Oracle Cloud Application Users List

As a cloud-based solution, Oracle Cloud Applications works closely with the top 500 Fortune companies for efficiency and productivity. Doubling as a cloud service provider and a database management system, it has risen to the occasion of being an ally for companies who adopt its technology. 

With an estimated brand value of almost USD 90 billion, Oracle is ranked among the world’s top 20 most valuable brands. And its star, Oracle Cloud Applications, makes it an asset, and its users are prime niche targets for marketing. 

Touch base with users of Oracle Cloud Application on SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and LaaS platforms with our Oracle Cloud Application users list by your side. Close deals confidently while our authentic and credible data helps you build and execute the best campaign! 

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Oracle Cloud App Users

10, 600+


Oracle Cloud App Users


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Popularity of Oracle Cloud Applications among Companies

Oracle Cloud Application optimizes business, makes decision-making faster, and outpaces change. Its core goals have grown over the construction, retail, and automotive industries. It has spanned over companies with less than 50 employees, with 69% of users from the global market. 

Oracle Cloud Application is prominent in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and Brazil. With our geo-targeted Oracle Cloud Applications customers list, you can easily target top companies in top countries! 

Targeting your prospects by just Oracle cloud’s prominence in countries, or the number of users can limit your campaign game. By acquiring our list of Oracle Cloud Applications users, you can specifically target the sector and section where Oracle Cloud Application is popular. Get started toward success today!

List of Top 10 Companies Using Oracle Cloud Applications

These are just the tip of the iceberg for us. Get instant access to top companies and their key decision-makers with a click! Obtain our Oracle Cloud Applications users email list. Discover high-end clients who will benefit you long-term.

oracle cloud application users list

Companies using Oracle Cloud and its Market Share

Current Customer(s)


Market Share


Most Used In
United States of America



Companies Using Oracle Cloud Applications by Revenue

The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and revenue decide who makes the list for your campaigns and who doesn’t. Our graph represents companies that use Oracle Cloud Applications by revenue. Finalize your ICP and start attracting the right prospects for your business today!

Companies Using Oracle Cloud Applications by Revenue

No Data Found

List of Oracle Cloud Applications Users by Industry and Country

Precise geo-targeting of top companies using Oracle Cloud Applications can assist you in bringing the best solutions for your firm to the best prospects. Our graph represents the top countries and industries that hold the power to get you deals. Begin the start of a new journey with our insights for you!

Top Countries Using Oracle Cloud Applications

No Data Found

Top Countries Using Oracle Cloud Applications

No Data Found

Top Industries Using Oracle Cloud Applications

No Data Found

Top Industries Using Oracle Cloud Applications

No Data Found

Exploring Beyond Oracle Cloud Applications Users List

Oracle Cloud Applications provides high-end security, multiple cloud services, and scalable solutions that aid in ERP and CRM integrations. Explore more similar products and their users with DataCaptive!

Cloud Platforms and Services USA Counts Global Counts
Amazon AWS 3,260,175 1,265,416
Google Cloud Platform(GCP) 991,917 578,507
Amazon S3 900,393 469,660
Rackspace 434,256 235,009
Microsoft Azure 401,853 172,204
Amazon EC2 268,734 163,028
DigitalOcean 482,000 161,828
Google Compute Engine 139,764 105,786
Linode 232,358 100,104
CyrusOne 127,907 95,599
Internap 150,314 92,526
Amazon Elastic Load Balancing 174,739 90,244
SoftLayer 144,099 67,334
iWeb 31,589 56,577
LeaseWeb 128,808 34,143
QuadraNet 30,693 15,304
Vultr 36,722 13,204 19,306 12,558 Heroku 18,249 10,595
AWS Lambda 14,069 8,451
WestHost 10,985 8,408
Webair 9,767 6,688
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) 7,216 4,984
GigeNET 7,391 4,888
Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk 6,918 4,369
Amazon AWS CloudFormation 6,066 4,216
Viawest 3,734 3,872
Azure Functions 7,088 3,757 95,311 3,404
Google App Engine 5,569 3,191
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 4,631 3,187
Dell Boomi AtomSphere 3,452 2,630
Tencent Cloud 37,435 2,541
iomart 39,166 2,458
Equinix 18,370 2,383
VMware vCloud 3,419 2,068
JaguarPC 4,654 1,656
WebNX 4,702 1,585
Informatica Cloud 1,948 1,560
NFOrce Entertainment 4,860 1,498
Azure Pipelines 2,782 1,491
Symantec Veritas Cluster Server 2,079 1,397
acens Technologies 20,485 1,220
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 1,674 1,046
Dimension Data 1,787 1,007
ProfitBricks 3,196 1,000
SAP Cloud Platform 1,931 811
M247 7,838 787
OpenStack 1,365 754
Alibaba Cloud 9,028 691
UpCloud 7,073 656
GoGrid 756 645
WorldStream 5,173 582
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 763 572

Why a Customized Oracle Cloud Applications Users Mailing List?

A customized list of Oracle Cloud Applications customers makes scouring through the comprehensive database much more accessible. It additionally grants more accuracy in the search of leads. With us, you get just the right solution to your problem. 

We offer 10+ segmentations and 40+ customizable data fields with our Oracle Cloud Applications customers database. Grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Specify your preferences to our data experts and get a list of your ideal customers in hand!

10+ Segmentations in Oracle Cloud Applications Users Contact List

Segmentations are key to narrowing down the perfect audience for your email marketing campaign. By getting a segmented Oracle Cloud Applications users contact list, you can rest assured you get to personalize your marketing strategy for profits perfectly.

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More

40+ Data Fields in Oracle Cloud Applications Users Email List

Customization helps you personalize your marketing campaign to accomplish high conversion rates and returns. Pick from our 40+ data attributes that can help you achieve your campaign objectives. Pay for only what you choose!

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More

Free Sample of Oracle Cloud Applications Clients Email Addresses

Company Name Website Employee Size Location Revenue Industry
California, United States
$31.9 B
Oregon, United States
$24.6 B
Universal Studios
California, United States
$2.9 B
Zoom Video Communications
California, United States
$4.4 B
California, United States
$8.4 B
Consumer Services

We believe in gaining trust before business. One look at our sample is enough to know what we are talking about. Seize this opportunity and request a free sample to test our quality and accuracy. Switch to DataCaptive for your data requirements now!

Oracle Cloud Applications Users Contact List – Easy Marketing for You

Multi-channel marketing is an approach that any smart marketer would adopt for better campaigns and business. It is your chance to adopt this approach, and let us help you with the grunt work it requires – Oracle Cloud Applications users email database.  

Our customized list of Oracle Cloud Applications customers is compatible with any major approach you adopt for multi-channel marketing. It can include emails, telephone calls, social media, or mailing. Why wait? 

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Snail Mail Marketing

Direct mail can prove your brand’s existence and build trust with local businesses. Send out brochures, catalogs, handouts, and more with our 100% opt-in Oracle Cloud Applications users mailing list. Expand your way out to the global market for brand engagement and growth.

Email Marketing

Cold emails are the way to make a great first impression and present your solutions and services. By acquiring Oracle Cloud Applications clients email addresses by DataCaptive, you reach the right prospect at the right time. Get your tailor-made list and personalize it for profit!

Cold Calling

A well-scripted cold call holds beyond what personalization can do for business. Get started on the phone call with the Oracle Cloud Applications contact list. Address the pain points and challenges that hold them from choosing your company for solutions now!

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have enabled marketers to reach prospects directly. Upload Oracle Cloud Applications users contact information into your preferred platform. Send DMs or begin targeted ads that help you present your solution to your prospects now!

Benefits of Oracle Cloud Applications Users Email Database

DataCaptive ensures to provide the best of benefits to its customers with Oracle Cloud application users list.

  • Customized lists for different requirements.
  • 95% accurate data for easy marketing communications.
  • Cost-effective lead generation for budget-friendly campaigns.
  • The customer perpetually owns the list after purchase.

Who Benefits from Oracle Cloud Applications Customers List?

Companies and industries looking to reach out for product promotions can benefit from our cloud application users list. If you are unsure whether you require our databases, here are some companies and industries that can benefit by our contacts.

  • Finance and accounting software
  • Healthcare IT services
  • E-commerce and retail technology providers
  • Supply chain management solutions
  • Human resources and talent management solutions
  • Telecommunications infrastructure providers
  • Cloud security solutions
  • And more!

Best-Selling Technology Users Mailing List

Every technology company has a massive suite of software and hardware to meet the needs of businesses across the world. A few of these are extremely popular and the demand for a list of bestselling technology users mailing list is ever increasing. Explore our list of giants in the technology industry and their most used products.
Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Choose Oracle Cloud Applications Customers Database?

DataCaptive believes that customer satisfaction is business growth. With us, you can always expect authentic data, email deliverability with lower bounce rates, and credible data that helps you reach the right people at the right time. 

Incorporate our Oracle Cloud Applications users list into your campaigns and discover our effectiveness and guarantees help you advance in the long term in the form of conversion rates, high open rates, and returns on investments.

Our Effectiveness

We trust in our lists to ease your marketing campaigns in real-time with verified data.


We adhere to global data policies such as CAN-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR for risk-free investments.


We ensure that we provide 100% opt-in data for spam-free campaigns.


We refine our lists to reach 85% email deliverability.

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee credible, reliable, and authentic data for your email marketing campaigns.


Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – The customer owns the list perpetually after purchase with no renewal costs from DataCaptive.


95% Accurate Data – Our data is subjected to a 45-day overhaul to eliminate redundant and duplicate data for accuracy.


Verified Data – The contact data sourced is subjected to a rigorous 7-tier human and AI verification to deliver your money’s worth!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle Cloud is a software that works closely with big data applications. It is majorly used for its security features, making it the most secure database management system for businesses. It helps ingest any type of data for a given industry.

DataCaptive does not follow a fixed pricing structure. A quote for your customized list can be requested from our data experts. For more information, please visit the Pricing Page or Support DataCaptive.

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At DataCaptive, contacts are updated every 45 days to ensure redundant and duplicate data are eliminated to maintain accuracy.

Anyone in the B2B industry can purchase our list of companies using Oracle Cloud Applications. Companies and individuals who benefit the most from this purchase are Finance and accounting software providers, Healthcare IT services, E-commerce and retail technology providers, Supply chain management solutions, Human resources and talent management solutions, Telecommunications infrastructure providers, and Cloud security solutions.

Some top companies that use Oracle Cloud Applications are Airbnb, Bank of America, Medtronic, Hitachi, Universal Studios, FedEx, Genesys, Adidas, Zoom, and Uber Freight.

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