Maximizing ROI: Marketing Automation Customers List Insights

A marketing automation costumers list is a gathered database of contact information of companies and individuals who actively use marketing automation software and tools to automatically send their messages. This list helps businesses seeking to connect with potential customers using B2B marketing automation. This list simplifies your outreach efforts by saving your time and resources, which results in higher ROI. 

Statistics on marketing automation software and users:  

  • Using marketing automation software helps in effective marketing strategy as it contributes 46%. 

  • Projected annual growth of marketing automation is 22.8%, with a thriving market. 

  • 76% of businesses employing marketing automation see increased revenue within the first year. 

  • Effective use of marketing automation leads to a 53% higher conversion rate. 

The list of companies utilizing marketing automation appeals primarily to sales directors and business owners aiming to enhance their marketing strategies and operations through automation. To improve lead generation and to gain customer engagement, top positioned job roles such as digital marketing directors, CRM managers, and E-commerce managers develop interest in integrated solutions.

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Marketing Automation Products Customers List

Targeted Approach with Marketing Automation Software Users List

You can boost your conversion rates by enhancing your chances to your relevant clients through narrowing down your target group. By reducing wrong resource allocation with irrelevant leads, our lists as an cost-effective approach guarantees that you meet the demands of your desired market! 

You can showcase how good your products are, compared to other automation solutions, and create the intrigue your target audience expects with new products. This makes you stand ahead of your competitors, which helps in successful growth.

Customizing your content helps you to communicate directly with your target customers. This is where the targeting approach paves the way for marketing success. As a result, engagement rates rise, and marketing initiatives become more efficient and effective.

Optimizing Reach with Companies Using Marketing Automation

We offer various methods to focus on your target audience who are interested in your products. Use our marketing automation software users list to quickly narrow down your focus to your intended audience. With factors such as ‘Job Title’, ‘Product’, ‘Location’, and more, we reduce your marketing waste and give you more time to plan for turning leads into paying customers.

10+ Segmentations Available for Marketing Automation users

Our segmentation service has the ability to provide you with an advantage of having a higher competitive edge. According to your requirements, the database is segmented into groups. This holds significance as it enables you to pinpoint the precise audience, tailored to their individual needs and interests.

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More

40+ Customization Options in Marketing Automation Software Users List

Tailoring your contact database for marketing automation products is more important to move forward to success. By specific data attributes, you smoothly pave the way to strategize a multichannel marketing approach to effortlessly engage with your target customers.

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More

Marketing Automation Platforms User Lists

Marketing Automation Products Global USA
Mailchimp 1,537,288 878,445
HubSpot 893,400 429,069
SendinBlue 259,338 56,115
ActiveCampaign 170,202 72,024
Pardot 112,341 67,083
Marketo 88,230 55,932
Infusionsoft 49,206 36,072
SharpSpring 47,574 30,798
ManyChat 35,055 18,405
Oracle Eloqua 28,740 15,630
Drip 24,186 14,526
GetResponse 23,847 8,133
SendPulse 23,199 13,077
Sender 20,850 3,855
Autopilot 17,844 8,607
Act-On 13,074 9,807
Omnisend 9,786 3,519
Ontraport 9,228 6,324
Moosend 5,787 1,965
SendX 5,424 2,007
EngageBay 1,782 777
LeadSquared 1,416 1,101 1,266 225
Mautic 1,032 255 972 309
Salesmate 669 441
BIGContacts 18 15

Top Companies that Use Marketing Automation Software

Company Name Tech Stack Used Employee Size Revenue (USD) Contact Name Job Title Company Location Phone Number Official Email ID
HubSpot Marketing Hub
$6.76 billion
Daniel Ek
New York
The Hartford Financial Services Group
$22.36 billion
Christopher J. Swift
The New York Times
$209.9 million
Meredith Kopit Levien
New York
$4.756 billion
Shantanu Narayen
$198.3 billion
Satya Nadella

We have provided a snippet from our extensive list of companies that use marketing automation products. There are additional data attributes for you to pick that include ‘Industry’, ‘NAICS code’, ‘SIC code’, ‘Website URL’, ‘Fax Number’, and ‘Social Media Info’. These details are instrumental for a successful marketing campaign, particularly in areas such as lead nurturing and your product in your customers’ shopping carts

Feel free to request a free sample, allowing you to experience the quality of our marketing automation software customers database. Simply click on ‘Request a Sample’.

Enhancing Engagement with Marketing Automation Users

Establishing connections with companies specializing in market automation is crucial for any business in the technology industry.  

Utilizing their email contacts is a strategic approach to engage with them directly. It opens up numerous opportunities to have meaningful conversations centered around their interests. This helps in focusing on your target audience, which gives an advantage in the conversion process from potential leads to clients. 

By leveraging the marketing automation customers list, the aim is to reach more customers via a diverse range of marketing campaigns. It enables you to reach your audience more effectively by presenting your products through their preferred marketing channels.

Email Marketing

The best and the most impactful way of connecting with your customers would be by using the email list of marketing automation users. This enables your goods to reach a wide range of audiences, which helps you facilitate communication with both existing and new customers. Get high engagement and conversions instantly!

Snail Mail Marketing

Take the upper hand in this less competitive marketing method. By using the marketing automation software customers database, you have the advantage of setting yourself apart from your competitors. These mail campaigns such as catalogs, postcards, letters, and dimensional mailers present your products in different ways, enhancing memorability.

Cold Calling

Although considered an older method of sales and marketing outreach, it still offers numerous advantages. Through the marketing automation users phone number list, engage in direct communication with desired customers, enabling swift feedback that can lead to timely corrections of any mistakes.

Social Media Marketing

This approach stands out as the best method to boost brand exposure. Leveraging the custom audience feature on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and others helps you to upload tailored audience lists. This allows you to promote your products both to your intended audience and to relevant audiences, resulting in improved customer engagement.

DataCaptive Database: A Verified Marketing Automation Customers List

Our marketing automation software users list undergoes a rigorous 7-tier manual and AI verification process, ensuring data accuracy from trustable sources including industry associations, business directories, market research firms, government databases, company websites and more. 

The list from DataCaptive complies with data policy laws such as GDPR, CCPA and more to protect the privacy of the list. The validation process checks the varied inputs that lead to consistent and high-quality outputs, and our verification checks to ensure who they claim to be. Purchasing the list of companies that use marketing automation from DataCaptive helps you to increase your ability to reach your desired audience with precision.

Advantages of Marketing Automation Software Customers Database

With the marketing automation customers email list, you can effectively build the base of your business and you can gain various advantages. They are:

  • Could easily focus on your target audience.
  • Reduce labor expenses that would cost by automating tasks.
  • Improves the responsibility and transparency of both sales and marketing teams.
  • Substitute repetitive manual activities with automated emails and features.
  • Increases conversion rates.
  • It provides opportunities for personalization.
  • Allows for analysis of feedback and insights.
  • Offers strategic advantages.
  • Adherence to data privacy regulations.

Benefits of Marketing Automation Users List

Marketing automation software can benefit various businesses to automize and to reduce the work. Here we list a few that can benefit from marketing automation software:

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Content publishers
  • B2B companies
  • SaaS companies
  • Lead scoring and nurturing
  • Event management and promotion
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Real estate agents
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare providers
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality and travel industry

Why Choose Marketing Automation Software Customers List by Us?

By opting for DataCaptive, you gain access to the most reliable list of companies using marketing automation. We collect contact information from trustworthy sources such as directories, government records, opt-in forms, and more. Later, the resources go through various processes to keep them clean and updated. We also provide two services, namely segmentation and customization, that help you in target marketing. This data stands out as one of the finest resources for enhancing customer experience.

Our Effectiveness

Maximize your impact with our databases, which have updated contact details to achieve a better response rate.


Our compliance with global and local data protection regimes such as EDPS and GDPR ensures a risk-free investment.


We ensure all our contacts have opted-in to receive sales and marketing communications.


We have refined our list by ensuring 85% email deliverability.

Our Data Guarantee

We assure you a reliable contact list of customers using marketing automation tailored for a greater marketing endeavor.


Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – Once the list is purchased, the customer owns the list with no renewal of ownerships.


95% data accuracy – Our 45-day overhaul cycle ensures that the data you receive is up to date.


Our rigorous verification process ensures that you get worth of your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A marketing automation clients list is a database that includes contact information of companies and institutions who use b2b marketing automation software for marketing processes and for customer engagement. It is an invaluable tool for companies that are trying to reach out to prospective customers.

DataCaptive gathers and provides highly reliable marketing automation products customers list from credible sources. These include industry events, trade shows, online registrations, business directories, and government records for a comprehensive list. Additionally, for accuracy and relevance, this undergoes verification processes.

DataCaptive’s marketing automation product users list is sources from reliable platforms. Each list goes through a rigorous 7-tier AI and manual verification process. The list is regularly updated to make it authentic.

At DataCaptive we offer you high deliverability and accuracy rates. Not only our marketing automation software customers database, all our databases strive for an accuracy rate of 95% and an email deliverability rate of 85%.

Yes, DataCaptive adheres to data privacy regulations such as CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA, ACMA, and others to ensure data security and to protect consumer privacy.

Top industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, technology, retail, and more use marketing automation to streamline their marketing efforts and to enhance customer engagement.

59% of Fortune 500 companies use marketing automation for the enhancement of their marketing strategies and for customer engagement.

About 45,367 + companies are using marketing automation to optimize their marketing campaigns and improve customer interactions.

DataCaptive™ Inc.

DataCaptive provides Data-Driven, Data Intelligence & Data insights Services with optimized strategies for businesses across the globe. DataCaptive’s services are designed to drive marketing efficiency & ingredients to increase ROI, strengthen the communication channels between businesses and their customers across all Industries.
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