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Marketers are in a never ending search for tools that can make their efforts more effective and productive. With the immense amount of customer data and the huge requirement for organized lead nurturing, Marketing Automation has emerged as the solution for marketers.

What Exactly Is marketing automation services?

Marketing Automation is a software that aims to simplify repetitive marketing processes such as emails, social media messages, etc. The reason for its growing hype is the fact that Marketing Automation not only helps in simplifying marketing processes but also makes them scalable.

The Result – Marketers are provided with a tool that helps them in lead scoring, profiling and prioritization and then the nurturing of these leads based on the buying stage they correspond to.

That being said Marketing automation covers only the marketing aspect of a business. There’s another technology that can complement it- CRM (Customer Relationship Management). When Marketing Automation and CRM work together both marketing and sales task are accomplished faster. This integration can aid marketing in developing deeper customer connect, more qualified leads and better core analytics. For sales, this association of Marketing Automation and CRM will mean high lead quality and shorter sales cycles.

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Pre-Requisites of Marketing Automation Process

Marketing Automation like many other technologies faces a set of obstacles that hinder its efficiency. These include the lack of an effective strategy, poor contact data quality, lack of relevant content, marketing & sales alignment inadequacies, etc. To deal with all these hindrances, the workflow of marketing automation requires certain vital ingredients which include:

Marketing Automation ma

An Organized Marketing Database

This database forms the foundation for all marketing processes by providing vital information regarding purchase behavior and customer interactions.


A Marketing Engagement Booster

This refers to the environment that aids in automated execution and management of marketing efforts across all platforms for better lead engagement.


An Analytics Support System

This refers to the tools and methods employed to measure and optimize the marketing ROI.

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Is Marketing Automation System For You?

The benefits of marketing automation are not restricted to large businesses; Marketing automation is also being increasingly implemented in small and mid-sized companies. Due to its real-time engagement-centric approach, marketing automation is finding application not only in B2B organizations but also B2C companies.

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With DataCaptive, your marketing automation experience will reach a new high. Our marketing automation services will:

  • Enhance Marketing & sales productivity
  • Aid in lead scoring & Increase the number of MQLs
  • Improve lead response time & Shorten the sales cycle
  • Deepen customer relationships & strengthen your brand
  • Boost conversion & Sales opportunities
  • Help save time & money
  • Grow a large amount of revenue

If these are the merits you are looking out for then Marketing automation is definitely for you. What’s even better is- We will help you make Marketing Automation a dynamic success tool for your company.

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ma industry worth In the past few years Marketing Automation has taken a giant leap in terms of its adoption by growing nearly 11 times since 2010.

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It has been estimated that approx. two-thirds (63%) of the businesses that are ‘very successful’ utilize marketing automation systems extensively.

Analytics reporting

Lead nurturing and Analytics & reporting top the list of the most valuable features of the Marketing automation system.

Key Features of Marketing Automation

Most businesses are so overwhelmed with the immense potential of Marketing Automation that they don’t know where to start and which features utilize to scale their marketing and sales. The key features of marketing automation include:

Visitor Tracking


Lead Scoring & Grading

Real-Time Sales Alerts

Lead Nurturing

Targeted Email Campaigns

Website & CRM Integration

Progressive Profiling

Analytics & Reporting

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To harness the real potential of marketing automation, cleansing data to obtain error-free data is one of the most fundamental requirements. With the immense volume of customer data available to marketers, there is a need to segregate this data into three main categories: Clean data that is a source of useful prospect insights, dirty information that needs to be cleaned before it can be used, and useless data that holds no relevance.

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