Companies using Artificial Intelligence Products

Are you looking for an email list that can help promote your products/services to companies using artificial intelligence products? Then, you are in the right place!  

DataCaptive’s Artificial Intelligence Users Email List is a considerate resource that enables targeted marketing campaigns, allowing you to generate sales relevant leads through effective customer engagement.  

Marketing your offerings to AI product users can add significant value to your business. Industries such as enterprise, cybersecurity, healthcare, banking, automotive, marketing and many more have witnessed an increase in their revenue growth since the inception of AI.  

Therefore, getting in touch with the decision makers of companies that use AI products can prove to be a turning point in your business development journey. This brand recognition process can be achieved through our email list and here’s why: 

  • Accurate Database: The email list of companies using AI platform is of the highest quality boasting an accuracy rating of 95%. 

  • Data Compliance: The users’ database complies with global and local data privacy standards, ensuring reliability for purchasers like business owners and marketers. 

  • Data Verification: We employ a 7-tier AI and manual verification process to produce and maintain absolute quality of our databases. 

These are just a few compelling reasons as to why purchasing our email list can upgrade your marketing strategies and help achieve unparalleled business growth.  

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Statistics of Companies using AI Platform

  • Industries: The top industries that use AI products are Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT and Marketing. Since the userbase is growing rapidly in all industries, it is less probable to acquire the exact percentage and market share of Artificial Intelligence Products.

  • Company: There are over 350,000 companies using AI products. In terms of company size, there are 50,000+ companies with 0-9 employees, 15,000+ with 20-49 employees, 65,000+ with 100-249 employees and 100,000+ companies with a greater number of employees.

  • Countries: The United States of America has the largest install base of AI products, followed by UK, Canada, India and Germany. 

By 2030, the GDP of the United States is projected to increase by 21% with the dominance of AI products in all business sectors. Therefore, our artificial intelligence customers list can empower your marketing strategies and help you get in touch with the decision makers of companies using AI. 

Targeted outreach using Artificial Intelligence Users Email List

Given the multitude of companies using AI products, Your Ideal Customer profile (ICP) will determine who your products/services caters to the most. Purchase our targeted list of companies using artificial intelligence products and gain access to the contact information of decision makers.  

You can customize the list according to your ICP, which will tailor your outreach efforts, targeting decision-makers and influencers who actively using AI products in their business endeavors. 

Companies using Artificial Intelligence Products

Customize the List of Artificial Intelligence Products Users

With over 350,000 companies using AI platform worldwide, precision targeting is essential. Our artificial intelligence customers list is segmented to assist you in identifying your target audience. 

Once you opt for the segmented AI products users database of your choice, you can utilize data attributes to further customize the email list, pinpointing the contact information of your ideal customers. This customization in the list of artificial intelligence products customers enhances your marketing efforts and produces better opportunities in generating quality business leads.

Segmented List of Companies Using Artificial Intelligence Products

Segmentation is carried out to categorize the database as per criteria such as ‘Industry’, ‘Job Title’, ‘Revenue Size’, and more. By segmenting the users contact list, we simplify the search process in finding AI product users who closely align with your ideal customer profile (ICP). 

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More

Data Attributes to sort the Artificial Intelligence Users List

Utilize data attributes such as ‘Phone Number, ‘Email ID’, ‘Geographic Location’ and more to customize the artificial intelligence customers list and obtain the required contact details of your ideal customers. This strategic approach enables personalized and direct communication with your ideal customers for promoting products/services through targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More

Databases of Companies that Use AI Products

AI Product Global Install Base USA Install Base
Google Translate API 309,696 107,921
TensorFlow 22,283 11,001
Keras 13,005 6,259
OpenCV 10,974 4,890
Azure Machine Learning 3,305 1,835
neon 2,414 2,236
WSO2 2,219 968
Dataiku DSS 1,453 676
Apache Mahout 1,419 902
MXNet 1,348 860
Apache MLLib 545 380
scikit-image 463 243
Apache OpenNLP 368 228
NeoWize 310 114
TextBlob 312 189
Figure Eight Platform 227 196
Google Cloud AI Platform 231 130
H2O 206 160
Deeplearning4j 188 106
Amazon Rekognition 163 96
OpenAI 1,782 991
Stanford CoreNLP 122 95
ROOT 119 72
Domino Data Science Platform 123 107
FuzzyWuzzy 119 79
Google Cloud Vision API 102 68
Microsoft Computer Vision API 88 54
NLTK 72 60
Google Cloud Machine Learning 62 40
Neuron 62 47
LingPipe 56 39
BMC TrueSight Operations Management 61 30
Unmetric 54 39
TFLearn 52 27
Synthesys 39 28
NVIDIA Drive 90 48
Google Translation API 40 24
Apache cTAKES 39 39
CognitiveScale 35 25
Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS) 27 18
Yseop 23 9
Aera 23 13
BenevolentAI 20 4
spaCy 22 16
textacy 21 11
Microsoft Face API 18 9
Google Cloud Natural Language API 18 12
Amazon Polly 16 12
Oracle Artificial Intelligence 16 7
Arria 18 12
Petuum 14 11
Bing Spell Check API 14 4
Wipro HOLMES 12 6
Converseon 11 9
Teneo Platform 12 4

Sample Data of Artificial Intelligence Users List

Company Name Tech Stack Employee Size Revenue (USD) Contact Name Job Title Location Phone Number
flywheel AI
$574.7 billion
Andy Jassy
Seattle, USA
(650) XXX-XXXX
IBM Watson
$61.85 billion
Arvind Krishna
New York, USA
$3.20 billion
Sam Altman
San Francisco, USA
Northrop Grumman
$36.60 billion
Kathy J. Warden
Virginia, USA

You can request a free sample of the companies using AI platform. Our sample list will give you a better understanding of how our contact lists work and how you can utilize them for optimal marketing campaigns.  

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Acquire the List of Businesses that use AI for Targeted Marketing

Reach IT professionals, data scientists and decision makers of top AI using companies with a well-executed marketing strategy. Utilize our artificial intelligence users email list to connect with your ideal customers and foster long-term relationships through efficient marketing campaigns. 

Email Marketing

You can acquire our artificial intelligence users email list and promote the technical aspects of your products to the tech-savvy crowd. Craft compelling emails and demonstrate value of your business to gain advantage in the cutting-edge realm of artificial intelligence. 

Snail Mail Marketing

This is the only marketing method where you create a memorable and engaging experience that aligns with the preferences of your AI user audience. Using the mailing addresses provided in our AI Users List, you can incorporate digital aspects into your snail mail campaigns such as QR codes or 3D posts, bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences. 

Cold Calling

Phone calls are direct promotions without any hassle of waiting and wondering. Get access to phone numbers of customers using AI products and begin marketing your products and services to the right audience. Initiate conversations, explore potential business opportunities, and gather valuable feedback from your customers’ end by dialing the right number.

Social Media Marketing

Upload the list of artificial intelligence products customers to the custom audience feature in social media platforms. You can create ads specifically tailored to this custom audience. This allows for targeted marketing by helping you reach predefined companies or individuals that use AI. 

Verified List of Customers using Artificial Intelligence Products

Active customer service, quality data, high range email deliverability are some of the assurances that DataCaptive provides to our customers. 

Speaking about quality, our database undergoes a 7-tier AI and manual verification process to maintain validity and accuracy of our data to provide users with complete usability. 

We also abide by global and local data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM. 

Why Choose Artificial Intelligence Products Customers List from Us?

Acquiring quality leads, promoting your products/services, initiating targeted marketing campaigns, enhancing your customer service, producing better engagement rates, boosting your ROI, increasing conversion rate and collaborating with AI using companies are some of the reasons why you should purchase the list of artificial intelligence products users from DataCaptive. 

Our Effectiveness

Experience the power of immediacy with our AI user contact list. No more waiting around for potential leads—start promoting your products/services the moment our list is in your hands.


We comply with all major data regulations such as CAN-SPAM and GDPR.


All our contacts have opted-in to receive marketing communications.


We have refined our list to guarantee an 85% deliverability rate.

Our Data Guarantee

Our artificial intelligence products customers list is the gemstone that every marketer needs to build their business up the sales growth scale. We guarantee quality data to our customers and under no circumstance do we compromise on customer service. 


Upon purchase, you become the permanent ownership of the database. 


We maintain 95% data accuracy by verifying the database once every 45 days.


Our all-round data providing services ensure that you receive the full value of your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence users list is a valuable resource for marketers and business owners who face prospecting issues in acquiring companies using artificial intelligence products. Our artificial intelligence products customers list can help you get in touch with the decision makers of companies and promote your offerings to them 

35% of global companies have reported to be using AI products in their businesses. There are 57,000+ AI companies around the world and a vast majority of them have set their foundation in the US.  

Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Meta, and Google are some of the business tycoons that use artificial intelligence.  

Yes, we provide real-time data of companies that use AI platforms. Our list of artificial intelligence products users is updated and validated once every 45 days. This includes over 500,000 monthly verification calls and 8 million monthly verification emails to ensure the accuracy of the contact details. 

We comply with both local and globally accepted data privacy policies such as CAN-SPAM & GDPR. 

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