Companies using Zoho

Is your campaign built to target Zoho users that currently hold 55+ products in the global market? With our high-quality contacts from companies using Zoho, you can get in touch with top decision-makers with ease to close profitable deals!

Just like Zoho is a brand for all business sizes, our lists are customizable for campaigns of all sizes. Our data solutions are here to help you propel to the future of tech innovation and growth!

Here are some reasons on why Zoho users contact details can benefit you –

  • In 2022, Zoho generated a staggering USD 255.7 million in profit.

  • Charity & other business services, confectionery companies, digital marketing, facilities management, HR & recruitment, non-profit organizations, and textile industries majorly leverage Zoho.

  • Most users implement Zoho for its customer relationship management (CRM), email, project management, invoicing, accounting, and more.

It is about time to get Zoho’s 55+ products to be put to their best use. Present your solutions hassle-free to top decision-makers such as the CEO, CIO, CFO, VP, and others. Acquire our Zoho users email list.

Just fill out a form with your requirements. Get 100% opt-in contacts and 95% accurate data in the list of companies currently using Zoho. Get yourself a prevailing ally in the long term!

Zoho Users
Zoho Users
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Popularity of Zoho Among Big Companies

Zoho has grown to be a great companion for efficiency and productivity. It has made its unremarkable mark in various industries such as digital, consulting, web development, and sales and marketing. 

It has become a familiar component among small companies that house less than 50 employees. Discovering these companies need not be a challenge anymore. Your team can simply acquire our database of Zoho users contact details with just a click. 

You can also leverage our customizable lists with ease. Just fill out our form requesting a Zoho users database with various geo-locations you look forward to targeting with Zoho software solutions. It can include countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Canada, and more.

Top Companies that use Zoho

We do not just bring verified and quality contacts from big companies that use Zoho. Join us today and discover companies that matter to you with just a click! Begin targeted email marketing campaigns with ease. Connect with top decision-makers today!

Companies using Zoho

Growth of Companies Currently Using Zoho

Current Customer(s)
Market Share
Most Used In

Zoho Users Email List by Revenue

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is built on who your ideal customer is based on your solutions and revenue generation. We have put together our insights on companies that use Zoho by revenue. Finalize your ICP at the earliest today and implement campaigns that get high conversions and returns!

Companies using Zoho by Revenue

No Data Found

Top Industries and Countries by Number of Zoho Users

A Zoho users list segmented by location and industry can greatly benefit you and your campaign. Get your list segmented into small groups of targeted prospects and personalize your email marketing strategy. Attract the right audience with the right offers on your solutions today!

Top Countries that use Zoho

No Data Found

Top Countries that use Zoho

No Data Found

Top Industries that use Zoho

No Data Found

Top Industries that use Zoho

No Data Found

Explore Zoho Users List and Similar Databases with DataCaptive

We hold not just Zoho users contact details. As enterprise applications are on the rise in the global market, we present to you the top enterprise applications for your growth. Request data of users of these applications with us and discover unique and verified data in your inbox with just a click!

Enterprise Applications ProductsUSA CountsGlobal Counts
Microsoft Dynamics28,41353,938
Oracle E-Business8,47814,627
Micro Focus3,2935,427
SAP Quality Management9782,401
CA Clarity1,0461,691
Nice Systems1,1821,661
IFS Applications476954
SAP Business All In One229545
HP Exstream382534
Hong Kong Telecommunications32422
PeopleSoft Configurator268315
Deltek Ajera318301
NetSuite OneWorld218258
Epicor Vista167175
ASG Software112162
Progress Corticon107122
IBM Comergent8094
Apriso FlexNet4888
AFS Technologies4453
PeopleSoft Cash Management4146
Actsoft Comet3739
Oracle Risk Management Cloud2432
GemTalk Systems1423
Oracle Enterprise Architecture1216
Deltek Sema41314

How Does a Customized Zoho Customers List Benefit You?

A customized email list of Zoho users makes it easy for you to personalize your email marketing campaign. With our offer on 10+ segmentations and 40+ data fields, you can choose groups and data attributes that help you tailor-make your campaign a success. 

Simply describe your requirements to our data experts and discover the grunt work taken care of by DataCaptive. Our customized Zoho customers database is here to make your efforts in a campaign effective and effortless.  

Get started today and find high open rates, click-through rates, and conversions in real time by collaborating with companies that use Zoho!

10+ Segmentations Available with Email List of Zoho Users

Segmentations help you narrow down your ideal prospects into smaller groups for personalization. Request segmentation and strategize your marketing campaign with ease today!

  • Industry

  • NAICS Code

  • SIC code

  • Tech Stack

  • Revenue Size

  • Employee Size

  • Country

  • City/State

  • Zipcode

  • And Many More...

40+ Customizable Data Attributes in Zoho Users Mailing List

Customizable data attributes ensure you reach your target audience through the right channel with the right personalization. Cherry pick your data attributes today for the Zoho users mailing list and discover how tailor-made email campaigns can turn your business towards success.

  • Company Name

  • Full Name

  • Business Email ID

  • Phone number

  • Website URL

  • Job title

  • Mailing Address

  • SIC, NAICS, and OCC codes

  • Fax Number

  • Social Media Info

  • And Many More...

Top Companies Currently Using Zoho

Company Name Website Employee Size Contact Name Business Email ID Job Title Location Revenue Industry
Levi Strauss
Cathy Dean
Chief Creative Officer
California, United States
$6.2 B
Textiles & Apparel
Steve Brodie
Chief Executive Officer
Pennsylvania, United States
$471.1 M
Ben & Jerry's
Jerry Snow
Chief Executive Officer
Vermont, United States
$734.4 M
Food, Beverages & Tobacco
Johanna Voolich
Chief Product Officer
California, United States
$658.8 M
Media & Internet
Fossil Group
Kosta Kartsotis
Chief Executive Officer
Texas, United States
$1.9 B
Consumer Goods

Samples are a great way to build a bridge of trust and conversation. Request a free sample Zoho users email list and test us for quality and credibility. Make the switch to DataCaptive today and unwrap substantial growth via meaningful conversations.

Collaborate Marketing Using Zoho Users Email List

Multi-channel marketing holds the power to attract your ideal target audience via multiple channels of communication. It can include direct mail, email, telephone, or social media. Leverage the advancement in marketing technology and acquire our Zoho users list for success! 

Our Zoho marketing list is compatible with a wide range of marketing channels. Strategize your next move by personalizing your email campaign now!

Snail Mail Marketing

Direct mail holds the power to influence local prospects for a business. Acquire our Zoho users mailing list and easily send out brochures, catalogs, handouts, etc. Let your visually attractive material and solutions win over customers while expanding your business.

Email Marketing

Emails are a great way to establish initial contact. Get our verified and 100% opt-in email list of Zoho users at budget-friendly costs. Generate leads that matter and close deals faster via emails now!

Cold Calling

A cold call with Zoho users contact details enables you to present solutions to your prospect’s challenges and pain points. Maintain a well-scripted conversation with your prospect and discover profitable deals with ease.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has risen as a marketing platform. With platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, upload your Zoho clients database, begin targeted advertising, and reach out to your prospects via DMs. Present your solutions to your target audience with ease!

What benefits come along with the Zoho customers database?

Our lists come with qualities that can make your campaign smooth and easy to implement.

  • Our lists are economically priced for cost-effective lead generation.
  • The customer perpetually owns the list.
  • We refine lists to ensure lower bounce rates for your campaign.
  • We offer customization options that help with easy communication.

Who can benefit the most from our list of Zoho users?

If you are unsure whether you can benefit from our lists, we present to you the primary benefactors of these contacts.

  • Customer success managers
  • Investors
  • Product managers
  • Digital marketers
  • Business analysts
  • Researchers
  • Sales teams
  • And more!

Best-Selling Technology Users Mailing List

Every technology company has a massive suite of software and hardware to meet the needs of businesses across the world. A few of these are extremely popular and the demand for a list of bestselling technology users mailing list is ever increasing. Explore our list of giants in the technology industry and their most used products.
Company Contacts
HubSpot HubSpot 1,835,829
MagentoMagento 638,384
AdobeAdobe 2,052,764
AmazonAmazon 24,639,372

Why Choose Zoho Customers List by DataCaptive?

We pride ourselves upon the quality data we provide our customers. With our list of companies using Zoho, you can expect to receive data that is reliable, highly-responsive, and accurate. We ensure you get authentic and clean data that makes your email marketing campaign a success!  

Why wait longer? Switch to DataCaptive, and request a customized Zoho customers list with just a click! Discover high ROI!

Our Effectiveness

Our Zoho users database help implement your campaigns easily and effortlessly.


We adhere to global data regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM.


You acquire 95% accurate data for easy and risk-free marketing communications.


Our lists are refined to achieve 85% email deliverability. 

Our Data Guarantee

We guarantee you risk-free investments with DataCaptive.


Perpetual Ownership of Contacts – The customer perpetually owns the list purchased with no renewal costs.


100% Opt-in Contacts – We provide 100% opt-in data to ensure risk-free campaigns.


Verified Data – We subject our contact data to a 7-tier human and AI verification process.

Find your ideal buyers from the tech industry with our exclusive technology data card search!

Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some businesses that use Zoho are Levis, Confidential Records, Panda Windows, Fossil, Philips, Purolite, Hyundai, Ben & Jerry’s, Texas Instruments, and YouTube.

Currently, Zoho has 504,781+ customers.  

With us, you can reach top decision-makers within these companies to promote your products and solutions. Get your lists from DataCaptive and discover growth!

Yes. The customer perpetually owns the list with no renewal costs. We recommend getting your list appended and verified every 3 months to ensure you have updated data with you. Contact us for more information on the services we provide.

DataCaptive does not follow a rigid costing structure. The final cost depends on the customer’s requirement for customization. For more information, please visit the Pricing Page.

The United States uses Zoho the most for their business needs and requirements.

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