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What is Enterprise Application Integration?

EAI is a pre-built connector software that enables multiple software that an organization uses to meet and communicate for data processing, updating and designing, deploying, and managing data. Integrate our enterprise application integration customers list and conduct seamless sales and a positive success graph.

Market Share of Enterprise Application Integration

With research, 66 products are tracked as a part of the EAI category, with 191,822 companies using enterprise application integration as an integral part of their venture. Take hold of our exclusive enterprise application integration users email list at the most competitive pricing for business.
Companies Using Enterprise Application Integration :

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Guaranteed Breakthrough with Enterprise Application Integration

DataCaptive is renowned for its competitive pricing structure for better investment choices by industries and organizations. Grab on to our list of companies who use enterprise application integration and more to incur the perks of being our family at its best.
Enterprise Application Integration Users List
  • Apache Kafka
  • IBM Websphere MQ
  • Mulesoft
  • BizTalk Server
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Apache ActiveMQ
  • Zapier
  • Apigee
  • Apache Camel
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Axway
  • Tibco Enterprise Message Service
  • EXTOL Business Integrator
  • IBM Aspera
  • Attachmate
  • SnapLogic
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
  • Infor ION
  • red hat jboss fuse
  • Layer 7
  • Tibco Designer
  • Tibco Rendezvous
  • IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules
  • Altova MapForce
  • WSO2 Enterprise Integrator
  • NetSuite SuiteTalk
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks
  • Software AG webMethods Connectivity
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Mashery
  • Apache ServiceMix
  • Celigo
  • Tibco Adapter
  • Progress Sonic
  • Sybase EAServer
  • Azure Event Hubs
  • Lawson System Foundation
  • Tibco RTView
  • GoAnywhere MFT
  • Genesys Gplus Adapter
  • BMC Middleware Management
  • Amberpoint
  • HP SOA Systinet
  • Apache RocketMQ
  • Informatica Ultra Messaging
  • Fiorano
  • QAD QXtend
  • Oracle SOA Cloud Service
  • ASG-becubic
  • Progress Orbacus
  • Apache Synapse
  • Oracle Secure Global Desktop
  • Tibco Substation ES
  • Tibco ActiveMatrix Service Bus
  • Progress DataXtend
  • HostBridge
  • Progress Actional
  • Informatica RulePoint
  • Riva CRM Integration
  • Apache Pulsar
  • Moskitos
  • Autonomy IDOL Connectors
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Frequently Asked Questions

Databases and lists are delivered upon purchase confirmation in 3-5 business days to registered email IDs. The data is presented in either .xls or .csv formats for easy integration into preferred CRMs for marketing data.
A few companies that use EAI are Oracle Fusion Middleware, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, IBM ILOG, Tibco Enterprise Message Service, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules.
The data in the central system is put through a meticulous 7-tier AI and manual verification along with a 45-day cycle of eliminating duplicate and redundant data to ensure that marketing messages are delivered to the purchase intent audience.
It is important to note that DataCaptive does not have a specific pricing structure for databases and contacts. Based on the marketing and sales requirements provided by the organization during segmentation and customization, the law practice management users list will be priced accordingly.
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