Campaign-ready Drift users email list

Drift is an automation tool that helps companies engage in personalized conversations with customers at the right time in real-time via chat, video, voice, or email. With over 100K companies that use Drift, connect with the right ones using our verified and validated Drift users lists and promote responsive marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

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New York4,972
North Carolina5,321
Northern Ireland3,692
AustraliaNew South Wales2,631
Other Countries 20,317


Here is a geo-targeted list of companies using Drift

We geographically target our Drift users mailing list to provide marketers with local insights and make them more actionable and responsive. Broaden your sales bracket by connecting your team with the right targets from across the world.

Refer to the data counts table for the real-time Drift users


Guaranteed 95% deliverability and 4X ROI

We are the one-stop destination for all sorts of business email lists and other B2B contact data. Our detailed contact database has been recorded to provide 95% deliverability across all online marketing channels and increase ROI 4X. Refer to the table below and have a look at the information we provide about individuals and companies along with job titles you can focus on.

Information available

  • Company name – Available
  • Phone number – Available
  • Website URL – Available
  • Business email ID – Available
  • Social media handles – Available
  • Company asset size – Available
  • Fax number – Available
  • Year of the establishment – Available
  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes – Available
  • Geographical location/Zipcode – Available
  • Industry sector – Available

Job titles to target

  • Assistant Relationship Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Digital Analyst
  • Associate Technical Support Engineer
  • TSM Backup Admin
  • Mainframe DB2 System Programmer
  • Senior Full Stack Web Developer
  • Support Specialist
  • Mainframe Storage Specialist
  • ServiceNow Specialist
  • More…

Other Technology users email list:

Invest in relevant and resourceful Drift customers’ database

Our data quality is our pride. Our expert data miners and scientists collate each database diligently from various sources. It is followed by a 7-tier verification process, including manual QC and opt-in process.
Here are some of the sources from where we collate our database.

Our Sources ___________________


Company directory


Product and company websites


Software platforms


Company social media profiles


Tech fairs and events


Survey forms


Online subscriptions


Yellow pages


Tech portals


Public domain

Some of our best-selling technology email lists

  • Adobe users email list
  • Comcast users email list
  • Digium users email list
  • IBM users email list
  • MS Office 365 users email list
  • Oracle Cloud users email list
  • Oracle Database users email list
  • QlikView users email list
  • SAP ERP users email list
  • Sage Intacct users email list

Actionable Drift users email address to drive sales globally

Our Drift software users email database provides vital support to the sales and marketing team in promoting your brand. Improve brand credibility and boost brand image by building customer loyalty.


Segmented database on broad categories for better access and usage


Geo-targeted lists with zipcode details for each prospect


Detailed database, especially curated for multi-channel campaigns


Manual QC and opt-in process on top of AI verification for 100% accuracy


Quarterly updated master database through a manual verification


Compliance with the GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and ANTI CAN-SPAM

USPs of our Drift users’ list that set it different from other service providers

Other providers

  • Might collate data unethically from illegal sources
  • Entire processing might not comply with data policies
  • Do not customize the mailing list, impacting its output
  • Information is shared without consent, increasing spam
  • Incomplete verification, thus circulate stale or irrelevant data

Our opt-in Drift users contact list

  • Expert data scientists collect data from credible sources
  • Strict adherence to global and regional data policies
  • Fully personalized and customizable lists for maximum impact
  • Opt-in list where information is shared after leads have consented
  • 7-tier verification including manual QC and AI for 100% accuracy

How is the email list delivered?


The list of Drift users’ database is delivered within 3-5 working days in .xls or .csv formats and can be easily integrated into any CRM tool.


Companies like Intercom, BirdEye, Freshchat, Podium, Freshdesk, Qualified, Zoho SalesIQ, and Helpshift use Drift for conversational marketing. If you are into developing software solutions, plugins, services related to Drift, or other related technology, you can leverage our Drift users mailing list to connect with Drift users and broaden your sales funnel.

We strive to deliver the best quality business lists by continuously verifying and updating them with the most recent and relevant customer insights. Our manual verification and opt-in process ensure that the email list is spam free and increase your website DA. Leveraging our Drift users’ mailing database can turn your potential leads into paid customers and boost sales in the long run.

We source our Drift users list from various online, offline, government, and non-government sources like subscription lists, technology shows, company websites, and so on.

The geo-targeted mailing database of Drift software users helps you target prospects from specific geographical locations through localized and personalized marketing campaigns and expand globally. It brings you closer to prospects from particular geographies, and you can curate campaigns to target their likes and preferences.

Worry not! We’re available to clear your queries via calls or emails. You can join our community forum and interact with industry professionals too. In case of complaints, you can raise a ticket and track its status also. Just click here to know more and get the support you deserve! We are always happy to help.

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