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What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the act of identifying potential prospects with buyer intent.
Grow your sales pipeline by driving quality leads with DataCaptive’s Intent database. With over 10 years of experience in the Industry, we help you connect and target your potential prospects based on the interest or inquiry of the product/services made by them. Our process ensures your sales pipeline increases at a steady pace.

How vital is the Lead Generation for your company?

A trusted lead generation services provides new business opportunities to invest by creating a highly targeted B2B audience. Lead Generation enhances your marketing efforts and increases your sales pipeline.

The benefits of Lead Generation:

Increases up-selling and
cross-selling opportunities

website traffic

Connect with
target prospects

Identify and
prioritize leads

Accelerate your
sales pipeline

customer interaction
As Wayne Davis says ”The process of lead generation starts with finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.”

The Lead Generation Process

The process of Lead Generation is the journey of a
prospect from an alien to an advocate.

Alien - 1

A stranger who has no knowledge
of your company

Alien - 1

A stranger who has no knowledge
of your company

Visitant - 2

An individual or a person
who visits your website

Visitant - 2

An individual or a person
who visits your website

3 - Lead

A potential prospect interested
in your line of services

3 - Lead

A potential prospect interested
in your line of services

4 - Client

A person who has made a
purchase from your company

4 - Client

A person who has made a
purchase from your company

5 - Advocate

A client who promotes your

5 - Advocate

A client who promotes your product/services

You can either go to Mars, find aliens, and convert
them to clients or opt for our SERVICES.

Fact: Email marketing (78%), Event marketing (73%), and Content marketing (67%) are the three most popular B2B lead generation strategies that companies adopt! – Direct Marketing News

How Does DataCaptive Aid Lead Generation?

DataCaptive helps generate qualified leads by providing relevant and Intent data. The contacts provided are 100% responsive to further initiate lead generation and commence business collaborations.

DataCaptive is not only easy to work with but also has received accolades for its contribution in the success of B2B companies. With a working policy of catering to the requirements of every client uniquely, DataCaptive sets itself apart from its competitors.

We offer various other services that enrich your customer data

Data Appending

Data Cleansing

Data Verification

Data Validation

Things to examine before investing in a Lead Generation Service Provider


Most organizations prefer to outsource Lead Generation services as they are much more effective than in-house resources. However, one must keep several factors in mind while opting for lead generation services. Run a background check on the company and its credibility before you make an investment. Questioning these companies can help you zero in on an excellent lead generation service provider.

Below are some questions to pose to a company before you purchase their services:

Questions that one must pose to their Lead Generation service provider

Do you give due importance to quantity or quality?

A service provider must not only provide quantity but the quality of their service as well. A client is entitled to this as they are purchasing.

What kind of contact information can I expect?

It’s important to know what information you’re buying even before you make the purchase. A list should ideally contain the Direct contact numbers, Official Email ID, Address, Social media profile, Demographic and Company details.

What is the response rate expected from the leads?

The list of leads must be compiled only after conducting extensive research and A/B testing to ensure that they are responsive. When the leads generated have no buyer intent, conversions fall. Therefore, it’s important to generate leads that have purchasing intent.

Are the leads segmented?

When the leads are segmented, it becomes easier for you to run targeted campaigns based on the audience you’re catering to. Seek out to a provider that has Data Segmentation as it makes your process to generate leads much easier.

Opt for the right service provider and gain high returns!

DataCaptive is a Lead Generation service provider that fits the bill with an added advantage of the ability to customize your list based on your requirements! A tailor-made list is what your company deserves and DataCaptive provides that for you.