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Klarna has attracted customers that matter to businesses that are growing today. If you are looking to connect with websites using Klarna, we have the right contacts to help you get in touch with the right prospects. Let go of the concern of being blocked by gatekeepers!

Here are some insights to show how our insights can make your solutions count in the competitive industry:

  • Klarna Group has over 170,000 merchants and 2,500 employees.

  • Klarna will generate $33.38 billion in the US buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment value by 2027.

  • Klarna can be used at more than 7,500 retailers in the U.S., including Amazon, Nike, and Sephora.

Take luxury shopping to a new magnitude with Klarna users. Track new websites with Klarna users list with ease. With DataCaptive, connect with e-commerce experts and decision-makers who hold the power to generate revenue with profitable deals. 

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Klarna Users
Klarna Users


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How Popular are Stores that Accept Klarna?

The Klarna App has carved out a niche among the retail, apparel and fashion, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries. Additionally, they are not restricted just within the United States. The app has made itself a favorite among customers in Germany, UK, and Sweden. 

The Klarna users contact database can be custom-built based on your preferences about employee size and revenue of Klarna users. Klarna App is predominant among small companies. It has grown upward, with e-commerce giants accepting it as a payment method. 

Companies that use Klarna, online and in-store, have benefitted from this collaboration. Leap forward at the opportunity presented to you. Approach high-level contacts with confidence as we deliver 95% accurate data. Discover conversions and returns instantly with DataCaptive’s lists!

Top Companies that Accept Klarna

Our list of companies using Klarna caters to your requirements more than these top 10 websites. Discover the power of customized lists with us and kickstart personalized marketing to CEOs, VPs, CMOs, and directors. Get connected with influential executives today for growth!

websites using klarna

How Popular are Websites that Use Klarna?

Current Customer(s)


Market Share
Most Used In
United States of America

Klarna Users Email List by Revenue

Audience segmentation by revenue is crucial to get in touch with the right customers. Build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with our informative graph according to your campaign objectives. Connect with our data experts and acquire a customized and high-quality Klarna users email database for ROI!

Klarna Users Email List by Revenue

No Data Found

Companies that Use Klarna by Industry and Country

A Klarna users email list customized by your preferred country and industry can reap significant financial returns through campaigns. With our graphs on Klarna’s presence in major countries and industries, you can tailor your marketing approaches accordingly!

Top Countries that Use Klarna

No Data Found

Top Countries that Use Klarna

No Data Found

Top Industries that Use Klarna

No Data Found

Top Industries that Use Klarna

No Data Found

Explore Websites Using Klarna and Other Similar Databases

We take pride in hosting contact details of similar applications such as Klarna. Why let go of this opportunity to collaborate and expand your presence? Discover more than Klarna customers list and transform digital transactions and debit or credit card payments.

Online Payment Applications USA Global (Including US)
Apple Pay 130,528 412,006
Amazon Payments 88,744 294,091
Google Pay 82,948 258,667
Stripe 102,510 238,788
Authorize.Net 34,620 58,044
Bancontact 10,798 45,374
Braintree 7,553 23,671
CardinalCommerce 3,701 16,795
Recurly-JS 3,437 11,197
Adyen 2,677 9,848
Vanco-Payment-Solutions 6,010 6,167
Affirm 4,437 5,808
Razorpay 3,181 4,893
Opayo 3,746 4,776
MasterPass 1,841 4,158
Stripe Payments 946 3,332
CCBill 164 2,955
PayPal-Credit 1,379 2,681
CyberSource 1,873 2,639
Bambora 92 2,317
Wirecard 365 1,846
Google Checkout 1,086 1,672
Bill-Me-Later 1,613 1,584
Conekta 70 1,360
EZTithe 1,184 1,319
Flattr 156 1,117
Moneris 95 923
GoCardless 144 908
Aplazame 75 886
USAePay 691 680
FirstData Payeezy 648 662
Mollie 33 633
Alipay 41 585
Spark Pay 432 527
Zarinpal 36 443
Ogone 11 432
Ensenta 468 430

Why Acquire a Customizable Klarna Users Email Database?

Are you distracted by prospects who do not require your product solutions? We have a solution for marketers – A list of companies using Klarna. You can customize your lists with 10+ segmentation options and 40+ customizable data attributes with us.  

The catch? You pay for only what you choose! 

Acquire your list of Klarna customers with just a click! Let our data experts do the groundwork while you focus on what matters for your business – Lead generation and profitable deals!

Pick 10+ Segmentations for List of Klarna Payments Customers

Segmentation is the essence of personalized marketing. By creating small, focused groups of your prospects, you enable a memorable marketing experience for your customers. Obtain your segmented Klarna clients email addresses for high open rates and click-through rates now!

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC Code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More

40+ Customizable Data Attributes in Klarna Customers List?

Data attributes get you closer to your customers by helping you to personalize your email campaigns. Cherry-pick among 40+ data attributes by DataCaptive. Discover better customer engagement and networking instantly!

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone Number

  • Website URL

  • Job Title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC Codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More

Sample List of Top Companies Using Klarna

Company Name Website Employee Size Location Revenue Industry Contact Name Business Email ID
Ralph Lauren
New York, United States
$6.4 B
Patrice Louvet
Harley Davidson
Wisconsin, United States
$5.8 B
Jochen Zeitz
Oregon, United States
$49.1 B
Textiles & Apparel
Muge Dogan
California, United States
$629.1 M
Elizabeth Shober
Sephora USA
California, United States
$8.2 B
Artemis Patrick

A free sample of a list of websites that use Klarna is an offer to build trust among partners. Partner with us by purchasing our contact lists. Discover conversions and networking that place you at the top of your competition. 

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It's Time for Multi-Channel Marketing with List of Klarna Users

Klarna users list is compatible with various marketing channels. It can attract prospects via the channels you choose and implement your campaign. Be it direct mail, telephone, emails, or social media, it is equipped to make you succeed with contacts. 

Build your strategy today and take the next step towards growth with a list of companies using Klarna!

Snail Mail Marketing

Direct mail helps businesses build trust and credibility among local customers. With our verified Klarna users mailing list, send out brochures, handouts, catalogs, and more. Attract your prospects with new attractive visuals with ease.

Email Marketing

The most preferred marketing channel for marketers is email. Send out cold emails to attract the ideal audience to your solutions. Get our Klarna users email list, send personalized cold emails with confidence, and win over customers with high open rates and click-through rates.

Cold Calling

A well-scripted cold call can help you address the challenges and concerns of your customer with a voice. Present your solutions with the Klarna customers database and let your voice persuade them to convert to your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a new platform for conversation and networking. Upload our verified Klarna clients email addresses to platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Begin targeted advertising and send out DMs promoting your product and brand. Get high conversions instantly!

What are the Benefits of Klarna Users Contact Database?

Our Klarna users list comes with a multitude of benefits!

  • Budget-friendly lists for cost-effective lead generation.
  • We refine our lists to ensure lower bounce rates.
  • Customized lists for custom marketing campaigns.
  • We deliver our lists in .xls and .csv formats.

Who can Benefit from the List of Klarna Customers?

We present a list of benefactors of our list of Klarna payments customers. Discover its networking capabilities now!

  • Payment service providers
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Retailers and merchants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Consultancies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Financial service providers
  • Research firms
  • And more!

Our Popular Technology Users Mailing List

Technology is growing everyday and the demands of the tech industry is growing as well. With our popular and best-selling technology users mailing list, you can explore a wide range of tech giants who demand your software and hardware services. Explore our lists and promote your products and solutions with ease!

Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Choose Klarna Users List by DataCaptive?

Klarna users mailing list is built to meet your requirements. We work to compile the data you desire for your email marketing campaign. With us, you get customized lists that help you attract the right audience at the right time. Why wait? Switch to DataCaptive today!

Our Effectiveness

Our data is compiled to make your campaign effective and get greater returns on your investment.


We adhere to international data policies such as CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and CCPA.


We provide 100% opt-in contacts for you to have easy marketing communications.


We refine our lists to achieve 85% email deliverability.

Our Data Guarantee

Our data guarantee with list of Klarna payments customers remains to provide accurate and meaningful data for your growth.


Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – The customers perpetually own the list purchased with no renewal costs.


95% Accurate Data – We re-verify our data every 45 days to eliminate duplicate and redundant data.


Verified Data – We subject our data to a meticulous 7-tier human and AI verification process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major websites that use Klarna are Bed, Bath & Beyond, Forever 21, H&M, Bloomingdale’s, Microsoft, Nike, SHEIN, Wayfair, Udemy, and Fitbit.

Presently, 170,000+ Klarna users use the application for Buy Now, Pay Later feature. You can discover these merchants and customers with our Klarna users email database now!

Major users of Klarna belong to the e-commerce industry, with huge companies leveraging its popularity in payment methods. By country, the United States has a user percentage of 16%.

Klarna holds a market share of 6.76%.

We subject the data from the list of stores that accept Klarna to re-verification every 45 days. This ensures that no duplicate and redundant data reaches you with the list.

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