challenges and potentially overwhelm your search system. 

Through thorough research, you can discern the specific needs of your business and formulate an Ideal Customer Profile that outlines the characteristics of prospects who may require your products/services. 

This is where we present you with a unique and efficient strategy: the ability to custom-build a targeted Node.js customers database that aligns with your Ideal Customer Profile. Simply choose the segmented list of Node.js users and customize it using necessary data attributes to get a refined list of your ideal customers for seamless marketing campaigns. 

The Need for a Segmented Node.js Users Email List

A segmented list of companies that use Node JS is the best way to reach customers that resonate with your products/services. This process can ease your search for your ideal customers, bringing in a better engagement rate, which in turn increases the lead generation process and effectively impacts your ROI.  

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

Customize the Node.js Users Email List Using Data Attributes

Data attributes change the structure of your email list to what you require from a marketing perspective. Utilization of data attributes can refine the database and present you with contact information of decision makers who are more likely to engage in productive business collaborations. 

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

Free Sample data of our Node JS Customers List

Company Name Employee Size Revenue Size Contact Name Job Title Location Phone Number
Shantanu Narayen
California, USA
(858) XXX-XXXX
Thomas Dohmke
California, USA
(415) XXX-XXXX
Doug McMillon
Arkansas, USA
(479) XXX-XXXX
Dara Khosrowshahi
California, USA
(408) XXX-XXXX

We offer a free sample list of our actual database that consists of Node JS customers contact information. You can request a sample list to understand the quality and capability of our contact list as your resource in marketing to top companies.  

Click on the ‘Get a Free Sample’ button to acquire your very own snippet of the Node.js users contact list. 

Efficient Marketing with our Resourceful Node JS Users List

In the pursuit of acquiring leads and selling products, businesses and marketers use various marketing channels for promoting their products/services. Yet, without a well-defined campaign strategy and the proper resources, these efforts risk going in vain. 

Our Node JS customers list is a valuable resource that involves a targeted approach to elevate your marketing campaigns. Our customers list allows for personalized communication with your ideal customers, serving as a key to long-awaited results for your business.  

Snail Mail Marketing

Our Node.js users mailing list will provide you with the mailing addresses of key decision-makers in the Node.js community, through which you can craft memorable and responsive content, emphasizing the significance of your business. 

Email Marketing

By obtaining the Node.js users email list, you can have the email addresses of your ideal customers at your fingertips. You can send personalized emails addressing the pain points and challenges faced by Node.js users, positioning your products/services as effective solutions. 

Cold Calling

Initiating cold calling campaigns are subject to instant feedback and valuable customer insights. Having access to the phone numbers of Node.js users will enable you to plan and offer solutions according to their specific needs and preferences.

Social Media Marketing

 Increase the relevancy of your ad campaigns by delivering messages directly to your target audience. This can be achieved by uploading the contact list of companies using Node JS to the custom audiences feature in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  

Benefits of Purchasing our List of Companies Using Node JS

Marketers and business owners reaching out to companies that use Node JS through our email lists can account for numerous benefits such as:  

  • Targeted marketing
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Increased lead generation
  • Boosted ROI and better sales opportunities

Primary Buyers of Node JS Customers List

In order to enhance business operations, you need to understand the compatibility of the userbase with your business. Here is a list of businesses and services who can benefit from purchasing our Node.js customers database: 

  • Technology and Software Providers
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Integration and Middleware Providers
  • Analytics and Monitoring Services
  • E-commerce Solutions Providers
  • Project Management and Collaboration Tools
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Services

Best-Selling Technology Users Mailing List

Every technology company has a massive suite of software and hardware to meet the needs of businesses across the world. A few of these are extremely popular and the demand for a list of bestselling technology users mailing list is ever increasing. Explore our list of giants in the technology industry and their most used products.
Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Choose DataCaptive’s Node JS Users List?

Our commitment to quality is what sets us apart from our competitors. The databases we provide comply with data privacy regulations, ensuring validity and usability of the contact details.  One-of-a-kind verification process takes place to maintain highest standard of quality databases, i.e., a 7-tier manual and AI verification process is conducted by our team of experts.  

We collect data from reliable sources such as business directories, online forums, government records, guest lists of tech seminars, and business journals.  

Our Effectiveness

The email list of companies using Node JS will revamp your marketing strategies for the best and yield results like never before. 


Your investments remain risk-free thanks to our adherence to CAN-SPAM and GDPR guidelines.


Through our verification process, we confirm that all obtained contacts are 100% opt-in, facilitating successful marketing communication efforts.


We refine our lists diligently to achieve an 85% email deliverability rate.

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee that your investment in our database meets the highest standards of accuracy and compliance.


Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – The customer retains the list indefinitely without any renewal costs.


95% Accurate Data – We subject our data to re-verification every 45 days to eliminate redundant data.


Data Verification – Our data undergoes a rigorous AI and Manual verification process to ensure you get your money‘s worth!

Find your ideal customers from the tech industry with our extensive technology data card search!

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript runtime environment that can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and more. 

Some of the top companies that use Node JS are Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber and PayPal. 

Around 100,000 companies around the world across diverse industries utilize Node JS for their web development needs.

The major countries where node.js is utilized the most are companies from the USA, India, UK, Canada and Germany.

Simply fill out a form to request your free sample, and our data experts will reach out to understand your requirements. The provided sample will include contacts information that allows you to inspect the quality and authenticity of our database.

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