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Geo-targeting Made Easy with Mailing Lists by Zip Code

Access our exclusive mailing lists by zip code, which contains prospect information and data relevant to specific zip codes and geographic locations. Let us aid in making geo-targeting for campaigns easy and simple.

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Chase the Right Target Market with Mailing Address List by Zip Code

With our business addresses by zip code, pursuing and prospecting the right target market with ideal prospects is effortless. Get it segmented to business specifications like country, city, area codes, carrier route, and more, and get delivered an extensive list that makes it easy to target local businesses.

Customize with Various Attributes in the Email List by Zip Code

With DataCaptive’s zip code database, get access to attributes to customize lists such as area codes, NAICS codes, and SIC codes for industries and companies to target for marketing campaigns. Focus on local leads and community and build an empire of loyal and recurring customers in the long run.

Mailing Lists by Zip Code by Countries

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Mailing Lists by Zip Code by State

  • Florida Phone Number Lists by Zip Code
  • California Database by Zip Code
  • Colorado Mailing Lists by by Zip Code
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  • Idaho Database by Zip Code

Why Choose DataCaptive’s Phone Number List by Zip Code?

With our business directory by ZIP code, businesses can target ventures and firms to promote products and services by specific zip codes and strategize with personalized pitches and campaigns to win over new clients and find success.

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    Who Can Use the List of Contacts by Zip Code?

    Investors, businesses, manufacturers, advertisers, and others interested in promoting local and specifically for a geo-location can purchase our business addresses by zip code and get great returns!

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    How to Use the Zip Code Mailing List?

    Integrate our direct mail lists by zip code into preferred CRMs and get marketing with multi-channel advertising platforms like digital, web, social media, email, telephonic, pamphlets, and others.

The Cycle of Curating Business Mailing Lists by Zip Code

targeted business email list

Contact us and request targeted lists by ZIP Code

requirements and deliver

Our data experts huddle together and bring contacts together

personalized marketing campaigns

Delivered in 3–5 business days, get set on marketing campaigns

Boost customer loyalty,

With personalized campaigns, boost sales and engagement with brand visibility

Get a Sample List of Phone Numbers by Zip Code

Request a sample of our list by zip code and test our quality and quantity. Come back for more and more as you buy more and pay less with DataCaptive!

Benefits of Choosing Mailing List by Zip Code

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    Geo-target local businesses for higher revenue
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    Zero in on a group for email marketing
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    Maintain an accurate and updated client list to prevent redundancy
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    Personalize campaigns and strategies
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    Narrow down easily to a demographic
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    Expand your audience
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    Focus on local leads and prospects
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    Customer retention by improving B2B marketing
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    Customized lists at economical rates
mailing address list by zip code 

DataCaptive’s Assurance on Addresses by Zip Code

Let DataCaptive identify and bring prospects through our direct mail lists by zip code. Our services are thorough and accurate and abide by data policies to collect customer data.

  • Email deliverability
    Increased efficiency
  • opt-in contacts
    Reduced wastage of marketing budget
  • data policy
    Personalized connections to leads
  • refund process
    Increased conversion rate

Power through Markets with Zip Code Email List

Invest in our lists by email marketing lists, and we ensure timely delivery and excellent contact building with prospects who intend to buy or invest in your products and services. Sharpen campaigns with our customized lists and gain ROI!

All Attributes

Full name
Full Name
Business email
Business Email ID
Phone Number
Phone Number
Website URL
Website URL
Job Title
Job Title
SIC Codes
SIC, NAICS, and OCC Codes
Fax Number
Social media handles
Social Media Handles

Segment Database

Job Titles
Job Titles
Employee Size
Employee Size
Revenue Size
Revenue Size
SIC Codes
SIC Code
City or State
Zip Code

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Simple Integrations with a list of ZIP codes in Excel/CSV

Integrate our user-friendly files delivered in .xls or .csv files into preferred CRMs or cloud-based applications and get marketing for revenue and positive profit graphs!

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Our Data is Backed up with the Faith of 5,000+ Clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

DataCaptive does not follow a fixed pricing structure for lists. The costs and pricing depend on the customization attributes chosen by businesses for marketing and sales.

Choose a trusted database provider such as DataCaptive, which provides a specialized and customized list of zip codes with accurate verification and validation of the contact database. Get on with marketing using the purchased lists and find great accuracy and intent in purchasing your products and services.

DataCaptive is renowned for its customer and business-friendly services that are provided at pocket-friendly prices and top-quality data in inboxes. Our list of addresses by zip code is cost-effective and offers unmatched quality service. In case of queries, contact us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Support Ticket.

Ideal industries and companies that can be targeted using this list include dentists, doctors, home security, contractors, cable companies, phone companies, and others.

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